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Plant medicines have been used for many centuries. It is said that they open the portal to your soul, allowing you to reconnect with your true being. Whether you want to discover who you really are, find your life path or come into peace with your past and heal, plant medicines provide you with what you need.


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Plant Medicines have the qualities to bring deep transformations and healing from your essence that people can experience as ‘life changing’. Their use is becoming increasingly popular because of this. Are you curious about what Plant Medicines can do for you? Leave your name & e-mail address and learn more about Plant Medicines.

*New! Sleeping Beauty Drops

A well-rested night brings joy to your day

Sleeping Beauty drops are made from the Mulungu tree in Brazil. Mulungu is a South American tree known for its calming effects. Used traditionally to alleviate anxiety and insomnia, Mulungu can help you sleep better and wake up refreshed.

Its natural properties also reduce fear and stress, promoting overall well-being. If you have sleeping problems for a longer time, it takes time to heal.

One bottle of Sleeping Beauty drops contains 30 ml, enough for over a month of microdosing.

Bobinsana Microdosing flesje

Microdosing Bobinsana

Bobinsana ‘De Master plant van Het Hart’

Maybe you saw our video’s on Instagram or TikTok about Bobinsana? Bobinsana is The Master Plant of The Heart. Bobinsana is indeed a traditional medicinal plant native to the Amazon rainforest.

When you start Microdosing Bobinsana. Bobinsana is not psychedelic. This means, you will not be tripping. Bobinsana is more like a MAO-inhibitor, like the Ayahuasca Vine.

It’s a gentle healing journey where we recommend to take time to write down your process in order to become aware and improve the healing process by Microdosing Bobinsana.



Personal Support for healing & Growth

Microdosing is a new experience for many people. Could you use some practical and in-depth guidance on Microdosing and the processes it initiates? Do you want to get the best out of your Microdosing process? We offer Microdosing Coaching to support you on your healing and transformational journey with Microdosing.


For gradual healing & transformation

Are you looking for more focus, balance, want to feel more comfortable in your skin? Sleep better, connect with your heart and get out of your head. Microdosing means that you take a small microdose of a plant medicine during a period of time. Mostly 1 or 2 months. The rhythm ensures that you receive a gradual and powerful healing in which the plant medicine gives what you need.



At wonderful places

Are you looking for a way to get in touch with your true self? Do you want to open the portal to your soul? And are you looking for a way that brings healing from your essence? Plant Medicines can take you on a deep inner journey where you get what you need.

What other people say

‘ Through the pain ’

Sometimes you have to go through pain to eventually find your healing. My ceremony made me realize that pain just wants to be felt and that eventually it will end. Choco Bliss and also other plant medicines have helped me tremendously to remember who I am and how life works. Sometimes it seems like a struggle, but in essence, life is something very beautiful that we can be very grateful for.


‘a journey about you to finally realize ’everything is okay as it is.’’

The plants take you on an inner journey. It was like getting on a train that took me through my own life. I went past little stations in myself to do inner work. At every station you have something to do. Sometimes you pass by something too quickly, other times you just come to experience a piece of joy or love. You do not have to be afraid, because it is all about you, so you know it already. It has helped me to let go of things, which has brought me closer to myself.


Consciously looking at yourself and inner change

Through my inner journey, I became aware of certain beliefs that I had been carrying for a long time that I realized “Do I want to believe this any longer? The ceremony helped me to change these. I have also been able to live through old emotions and let them go. This has led to an inner liberation that I would like to grant to everyone. A life changing effect from within.


Unreal. I have experienced infinite love.

This was my first experience with plant medicine. Used drugs in the past, but this is something completely different! in one word ‘Unreal!’ A spiritual experience that you cannot explain in words. It’s something to experience. I’ve always felt there was more. This experience has made me experience what I have always suspected. I have experienced an infinite source of love without fear where there is no judgment.


ceremoniele cacao kopen

About Maria Johanna

House of Oneness is an initiative by Maria Johanna. Maria Johanna has been hosting many Ayahuasca Retreats in the past. She a plant Medicine Expert. Next to that Maria Johanna is author of 3 books: Quarterlife Challenge, Microdosing and Angel Kisses.

House of Oneness basic elements are; Plant Medicine, Microdosing, Healing, Soul Purpose and Connection. We believe that if we all remembered that we are all one, we would live in a different world.

This is the awakening process we are all in. We help you to reconnect with yourself, remember who you are and what you are here to do.

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