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Choco Bliss Experience Suroesh Jazayeri ‘From the head to the Heart’

October 28, 2022

Choco Bliss Experience Suroesh Jazayeri ‘From the head to the Heart’

Suroesh had his first plant medicine experience with Choco Bliss. His biggest breakthrough was the journey from his head to his heart. In the video below he explains more about his preparation for his Choco Bliss ceremonie(s) and what he got out of his Choco Bliss ceremony.

Food for the Soul

Suroesh did serval Choco Bliss ceremonies after his first experience. Choco Bliss is not addictive. It’s just that he felt called to do a few ceremonies. You can see Choco Bliss as food for the soul. You grow, receive insights and open your heart more.

Processing Loss & Grief

One thing that came up in the Choco Bliss Ceremony from Suroesh was the grief of the loss from one of his family members. He lost his brother and in the ceremony, he was processing the grief.

The Day after Choco Bliss

The Day after his Choco Bliss Ceremony, he felt really calm. His mind was more calm, he received many insights that were in alignment with his life. One of the greatest insights was the importance of ‘letting go’.

How long does it take? How much Choco Bliss?

Suroesh had been sharing Choco Bliss experiences with his friends. His friends saw his change and were very open-minded to experience Choco Bliss for themselves. They asked questions like; ‘How long does a Choco Bliss Ceremony take?’ and ‘How many Choco Bliss do you need?’ Suroesh used 2-3 Choco Bliss Chocolates for his journey’s and his experience lasted for 4-6 hours.

Become more of who you really are

Suroesh says ‘Nobody needs it, but Choco Bliss gives the opportunity to be more of yourself. It helps you to open up a greater potential from who you are.’

Would you like to know more about Choco Bliss?

Would you like to know more about Choco Bliss or order Choco Bliss to set up your own home ceremony. When you order Choco Bliss, you receive a video series & Ebook with a manual on how to set up your own Home Ceremony. To learn more about Choco Bliss, you can visit the Choco Bliss page.