Guided choco bliss ceremonies in the Netherlands

Choco Bliss is a new, original & unique plant medicine for the soul. A Choco Bliss Ceremony makes it possible to make a deep inner journey that can support you tremendously in your life. It helps you with insights, awakening, healing and to get in peace with life. It helps to be more present and get closer to yourself.

‘Plant medicine ceremonies help you be in peace with your past and step into the future in your personal strength.’

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Thursday April 20, arrival 4.00 pm. Incl 1 night. Check-out, next Day 11.00/12.00 am.

Learn more about Choco Bliss

Choco Bliss is a unique Plant Medicine that is used for ceremonies and microdosing. Choco Bliss is a powerful tool for healing, getting insights, awakening, personal growth coming closer to yourself.

In the video below I share all about Choco Bliss. Enjoy watching and learning more about this amazing plant medicine.

Do you want more connection with yourself?

We are in a time of big change. Both collectively and individually. Time to turn in, really discover what is important to you and what might be in the way of living in peace and freedom. “You always hear happiness”. What does this mean for you? Are you connected to your heart, do you dare to live from the heart & soul? Just as you always hear “Everything is already in you.” What then is this there is to discover in yourself?

Plant medicines can serve as a great tool to help you get in, step into the greater potential of who you really are and understand what life is all about. A personal quest for discoveries, healing and growth to become even more who you really are. Always peel off a layer of what you have learned, what you have been telling, let beliefs crumble that no longer belong to you. Connect with the source, live from your heart and become who you really are. That’s the best thing there is.

What is choco bliss?

Choco Bliss is a plant medicine that is focused on the heart. A blend of 20 different herbs has been used to stimulate the opening of your heart. The Cacao itself also works on the heart. Furthermore, the Choco Bliss ensures that you can be in the here and now and do your inner work. There are a number of advantages to Choco Bliss over Ayahuasca. For example; you generally do not get sick, you do not vomit and it also tastes delicious to Cacao mixed with cinnamon, cloves, basil and many more spices.

Choco bliss ceremony with professional guidance

It is not for everyone to experience an experience with Choco Bliss alone. That is why we offer loving and professional guidance from experienced people. This helps you feel safe doing your inner work. Our guided Choco Bliss ceremonies are for anyone who wants to take a step forward in life, who is willing to work on themselves and take responsibility for his or her own life.

Experiences of others with choco bliss

For Yavanna, Choco has helped Bliss release emotions that she apparently was carrying without her being aware of it. LETTING GO OF BAGGAGE AND COMING TO MY ESSENCE When I was finally able to let go, I could finally enjoy myself. I was able to release baggage from the past by crying, could only start my real journey. That was really great. In that, it seemed as if I was carried by the spirits of the plants. I have received many insights about my future and my mission in life. A very valuable experience full of emotion, insights and healing. Every experience is different and you get what you need. Yavanna has had a unique experience. See her story in the video.


Know more about choco bliss?

Would you like to know more about Choco Bliss? What it is? What it can do for you? What are the 3 phases of a Ceremony? Are you curious about the experiences of others? Do you want to know how you can protect yourself during your Ceremony? Leave your name & email here and learn more about Choco Bliss

Do you want more connection with yourself?

Plant medications give you what you need at the time. For one person, this is healing, removing blockages, facing fears or confrontation. For the other, this can mean coming into unconditional love, remembering who you are, what life is about and why you are here. We cannot give any guarantees on your result. However, we can offer loving support and guidance. Below are some examples in which Choco Bliss may be able to support you.

  • Trauma healing
  • Healing your heart
  • Connection with yourself
  • Grief
  • More self esteem
  • Finding (soul) purpose
  • Creativity
  • Depression
  • Develop a positive mindset
  • Inner peace

Choco bliss: the medicine to connect with your heart

Choco Bliss is really a medicine for the heart. It opens the gate to your heart and soul. What is there to discover?

If you do not (yet) have experience with plant medicines, it is difficult to imagine this. Every time is also different. We have been here as a soul in a human experience. Through Plant Medicines you open a portal to a higher consciousness. So you temporarily become more of who you are. You are so much more.

As a person you are limited. Maybe you recognize that feeling in yourself? Can it also express in feelings of loneliness? Separated from the source. Or forget who you are and why you are here on earth?

Sometimes life seems meaningless, but it is up to all of us to discover the meaning of life itself in ourselves. Plant medicines offer the opportunity to discover this and more.

During your inner journey with plant medicines you will be taken on a journey in your subconscious. You get what you need and what you can handle. Sometimes it is necessary to heal wounds, to grow, to confront? It is often the case that the plants make you remember and connect you with the source, with love and with unity.

Experiences of others with choco bliss

The plants take you on an inner journey. It was like getting on a train that took me through my own life. I went past little stations in myself to do inner work. At every station you have something to do. Sometimes you pass by something too quickly, other times you just come to experience a piece of joy or love. You do not have to be afraid, because it is all about you, so you know it already. It has helped me to let go of things, which has brought me closer to myself.


What to expect from a choco bliss ceremony?

Our Choco Bliss Ceremonies take place in a safe and familiar environment, in a place where you can relax and feel at ease with the other participants. Before the ceremony starts, we first discuss all aspects of what you can expect and there is room for questions.

Then the Ceremony is opened with the expression of everyone’s intention and the Choco Bliss is eaten. There are several experienced supervisors during the Ceremony. We work with 2 or 3 supervisors present in a ceremony so that there is sufficient attention and support for your inner journey. The Ceremony will be closed after approximately 4 to 6 hours. Then there is time to eat and talk.

The next day there is a sharing & integration session. If you want, you can share experiences with the group and this gives the opportunity to give a place to what you have experienced. During your journey you can go through both beautiful and difficult pieces, but Choco Bliss always shows you what you need at that moment in your life.

Choco bliss ceremony with professional guidance

We offer Choco Bliss Ceremonies under experienced, loving and professional guidance from a team that has gained a lot of experience with Choco Bliss, among others. We provide a safe setting in which you can really surrender to what the medicine wants you to experience.

Experiences of others with choco bliss

Unreal. I have experienced infinite love oneindig

This was my first experience with plant medicine. Used drugs in the past, but this is something completely different! in one word ‘Unreal!’ A spiritual experience that you cannot explain in words. It’s something to experience. I’ve always felt there was more. This experience has made me experience what I have always suspected. I have experienced an infinite source of love without fear where there is no judgment.


Rubienne has already gained experience with plant medicines. One evening she suffered from physical complaints. She was curious what the message behind this was. Ultimately, Choco Bliss showed her that this stood for women’s oppression. Very interesting. She tells more about this in her video.

Rubienne and I also kept in touch. Since then she has done several ceremonies and uses Choco Bliss as a tool to heal, go within, find answers and to grow personally and spiritually.



Location: lodge specially designed for ceremonies

Our ceremonies take place in a lodge that an old participant has specially equipped for plant medicine ceremonies. He wanted to give something back for the plant medicine and one day called me and said. “Maria Johanna, I’ve set up a room and would love it if you and your team come to do ceremonies here. I feel in my heart that I want to give something back. Since I am not a master of ceremonies, but a real estate agent, this is my way.

This special man has made a lodge especially for us to do our inner work in complete freedom. This space is beautiful, colorful, attractive. It is a creative space full of (own) art. It is modern, warm and also a super cozy space.


Below you will find the daily schedule of the Choco Bliss Ceremonies. The daily schedule is geared to a ceremony that starts at 4 pm. Choco Bliss works an average of four to six hours. Including the reception and the awakening, the ceremony lasts seven to eight hours. We recommend staying overnight and returning home safely the day after your ceremony.

Day 1

16:30 arrival

17.30 Welcome & Introduction

18.00 Preparation to the Ceremony

19.00 Ceremony

1:00 Closing Ceremony + short sharing

1:15 Food and cosy atmosphere together. Talking until we want to get some rest (sleeping time)

Day 2

9.00 Nice Breakfast with Love

10.00 Sharing & Integration ‘What did you learn? What do you take home? How are you going to implement this into your life?
What did you learn? What do you take home? How are you going to implement this into your life? How are you going to implement this into your life?

12.00 Going home

What’s included in the retreat?

  • Staying over for the night(s)
  • Stay at the the Lodge
  • Choco Bliss ceremony (s)
  • Rapé (* optional & included)
  • Choco Bliss in suitable amount
  • Guidance from professional team
  • Bedding
  • Towels
  • Help with preparation
  • Meals
  • Unlimited drinking
  • Group session integration
  • Love & care from our team

More questions about choco bliss ceremonies?

Experiences of others with choco bliss

Consciously looking at yourself and inner change

Through my inner journey, I became aware of certain beliefs that I had been carrying for a long time that I realized “Do I want to believe this any longer? The ceremony helped me to change these. I have also been able to live through old emotions and let them go. This has led to an inner liberation that I would like to grant to everyone. A life changing effect from within.


Matthijs has entered into a Choco Bliss Ceremony with his friends. A profound, healing journey in which he was confronted with where he does not (yet) feel safe. The only way was through it! And what happens when you surrender completely? What defeat did Matthijs experience? Watch this video.


Most frequent questions about choco bliss ceremonies

Please note: House of Oneness does not hold itself responsible for the information in this Q&A, we only give advice from our own experience and that of experts. If you are on medication or suffering from serious mental health issues, we always recommend consulting a doctor first.

If you have any questions, feel welcome to ask your personal question through our contact form.

This depends on the dose and how sensitive you are to the drug. On average, it takes 4 to 6 hours.

This also depends on how many chocolates you eat. In any case, the effect always disappears. As professional supervisors, we slowly build up the dose and know when we can give more and in what amount.

The dose you take does not depend on your body, height or how fat or slim you are. This is something that goes by feeling and experience. Some people are already satisfied with 1 chocolate. Others still don’t feel anything after 4 chocolates. On average, people take 3 to 4 chocolates per ceremony. The duration of the ceremony is often 6 hours. If you travel on 1 or 2 chocolates, the duration is usually around 4 hours. If you order the Choco Bliss, there is a description of this in your confirmation email. If you do Choco Bliss under supervision, you do not have to worry about this. We will guide you in this process. We will guide you in this process.

If you eat more than 5 or 6 chocolates you can lose control. You are guided by the spirits of the plants. They let you experience what you need at that moment.

Yes. You open a portal to greater potential and can experience yourself as a multi-dimensional being. You are in connection with other dimensions, but you are also fully aware of the earthly reality and how everything works. This is just like with Ayahuasca. Only here you have more control in general.

Although you do not have to follow such a strict diet, we still recommend eating as plant-based as possible three days before your ceremony. Skip your coffee for a few days, don’t eat meat and it’s important not to eat 3 hours before your ceremony. If we start the ceremony at 7 PM, you will stop eating at 4 PM.

You have probably heard ‘You are called by the spirit of the plant.’? This may sound vague, but it is actually very simple. If you feel addressed and you are curious, answer this feeling by entering into the ceremony.

You don’t necessarily have to have an intention to do Choco Bliss. I myself have stepped openly into a ceremony many times and my intention was ‘Give me what I need.’ However, an intention can have a strong influence on your journey. My personal experience is that with Choco Bliss the effect of your intention is stronger than with Ayahuasca.

For most people, Ayahuasca has a stronger effect in terms of intensity. This is not necessary. I have also heard in many languages that the insights and teachings during Choco Bliss are experienced more strongly than with Ayahuasca.

I personally think it’s a big advantage that you don’t get sick, don’t have any physical discomforts such as: puking and diarrhea. The taste is delicious and you also have more influence on your trip. This makes it such a great tool to use to get answers to your questions and to find specific healing.

Choco Bliss is a unique alchemy of plants and a wonderful medicine that targets the heart. it has a very beautiful, soft spirit that lovingly takes you on a journey.

Yes, that’s possible. You can order your own Choco Bliss via this link. You can also order the Ceremony Kit so that you have all the supplies to set up your home ceremony safely.

The current location in Schiedam is a kind of loft that has been specially furnished with the intention of doing Ceremonies. There are different spaces, it is very open. You can have your own space here to sleep. There are single and double rooms. In practice we see many people sleeping in the ceremony space itself. If you are concerned about this, please email us.

The Maria Johanna Ceremony Kit consists of White Sage to cleanse your space, Palo Santo to cleanse your aura field, Maria Johanna aura spray to protect you in advance of your journey. The Maria Johanna Ceremony Kit consists of White Sage to cleanse your space, Palo Santo to cleanse your aura field, Maria Johanna aura spray to protect you in advance of your journey. In addition, it contains incense with an incense holder for the fine scent and you receive a rose quartz crystal gemstone for your altar. The rose quartz is the stone of love and peace and has a soft and loving energy. She opens the Heart Chakra and teaches you to reconnect with your feelings. This fits perfectly with the Choco Bliss.

Sometimes people don’t understand that we make money from spiritual work. I can tell you this is very hard work. Certainly because we do this with so much love and passion, there is a lot more to it than just the ceremony itself. You bear a certain responsibility for the ceremony. We have also immersed ourselves for years in plant medicines and have gained a lot of experience and knowledge. This professionalism, knowledge, but also the love and care you receive during the ceremony is of enormous value. In concrete terms, you pay for the professional and experienced guidance. Also for the location, the food and all the facilities. We have now chosen to do small groups so that you get a lot of personal attention. We do want to have something left over after we have paid all other operating costs and taxes.

There are many differences between Ayahuasca and Choco Bliss. A practical difference between the Ayahuasca & Choco Bliss is that the Choco Bliss has a nice taste, that you generally do not get sick from the Choco Bliss and you do not have to puke from Choco Bliss.

Then about the different functioning. Choco Bliss has been developed as a medicine for the heart. Today also the Cacao and the blend of 20 herbs that are processed in the Choco Bliss.

Experienced during a Choco Bliss you generally have more control over your journey than in your Ayahuasca Ceremony. However, this depends on the dose you take. For example, if you start your Choco Bliss Ceremony with taking 6 chocolates, the experience comes close to Ayahuasca. The spirit of the Banisteriopsis caapi can be found in both the Ayahuasca and the Choco Bliss.

The similarity is 1 plant and that is the Banisteriopsis caapi. This is also used to make Ayahuasca. The Shamans in the Amazon also call this plant Ayahuasca. This plant is just legal to use. There is no DMT in the Choco Bliss. DMT use is prohibited in most countries.


Ayahuasca and Choco Bliss are both plants that open your consciousness and heal you from within to transform your life. Another agreement between Ayahuasca and Choco Bliss is a same plant that is used in both recipes. This is called the Amazonian vine; Banisteriopsis caapi. This is also used to make Ayahuasca. The Shamans in the Amazon also call this plant Ayahuasca.

In general, you just feel good the day after your ceremony and have full energy to get through your day. It is of course possible that you slept briefly, but you have also done inner work that you can give time to process.

We always recommend taking time for yourself the day after your ceremony. Do not schedule appointments, do not go to work, but take the rest. For example, take a walk through nature or take time to write down your insights.

You won’t have a hangover the day after your ceremony. Every now and then we hear an exception from people who, for example, have a headache the day after their ceremony. This could be because you didn’t drink enough during your ceremony. So our advice is to drink during your ceremony. Either way, give yourself time the day after the ceremony to recover and not have to do anything.

No, you’re not going to throw up from the Choco Bliss. If you are the one exception, don’t worry. Suppose you are going to vomit so that the medicine clears something from your system.

No. Not generally. Sometimes you do feel a bit nauseous because your body has to get used to shifting to a higher frequency. Don’t worry if you feel a little sick or mediocre. This is more the exception than the rule. In general, people do not get sick during their Choco Bliss experience.

This is something we get back very often as feedback about Choco Bliss. Especially when microdosing. This is because Choco Bliss brings you more to your heart and calms your mind. Less thoughts and more coming into your heart brings inner peace.

Choco Bliss may be able to help you face and resolve blockages.

Hell yes. This works with telepathic communication. You send out a question through your energy and intent and receive the answer back in the energy. When you are in your ceremony, you understand this naturally.

No. Choco Bliss is not addictive.

Yes. You can take Choco Bliss when you are sad. Several people have taken Choco Bliss during grief counseling. Sometimes people come into contact with the spirit of the deceased. We cannot guarantee this, but you can always ask the spirits of the plant. Keep in mind that grief may be magnified during your ceremony. And remember; crying is the washing machine of the soul.

Yes. You can take Choco Bliss when you are sad. Just like with grieving. Keep in mind that grief may be magnified during your ceremony. And remember; crying is the washing machine of the soul.

This is just how you feel. Many people do several ceremonies in a short time and then leave it quiet for a while. You can do 2 ceremonies in a row. Or a weekly ceremony for 4 weeks. It’s just how you feel. We do say that the spirits call you automatically. Also know that it is not addictive. You look for healing and the truth in yourself.

This is very personal. Follow your feelings in this too. If you’re doing a ceremony at home, don’t do it with too many people. This can get messy if, for example, some people want to talk and others want to go in quietly.

We see that many people who order the Choco Bliss prefer to do a ceremony themselves. Others feel safer to be together and yet another group wants to have professional guidance during his or her inner journey. It is also possible that they want to go deeper and prefer to be in the company of professional guidance. It’s what you like and what suits you.

Everyone reacts differently to Choco Bliss. Some people have enough with 1 chocolate. Some people have enough with 1 chocolate. We advise to start with 0.5 or 1 chocolate and feel every hour whether you want to take more. You can build this up to 4 chocolates, for example. That is average, but there is no standard. Get to know the medicine and discover your perfect dose.

Yes, you can.

No. We do not recommend eating during your ceremony. This reduces the effect of the drug. That is why we also recommend not to eat 3 hours before the ceremony. When your trip becomes less, you can just eat. We recommend eating light. Think fruit, soup, but it can’t hurt if you just eat a sandwich. If you are hungry, eat what you like.

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