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How to use the Blue Lotus Package?

October 31, 2023

How to use the Blue Lotus Package?

The mission of House of Oneness is to help people remember that we are all one. That life is about connection. This starts with being connected with yourself but also with each other.

That’s why we help create moments of connection and share rituals that help you to be connected with yourself.

We’d like to share a Ritual that’s accessible to everyone and can be done with good friends, your partner, family, or other people to find connection with yourself and each other in a relaxed atmosphere.

This Ritual is all about ‘relaxation & connection’ and consists of; The Blue Lotus Package for ceremonial use or a good conversation.

1. Ceremonial Cacao

Here are the instructions to make Ceremonial Cacao:

Step #1 Choose your quantity
10-15 grams = gentle
15-25 grams = funky
25-35 grams = serious
35-50 grams = ‘All the way’ ceremonial dosage

Step #2 Add water or milk
Add 150-200 water or milk. Play with the amount and the thickness of your Cacao to discover your ideal Cacao.

Step #3 Heat & Mix
Put this mix on the fire and stir it with a whisk or molinillo to create a little layer of foam. The air created while stirring produces a smoother cacao. You can hold your intentions in mind, express, or sing them while making your cacao.

Step #4 Pour
Fill your favorite cup or mug for the ultimate experience. You can add sweetener if you drink it daily. For example, Palena. If used ceremonially, do not add sweetener. Take the time to drink your cacao slowly and consciously.

2. Blue Lotus Tincture

Add 5 to a maximum of 20 drops to your Ceremonial Cacao.

We recommend using 0.5 to a maximum of 1 dropper. Personally, I would use 0.5 dropper. The Blue Lotus extract provides relaxation, inner peace, and greater connection with yourself.

3.Blue Lotus Vape

Below are the instructions on how to use the Blue Lotus Vape:

Step #1 Place the vape in your mouth with the logo facing down

Step #2 Place your lips on the vape

Step #3 Inhale and exhale

4. Blue Lotus Music List

Create a lovely atmosphere using candles, scents, incense, perhaps a blanket? And especially for the Blue Lotus, we’ve created a Blue Lotus Music List. It’s particularly relaxing.

5. Self-Love Card Deck

Here’s the step-by-step process of how to use the Microdosing Self-Love Card Deck:

Step #1 Tap on the card deck (clear energy)
Step #2 Hold a question in mind
Step #3 Shuffle the cards
Step #4 Charge the cards with your heart’s energy and your question
Step #5 Ground yourself (you can close your eyes for concentration)
Step #6 Pick a card
Step #7 Read the card

The card deck often sparks profound conversations. 🙂

I wish you wonderful moments with yourself or in good company.

Warm regards,

Maria Johanna

Team House of Oneness

Order the Blue Lotus Package

Would you like to experience this wonderful Ritual for yourself, go to the page and create beautiful moment of love & connection with our Blue Lotus Package.