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Podcast #3 ‘How Ayahuasca & Changing my name changed my life.’

mei 2, 2021

Podcast #3 ‘How Ayahuasca & Changing my name changed my life.’

I blindly stepped into my first Ayahuasca Ceremony without doing research. I just trusted on my feelings. When I arrived at my first Ceremony I was a bit shocked about the amount of people and the way they looked. It was more than hundred people and mostly all grew of white hair. I was one of the few young people.

It was my first experience with expanding my consciousness. Stepping into a bigger potential of who you really are. Something nobody can’t describe. Like the message in the movie The Matrix when Neo is offered the red pill by Morpheus ‘You have to experience it for yourself.’ Also Ayahuasca can offer you the Truth. To me it did. I let me find myself.

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Ayahuasca, Life Changing

Ayahuasca changed my life in every way.It let me experience ‘Oneness’. A deep understanding came to my heart and it helped me to remember who I am. I could never look at life the same way again and life started to unfold a path beyond my imagination. But first I took my sister and my mother to an Ayahuasca Ceremony.

Spiritual Awakening

My first Ayahuasca experience let me realise that “This” is where I have been searching for my whole life: ‘Remembering who I am!’ Now knowing what this meant. It took a while to implement my insights and find my mission in Earthly life.

Inner struggle

I had the most amazing journeys and insights in my ceremonies, but first I was pushing away all the insights from the Ayahuasca. I had a lot of inner struggles, but I kept in visiting Ayahuasca Ceremonies. It took time….

Changing my name

Ayahuasca helped to open up my inner voice. After my first experience I learned to take the time to go inwards, concentrate and listen to my inner voice. One thing that kept repeating inside and outside ceremony was that I had to change my name. From my calling name ‘Mariëtte’ to ‘Maria’. As is Mariette was the little Maria and now it was time to step into a greater version of myself.

‘I thought everything in life could change, but changing my name…. I never thought that I would do that.’

From ‘Mariëtte Schouten’ to ‘Maria Johanna’

Maria Johanna are my original Birth names. I only never used them. It was a fight for my ego to change my name. I (most people) was identifying myself so much with my name, that at first it was strange for me to change my name. I was not sure if I could trust on this inner guidance. Actually changing my name meant to let a part of my ego die. I learned a lot from it.

If everybody thinks you’re crazy, that’s exactly your freedom.


I was afraid that people would not understand why I would change my name and that they would judge me. First this was my own reflection. I was too afraid to follow up on my inner guidance, but crazy coincidences started to happen. I share more about it in my video above. The Universe started to communicate and give me signs. I understood that when something is Destiny, you can’t escape it.

‘You can’t escape your Destiny.’

Next Episode

When family member drink Ayahuasca, it effects everyone. In my first episode I share about the challenges that I have had with my father. How special is it to guide my own father in an Ayahuasca Ceremony? And how do the rest of my family see Plant Medicine? Check my next episode: ‘Guiding my own Father and sisters in Ayahuasca.’

Plant Medicines

At the moment I am focussing on 2 plant medicines, but there is more to come. One is my own unique medicine called Choco Bliss to help you go on an inner journey to heal, transform and learn about yourself and life. My other focus is Microdosing.

Choco Bliss

This is my own unique plant medicine that you can use to set up your own home ceremony or book a guided ceremony. I love to share with you in order to heal, grow, expand, awake and become more af who you are. Would you like to know more about Choco Bliss? Visit our page about Choco Bliss and learn more about Choco Bliss.

Microdosing Truffles

Microdosing can give great support on a daily basis like; healing, concentration, focus, creativity and more. Would you like to know more about Microdosing Truffels? Visit our page about Microdosing Truffles and learn more about Microdosing Truffles.

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