Microdosing challenge!
1 month

Do you want to get closer to yourself, get out of your head and into your heart with more focus on your true path (mission)? It may also be that you are looking for more focus & productivity. Are you curious how Microdosing can help you in this process?

Join the Microdosing Challenge that starts on Saturday, October 1 st 2021 for 1 month together with like-minded people under the guidance of Maria Johanna for €97 euro and experience what 1 month of microdosing can do for you.

#1 What is microdosing

Microdosing means that you take a microdose of a plant medicine over a certain period of time. It is important to give a commitment for a certain period. For example 1 or 2 months. During this period you will see that there is a gradual healing and or a transformation.

#2 Why microdosing

There are two different groups that start with Microdosing Truffles. The creative entrepreneurs for focus, productivity and creativity. On the other hand, the people who start for emotional and spiritual reasons like; depression, better sleep, transition, healing, transformation and coming closer to yourself to live from your heart.

#3 What benefits can microdosing bring

Microdosing offers many different benefits on an emotional, spiritual and personal level. It gives you what you need at that moment.. Are you curious what benefits you can get from Microdosing Truffles? Watch the video.

#4 What do you experience when you take microdosing?

Many people find it exciting to start with Microdosing. They wonder “can I still function normally?” In this video Maria Johanna tells what you experience when you start with Microdosing Truffles.

Do you experience certain challenges in your life if:

  • Not connecting with yourself
  • Bad sleeping
  • Difficulty with focus
  • Depression
  • Concentration problems
  • Too much in your head
  • Not in touch with your heart
  • Fear of daring to trust your heart
  • Not having your soul mission clear yet
  • ADHD
  • Doubts & Uncertainty
  • You want to live a greater potential
  • unrest
  • Menopausal symptoms (menopause)
  • Not being productive

Curious about what microdosing can do for you?

You don’t necessarily have to experience a big challenge to participate in this challenge. Everyone receives what he or she needs during the microdosing of Truffles. You can simply be curious or want to get more out of yourself to participate in this Microdosing Truffles Challenge. Read on to find out if this is for you!

What is MicroDosing?

Microdosing truffles means that you take a Microdosing Truffles for a period of time. It is important to build a rhythm and make a commitment to do this for a period of time.

When taking a microdosing, the point is that you do not get a tripping effect, but that you receive gradual healing during the microdosing.


Microdosing is not yet well known in the Netherlands. You hear more and more stories that Microdosing is popular at Silicon Valley. Partly because of this and thanks to the remarkable results, more and more studies are being done into Microdosing. Click here for an article on scientific research into the benefits that Microdosing Truffles (psilocybin) can provide.

Natural healing is becoming more and more popular

More and more people long for natural ways of healing. Microdosing is pure nature and an ancientway of healing trauma, gaining insight, being more in touch with the spiritual world and a greater potential of yourself.

What does this Challenge involve?

On Saturday October 1st we start the new year with a month (4 weeks) of microdosing truffles. During this period (October 1st to October 30 th) you will receive guidance and support from Maria Johanna & Meinou via email and Instagram. We help you on your way and take you through different phases of Microdosing. A month of Truffles Microdosing can bring a big transformation when you give the commitmentand go through the entire process. That is why guidance from experienced Microdosers is very nice.

‘Sometimes the little things in life turn out to be the big things’

NEW ! Soul Present Drops or Capsules

I am very happy to share our new and unique Microdosing product Soul Present. The name says it all: It is a present and it helps you to be present. That’s where the magic of life is. When you choose the drops you don’t have to have any fear that you will experience a tripping effect.

If you want to do Microdosing for a better sleep or if you want to heal childhood trauma, I definitely recommend you to go for Soul Present. This is a tincture and that means that you will not experience a tripping effect. For some people this feels more safe. Of course you will experience the benefits and qualities of the plant. Below I explain more about the spirit.

Spirit Soul Present Drops or Capsules

Soul Present represents such qualities as: LOVE, RESPECT and TRUST. The spirit of this medicine represents both male and female energy. It gives you what you need: masculine or feminine qualities and create balance between your masculine and feminine energy.

Soul Present comes from the plant world in Peru. This medicine is centuries old and we have given it a modern twist for Microdosing Purpose.

Effect of the Soul Present Drops or Capsules

When you use Soul Present for a few days you will understand what we mean by doing inner work at night. There are multiple layers of reality and you are much more than your physical, human body.

Soul Presents let you do astral work on deep layers of your being. You will experience that you remember dreams and that there are profound messages hidden in them. You enter a learning traject in which reflection and healing of yourself are central.

Start your microdose challenge now!

  • 1 Month Microdosing Truffles – 3 Strips

  • 2 Months Micro Dosing Truffles – 6 Strips

  • 12 Days Micro Dosing Truffles – 1 Strip

  • Microdosing Challenge + Soul Present Drops

  • Microdosing Challenge + Soul Present Capsules


What do you receive when you order Microdosing?

  • 3 strips Microdosing Truffels

    1 strip = 12 days , 1 month = 3 strips = 36 days. You will receive 3 strips with which you can microdose for 36 days (depending on the amount you take)

  • Accompaniment

    We help you choose the right rhythm that suits you. Help put you at ease and answer your questions.

  • Access to our Online Community

    Do you have questions, doubts or do you want to share experiences with Microdosing Truffles? You are welcome in our Telegram group where you can connect with other like-minded people who also do Microdosing Truffles via House of Oneness.

  • E-book with manual Microdosing Truffles

    For most people, Microdosing Truffles is new. Then it is nice to have a manual Microdosing Truffles as a manual for Microdosing Truffles.

  • Free Video guidance in which we help people on their way

    Many people find it exciting to start with Microdosing Truffles. That is why you will receive a free video series in which I (Maria Johanna) will guide you through how to get started with Microdosing Truffles.

  • Instagram Training with Live Q&A moments

    Ask all your questions during our Live Q&A moments. You will get access to this after you have ordered the Microdosing Truffle Challenge.

‘Your vision becomes clear only into your own heart. who looks outside only dreams, who looks inside awakes.’

What benefits can you experience?

With plant spirits it works like this: ‘You get what you need.’ For one person this means ‘being better in your own skin‘, while microdosing for another person means focus and productivity.

It brings balance. For some, this means first resting and coming home to your heart and then experiencing focus and productivity.

So you do not always immediately get the desired result. That is why we recommend doing Microdosing Truffles for a longer period of time. For example 1 or 2 months. Think of it as a healing process.

Every day can be different. Some days you are bursting with ideas, you have inspiration and you get everything done. Other days you are ‘forced’ to rest. That’s why many users say “It brings you back into balance.”

The microdosing is very reflective. Listen to what you get and enjoy the process.

These are the most mentioned benefits of MicroDosing.

  • Get closer to yourself
  • Focus & Productivity
  • Get out of your head and into your heart
  • Inner peace
  • Depression
  • Spiritual growth
  • Meer innerlijke rust
  • More creativity
  • Guidance of the plant spirits
  • Stronger connection to your inner voice
  • The voice of the ego fades into the background
  • You take life more lightly
  • Less easily distracted
  • Feeling more carefree
  • Better able to enjoy
  • The sharp edges come off
  • More patience
  • Rediscover the joy of life
  • The bustle around you disappears
  • Stop the grinding in your head
  • Stop the grinding in your head
  • Feeling better emotionally and physically
  • De-stress
  • Helps you stay true to yourself in a busy environment

the story of Meinou

For Meinou, Microdosing Truffles has given a huge breakthrough. It has helped her to no longer need medication and to remove triggers of trauma from her past.

Because of this she has inspired so many people to also start with Microdosing Truffles. Since Meinou and I come from a different direction with regard to Microdosing Truffles, we offer a nice addition in terms of guidance during this process.

You can hear her story in the video below.

Dit bericht bekijken op Instagram

Een bericht gedeeld door M E I N O U (@meinouteijken)

The story of Maria Johanna

My name is Maria Johanna and I am the founder of House of Oneness. For years I have worked with Ayahuasca. Meanwhile, I was introduced to various plant and natural medicines such as; Choco Bliss, Cocoa, San Pedro, Mushrooms, Kambo and Truffles.

I first learned about Microdosing in the jungles of Brazil. There they gave people who were very depressed and were afraid of Ayahuasca teaspoons of Ayahuasca. This resulted in a gradual healing.

For myself, microdosing gives inner peace and clarity and focus. I experience a strong spiritual guide that supports me where necessary.

Examples of what Microdosing Truffles can mean

Spiritual Guidance

Microdosing is a process in which you receive support from the plant world. Most people feel a connection with the spirit of the Truffles. You may experience as if you are receiving Divine guidance in your life.

Don’t take life so hard

The truffles help you not to take life so hard, but to live more carefree. This is because the truffles get you out of your head and connect more with your heart and soul.

Listen to your heart

Because you are more connected with your heart and soul, you clearly feel what is and what is not good for you and you can easily take action here. This is one of the reasons microdosing can be so transformative.

Balance & Inner Peace

Some people don’t rest at first through a process. You may feel fatigued leaving you with no choice but to listen to your body. The Truffles first help you to get into balance and then experience other benefits.

Raising Your Vibration & Reflection

The truffles raise your vibration so that you live in a heightened consciousness during this period. This helps to see a different perspective, so that you can reflect very well on your life.

New connections in your brain & triggers

The truffles make new connections in your brain. This allows you to create new beliefs. You may have experienced traumas in the past that remove or reduce certain triggers. You are better able to be in the here and now and see the situation for what it is apart from your past experiences. It helps to be better with yourself.

Creativity & Focus

The truffles make new connections in your brain. This allows you to create new beliefs. You may have experienced traumas in the past that remove or reduce certain triggers. You are better able to be in the here and now and see the situation for what it is apart from your past experiences. It helps to be better with yourself.

I microdosed the truffles for a total of more than 24 days. In the beginning it took some getting used to. I noticed something about me, but I couldn’t quite place what it is. After about 8 days I started to get it, that’s how it felt. It felt very good, relaxed and focus is the best way to describe it. I recommend everyone to try it once. Be open to it and who knows, you may get a lot of new insights as a result.

The microdosing has given me a lot of inner peace and it also gave me a lot of insights because the busy voice in my head disappeared. This allowed me to make much better choices that really align with myself, because I saw it much more clearly. I also experienced a lot of creativity and was able to write / record a lot of videos with the microdose. In short: I recommend EVERYONE to give this a chance! So much inner peace!

In my personal development, microdosing is a wonderful stimulant to introduce into daily life. What I personally notice is that I am more connected with my heart and live less from my head. My mood can also benefit where I look at situations more lightly and approach them and let more difficult situations slide off me more easily. I also notice that I reach deeper layers of myself, which I then become more aware of and can work with. In this way it is a nice contribution to personal development and self-awareness. 1 portion every other day is ideal for me, chew well, let it absorb and start the day!

Hey Marie Johanna, I’m starting the 2nd strip today. I am currently in a very intense period where my mother has had multiple brain haemorrhages and there is a lot of uncertainty and I have to deal with new demons. I am also in a huge upward spiral on a personal level. So I can’t say with 100% certainty what it is, but the fact is that I have lived very close to my feelings in recent weeks. I am strong and standing firm and I am very grateful to you for micro dosing Truffles.

What Micro Dosing Truffles brought me so far is. The first few days I was kind of “forced” to take (even more) rest and after taking it I could only focus on 1 thing at a time (focus). What Micro Dosing Truffles brought me so far is. I notice that it now “stabilizes” more and that focus comes more throughout the day. In addition, there were also some emotional patterns that I can view much more from a kind of “helicopter view/zoomed out”. So I’m definitely curious what this will do in the even longer term and I’m happy to help you again. So come on. Love, Sylvia

Right from the first day I noticed that the truffles made me very productive, I was no longer talking in my head, I just did what was necessary. A huge focus! Very nice.

I also noticed that I made choices much more from my heart, I feel much faster whether something suits me or not.

This is definitely something I will be using a lot more often!


Step 1: Sign up

Sign up by filling in your details and making the payment.

Step 2: Receive order

You will receive the truffles by post before June 18th. Register on time. The truffles have a delivery time of at least 3 working days or more.

Step 3: Store the truffles in the fridge

Keep them in the fridge so they don’t spoil. These are 3 strips with portions of 6 times Microdosing Truffles. Since you take the dose every other day or every 2 days, you can do this for 36 days (more than 1 month).

Step 4: Sign up on our Instagram Page

We use a private Instagram Group. Here you will find a weekly video that helps you during your process and daily help, inspiration, tips and connection with other like-minded people who participate in the Microdosing Challenge.

Step 5: Join our Telegram Group (*not required)

We use a Telegram group where you can connect with like-minded people who are starting or already experienced in micro-dosing truffles. Telegram is an app that is similar to Whatsapp, only better protected. Here you can experience a lot of support from the other users.

Step 6: Start the Micro Dose Challenge with like-minded people and experience what it can do for you

Follow the instructions you receive via email and instagram and experience what 1 month of Microdosing can do for you.

Frequently asked Questions

What will I receive with this Challenge?

We will start on Saturday October 1st with a live Zoom Call in preparation. Then you take your Truffles that Saturday October 1st or Sunday October 2nd

Of course the Truffles for 1 month. In addition: Online Guidance via Instagram, Ebook with manual, Emails with tips, videos and online connection with the other participants

Yes, that’s possible. Microdosing means that you will not trip, but you will experience the benefits of the Truffles. Read our blog ‘Can I drive if I do Microdosing Truffles.’

Yes. The intention is precisely that you function better. The Truffles help to have more focus and to be less easily distracted.

Get closer to yourself
More comfortable in your skin
To get out of your head
Live more from your heart
Focus and productivity
Spiritual guidance on your path
Balancing male and female energy
Get in touch with your feelings
Healing of the past
Removing triggers from trauma
Remove incentives
Purpose life
Inner peace
Sleep better
Connecting more with your higher self
Depression and ADHD (*also read the most frequently asked questions at the bottom of the page)
Sharp edges off (triggers are dimmed)
Help with menopausal symptoms (menopause)

It doesn’t go wrong and you don’t end up in a strong trip since you take a microdose of the truffles. Yet I can be too strong for you. That is why I guide you and advise you to start with half a dose.

Instagram is a social media platform, just like Facebook, but slightly different. No Instagram? We recommend creating an Instagram account for this Challenge to get the most out of this Challenge. Click here to create an Instagram account. However, it is not mandatory. Weekly we send out an email for support.

What is Telegram and what are we doing on Telegram during the Challenge?

No Telegram? This is optional. It is best to create an account. However, this is not required. It’s optional.

There is a large network of mycelium in the soil where mushrooms grow. Under the right conditions, this network will ensure the growth of mushrooms. Some types of mushrooms produce Magic Truffles in this mycelium network. These Magic Truffles are a compact mass of hardened mycelium in which the species stores food and water if the growing conditions are not optimal. Magic Truffles are therefore a ‘by-product’ of the well-known magic mushrooms and, just like magic mushrooms, contain the psychoactive substances psilocybin and psilocin. These substances can produce hallucinatory effects with a higher dose, but with a low dose this does not lead to a trip, but to other positive effects. The truffle stimulates brain activity, cell growth and increase of connections in the brain and therefore makes a favorable contribution to your daily well-being and functioning.

Store the Truffles in the refrigerator. Then the shelf life is 2.5 months.

The Truffles are included in the Challenge.

What will I receive with this Challenge?

This is different for everyone. Some people feel a lot, others less. In any case, everyone will notice an effect after a month of microdosing. For safety, start with half a dose on the first days of the Challenge.

You choose a rhythm that fits your lifestyle

The active ingredient remains active for 2 days. On the third day, the active ingredient is out of your system.

No. Most people take the Microdosing in the morning to get the most benefit during the day. However, this is not a must. Find your own rhythm.

If you want to use Microdosing to sleep better, it is best to take the microdosing one hour before bedtime. It takes a while to find out what works best for you.

The Truffles have a bit of a nut taste. It’s not tasty and it’s not dirty. You can take the Truffles together with, for example, Chocolate, Dates, Fruit or anything else you like.

No. Like other Psychedelic substances, these Truffles are not addictive.

There are no proven studies showing that this would be harmful. However, we do not recommend microdosing when you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Study shows that there are no complications between Truffles & Medication. Nevertheless, we recommend that if you use medication or suffer from serious psychological complaints, you should always consult a doctor first.

No, you don’t have to follow a special diet. We do, however, advise against taking alcohol and/or medication when taking the Truffles. None does not hurt, but it is our advice. Read our blog about ‘Can I do Microdosing Truffles if I’m taking medication?’.

Yes, no problem. It may even provide benefits.