Microdosing: How to get started? What to expect? and more!

Podcast #9 Microdosing: How to get started? What to expect? and more!

Some people ara afraid of going on a deep inner journey with plant medicine. Microdosing is a great solution. Because plant medicine heal on different levels: body mind and soul, it’s very powerful and transforming.

By starting with Microdosing, you experience a gradual healing over time. Mostly people do this for 1 or 2 months. In this Podcast I share everything about Microdosing.

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Choco Bliss

This is my own unique plant medicine that you can use to set up your own home ceremony or book a guided ceremony. I love to share with you in order to heal, grow, expand, awake and become more af who you are. Would you like to know more about Choco Bliss? Visit our page about Choco Bliss and learn more about Choco Bliss.

Microdosing Truffles

Microdosing can give great support on a daily basis like; healing, concentration, focus, creativity and more. Would you like to know more about Microdosing Truffels? Visit our page about Microdosing Truffles and learn more about Microdosing Truffles.

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