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Vlog #58 Bali: Flow instead of the ideas of your mind

november 12, 2021

Vlog #58 Bali: Flow instead of the ideas of your mind

Do you know moments in your life where you wanted something, but it seems to be impossible?

What do you do? 

In some cases you just have to accept that it’s not meant to be.  If you travel, you come in different situations. The art of life is ‘How you deal with things?’ 

Are you able to accept and make the best of what you have, or are you going into a negative flow. We had some of these situations during this trip. See more in my vlog:

What if you do something for the first time?

If you have never done something. Do you trust that you are able to learn? Or do you not even try? Sometimes you just have to do it in order to discover that you are able of so much more than you thought you were. 

What if you really want something?

And then we have situation where we really, really want something and we don’t give up. So here you see that if you don’t give up on the things you really want, you will get it.

Flow instead of the ideas of your mind

If you follow the flow, instead of the ideas of your head. You will discover that everything is exactly perfect. Even when it does’t look like it.

We had plans to visit server temples and other holy places. But because it was my period, we couldn’t do anything of it.

Not getting what we wanted and following the flow of life, brought us beautiful lessons. 

Thank you!

Thank you for watching my vlog. I really appreciate that you are taking time to check out my content that I love to create. Stay tuned for my next vlog. Thank you again! ????

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