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Podcast #10 – Everything You Should Know About Choco Bliss

April 8, 2022

Podcast #10 – Everything You Should Know About Choco Bliss

Choco Bliss is a very popular plant medicine that’s often used in ceremonies or microdosing regimens. It contains a blend of different spirits that are very powerful for healing, transformation, and gaining insight.

In this post, we’ll cover how to use Choco Bliss, what it is exactly, and what benefits it can give you.

What is Choco Bliss?

Choco Bliss is a plant medicine made from different plant spirits. It contains the spirit of mother ayahuasca, from the Banisteriopsis Caapi plant. This is my favorite spirit. She’s changed my life so much. Choco Bliss helps to open your psyche. Psychedelics work in your psyche that’s why it can be so life-changing. If you change your Inner World, your Outer World will reflect this. Because the Outer World is a reflection or a representation from your Inner World. We’ve also blended in ceremonial cacao from Peru and herbs to open your heart.

Summed up, Choco Bliss is ayahuasca chocolates to open your heart and heal yourself. But it’s a lot more than that, which you’ll quickly come to realize for yourself if you take the time and try it yourself. It helps you to come closer to yourself and be your authentic self. This can even lead to finding your soul purpose.

How Can I Use Choco Bliss?

You can use Choco Bliss in several different ways. Most people use it to undergo their own home ceremony. You can also do a guided ceremony. I recommend attending a guided ceremony for your first time, but that choice is very personal. A lot of people want to be comfortable in their own home and to be able to set their own energy. If you order the chocolates online, you also get a free course to help you set up your home ceremony.

Another option is to book an online ceremony, where you can take advantage of live guidance to help you set up your optimal ceremony. You’ll receive information about how to set up your ceremony, then I’ll guide you through the ceremony itself. I help with guided meditations to keep you calm and relaxed as you go through your ceremony. A lot of people are curious about plan medicine but don’t have a lot of knowledge about how it works or how to approach it. Online courses can help make it more accessible and teach you how to work with the medicine.



Why Would You Do a Choco Bliss Ceremony?

You’ve maybe heard the saying that “if the plants are calling you, you’d better listen.” Or as I prefer to say it, “when the mother is calling you, listen!” This applies to whatever plant medicine is calling you.

If you’re feeling the call of plant medicine, that’s reason enough! I did mind just because I was curious; that was my calling. You don’t have to have a particular reason or a special occasion to answer the call.

Do You Need to State an Intention Before Stepping into Your Ceremony?

I didn’t! I stepped in blindly. At the time, I didn’t even know you could have an intention.

Everyone approaches their ceremony differently. Some people research plant medicine for years before they feel fully ready. Personally, I learned by doing, rather than through research. This is very personal. Some people need information before they make a decision and I hope to help you in your research.

Don’t hold yourself back because of fear.

The important thing is to not hold yourself back because of fear. In the ceremonies, you expand your consciousness, see your higher potential, and become more of who you really are. That’s not the kind of thing you want to put off just because you’re nervous about how it’ll feel.

What can a Choco Bliss ceremony do?

Ceremonies can also give you a better understanding of your life and help you heal trauma. But realistically, they can also be painful at times. When you step into the ceremony, keep in mind that whatever is happening, it’s healing you. Even if your ceremony brings out pain. Sometimes you just have to look at the pain and go through it. Don’t resist, because that’s the hardest thing you can do to yourself.

Good to know

The plants know what you need and will always give you what you need. This is not always what you want, but what is necessary to heal and grow. Don’t analyze everything, because you really won’t understand everything. Wanting to analyze and understand everything can be frustrating, because you can’t do it. Also keep in mind that Choco Bliss is a lot gentler than ayahuasca, so it’s easier to dose and approach if you’re nervous. Start gentle.

Make a Ceremonial space

If you’re ready to do your ceremony, I love making space for feelings, emotions, and peace. But I also recommend making space for celebration. Do some dancing and have some positive vibes. You may even have to force yourself to do it (that’s what I do).

But most importantly, do what feels authentic, make your ceremony a safe setting, and trust the spirit of the plant that is guiding you.

Healing Trauma with Choco Bliss

Choco Bliss can cause you to go into pain from your past, including abuse. During your ceremony you may go back into that pain, but the plant can show you the perspective of the one who hurt you.

Healing abuse from the past

It can show you the abuser’s past, show you how they came to do such a horrible thing to you, show you their pain, and how they came to pass it on. The Choco Bliss Ceremony can possibly bring understanding and compassion and sometimes you come to the point of forgiveness. This can be alarming, but also very healing. This can be alarming, but also very healing. It can also help your soul learn the lessons you need to gather from your own pain.

You don’t know what to expect

Even if you want to go into that pain during your ceremony, the medicine won’t necessarily take you there. Sometimes, it’s not the time to go there. Sometimes you expect the ceremony to be difficult, but in the end, you’ve already done so much inner work that you find yourself just traveling further into your inner world in a beautiful, gentle way. It can give you a totally different perspective, which can be healing in and of itself.

No guarantee

I can never give a guarantee about how the ceremony will go. Even if you go through an amazing, healing experience, you may still have a remaining wound. But plant medicines can be very transformative and help heal your pain from the source.

Oneness Experience/Spiritual Awakening

To me, the most beautiful experience you can have is when you feel at one with everything around you. I call this the unity experience. You can also call this spiritual awakening. If you glimpse that in your journey, you’ll never walk through life the same way again. You’ll have more acceptance and more respect for things as they are. It can also bring your relationships to the next level as you approach them with a different perspective.

How to Process Insight During Your Ceremony

A lot of people ask, “when is this insight I’ve gained coming from my ego? How can I tell when it’s coming from my heart?” The answer is that it’s a different energy. After doing multiple ceremonies, you’ll learn to be able to tell the difference because the portal to your heart will be more open than it was before. The voice from your heart is a gentle voice that lets you not just know the truth, but feel the truth. Every ceremony can be an inner conversation with the spirits. *Note! This is not how everyone is experiencing it.

What do I do when I do a ceremony?

When I do ceremonies, I check in with my feelings. I ask myself how I feel about going in each direction in life, think of the consequences of the choices I’m considering, and see how I feel. You’ll feel which path is more likely to be your destiny.

You have a choice

The question of whether or not I should go to Bali once came up a few times in my plant medicine ceremonies. I’d booked my ticket, but hadn’t fully decided whether it was the right thing to do. Eventually, I finally received my message about why it was so important for my soul that I go. And I still had the choice about whether to listen.

Free will

My personal view on having a free will changed because of Ayahuasca. During a ceremony it’s great when you can surrender and let go. I see it the same for life. In life, there is a bigger force that is guiding you. You are part of something greater and as a soul you made already a path for your soul to experience. This is when you live in alignment to your soul. When you choose another path, you will experience frustration or dissatisfaction for example. These negative feelings are your guidance telling you: ‘Hey, maybe you need to make a change?’ And often times the heart can be so strong that there is no other way than living your truth guided by the heart.

The impact of a Choco Bliss Ceremony

Also keep in mind that some ceremonies have a huge impact, while others don’t. I’ve done so many ceremonies that I’ve lost count. I always take plant medicine when I guide ceremonies, so I’ve done it a lot! And the medicine has always dictated whether it’s time for me to go deep into my feelings or not.

Nothing beats the first experience

For most people, their first experience is the most intense, transformative one because it’s all brand new. But that isn’t true for everyone. If you do Choco Bliss and it’s a mild experience that isn’t what you were hoping for, always give it a second chance. When you do it multiple times, you’ll find that you have some journeys that are hard and others that are easy. Some are intense and others are gentle. Every journey is different.

Things to Remember

  • If the plants are calling to you, listen! 🙂
  • Give it a few chances, not just one.
  • Remember the medicine will always give you what you need.
  • Decide whether you want to do it on your own, in a professional guided setting, or online.
  • Choose the people carefully who you want to be in your ceremony space with. Be picky, because you’re opening your soul together.
  • If you’re nervous, you can purchase rescue spray. This is a product you can spray on your tongue to lessen the effects of the medicine. This can also help you to get to sleep after your Choco Bliss ceremony.
  • Sometimes, you have to suffer in order to reap the benefits and to be able to enter the next level of your life.
  • Not everything you see in a Choco Bliss ceremony is to analyze. Sometimes, it’s just there for you to experience and let it wash over you. When you analyze it too much, it can affect your journey and decrease the joy you feel.

Hopefully, this helped you learn more about Choco Bliss and gave you more courage to follow the call you may be feeling. In my next post, I’ll talk more about how to implement the insights from your journey into your daily life – because that’s such a big part of getting the most out of the medicine!