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House of oneness
Maria Johanna

House of Oneness is an initiative of Maria Johanna. The basic idea is ‘If we all remember what all is one and we all come from the same source, we would live in a different world.’

When we would remember that we are all one, we would live in a different World.

The beginning

In my own words

In 2013 I entered the path of Plant Medicine. This has turned my life upside down. In particular the unity experience and the spiritual awakening.

In my own words, “After such a oneness experience, you will never walk across the earth the same again.” At the time, I also often said, “I fell into my heart.”

Tijdens het opgroeien op deze aardbol vergeten we wie zijn en verliezen we de verbinding met onze ziel. One person more than another.

As humanity we have created a world in which we are often occupied with the outside world. A good job, relationship, children, hard work, nice house, nice car and things like that.

If you have come to this page, it means that you are looking for a deeper layer of life and yourself.

My way

A piece of the past

How did my way go then? What have plant medicines and spirituality meant to me? And what does the mission of House of Oneness entail?

I take you into a piece of the past. First of all, I will start by telling you about my childhood. I was born in Hoorn and grew up in a small village in the north of Amsterdam called Zwaagdijk.

I had a nice, safe and protected childhood here. I sometimes say, “It’s like growing up in a protected castle, having no idea what’s going on outside the palace walls.”

Fun has always been my drive and the future, I didn’t think much about it. Until it threatened that I wouldn’t graduate from high school.

What if I fail to get my degree? Sometimes you have to stand on the edge of failure to get the right insights.

I don’t feel a ‘standard life’ of a ‘house-tree-beest’ in my small village. There must be more to discover! I was eighteen years old and this was my first awakening moment.


My studies and career

Suddenly I felt so much strength inside, so I made 5 decisions: end my relationship, do my best at school, do an internship abroad, continue studying and move to Amsterdam.

Amsterdam has not only opened my eyes to how the world can be, it has also given me the space and creativity to develop myself and to discover more who I am and what I want in my life and to express this.

I started my study Commercial Economics and started working as a side job in the Financial Sector at various Banks and Internet Brokers for shares.

After my studies I thought the world was at my feet and yet it felt double. The question ‘What do I want?’ was a serious question for me that started a deep search. This already started during my studies.

I tried to make a career in business I have worked at an asset manager, at an advertising agency and at an online research agency. Not without success, but inside I felt no real satisfaction.

Is this it now? ‘Why am I the only one who can’t get satisfaction from an office job?‘, and ’How can others like this?

I felt like a failure

My conclusion

I didn’t understand it. I felt different and in a sense alone. I felt different and in a sense alone.

In a sense I felt like I was failing in my career path. Through several Anthony Robbins seminars, I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur, but how?

I wanted to work for John Strelecky, a writer who inspired me by his book The Big Five for Life. But alas, I was just too late and could no longer become one of his trainers.

At that point, I lost my job because the company I worked for was on the brink of bankruptcy. My energy went through the roof. Against all logic.

I packed my things and went on a journey on my own to have fun on the one hand and ask myself deep life questions on the other.

The conclusion was: ‘I want to become a writer myself and set up my own team of helpers.’ But I was only twenty-five years old, who was I to do this? Who would ever listen to me?”

Inspire people

I lived my dreams

When I converted these beliefs, my book and company became a reality. I wanted to inspire people to follow their hearts. That’s how I started with my book ‘Quarterlife Challenge’ and my own coaching technique: ‘The KRACHT technique’ about which I gave lectures, workshops and seminars.

I was living my dreams and yet something was missing. How could this be? I felt a voice inside me saying ‘Hold me?’, but who was this? I knew this was something that was not outside of me. It was something inside.

In the meantime I often meditated and I had learned from Wayne Dyer ‘If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. Thus, I knew that if this sense of “not being complete” inside changed, my life would change. Ik wist alleen niet hoe.

At that time I had a Brazilian boyfriend. He told me about Ayahuasca. He said ‘We are so limited on Earth’. That sentence did it for me. A deep inner knowing knew that we as human beings are so much more than what we think.


In no words to describe

My first Ayahuasca Ceremony has been unforgettable! Words cannot describe what I experienced there. Only the people who have experienced the unity and unconditional love in the plant medicine or in a near-death experience understand what I mean.

After such an experience, you will never walk the same way on the earth again. For me, this experience has restored contact not only with my heart, but especially with my soul. I am incredibly grateful for this and found that these were the arms I longed for. I am incredibly grateful for this and found that these were the arms I longed for.

Everything had to be different. I had only just published my book and was quite successful on my path. Still, I had to let this go.

There followed a period of much meditation, writing, reflection, Ayahuasca Ceremonies in which I had a lot of support from my then partner and spiritual mentor who appeared on my path.

Spiritual awakening

The heart always wins

It has been very helpful to have a mentor by my side at the beginning of my spiritual awakening who had already walked quite a bit of the path I was on now. This has brought me so much and I have learned so much from this. I can recommend this to everyone!

Sometimes you have to make a big choice that feels so heavy and difficult, but you know this one choice will open a new path.

Ayahuasca has reconnected me with the voice of my inner guide. The voice of my heart and soul. I heard clearly that I had to take my birth name: ‘Maria’. This has represented a symbolic ego death. I didn’t want this out of ego, but the heart always wins.

From the moment I was finally strong enough to choose for myself and take my birth names ‘Maria Johanna’ it was like everything started flowing again. It was as if this was the domino that started the game again.

‘Everything had to change. I had only just published my book and was quite successful on my path. Yet I had to let this go.’

I helped them

To get in touch

I moved to Bali, I started my YouTube channel and started guiding people through their spiritual awakening. I helped them connect with their souls and awaken them to who they are and what their mission is here. I had developed my own technique for this; vision meditations.

Living in Bali and starting my spiritual work was like making a shift from ‘working for the system’ to ‘working for God/The Universe’. No more thinking ‘What do I want?’ but instead check in from within and ask ‘What is the intention for me?’ That is how my further path has gone. Not that this is a smooth path without challenges. As the saying goes, “Every level, has it’s devil.” All the challenges in my path have made me stronger.

The most beautiful development on my path is when I received the invitation to work with Ayahuasca. Now I could give to others what has brought me so much. In this you experience that in the giving, lies the receiving.

All over the world

Basically the same

I have been able to help and guide so many people before, during and after their ceremonies. Because I started vlogging in English, I have attracted a very international audience. People from all over the world came over for my Ayahuasca & Kambo Retreats.

The diversity of background, age, culture and nationality was amazing to experience. And then discovering what we are all basically the same and want the same.

We are all one.
In my house where I lived and at the same time welcomed everyone for ceremonies, there was always a sign saying ‘Welcome to House of Oneness by Maria Johanna’. You also saw a Quote ‘What i love about my house is who i share it with.’

If we all woke up to who we are, we would really live in a different world andere. A world that revolves around people, about love, about connection and we would live in harmony with nature.

Our mission

To bring back ancient healing methods from nature

This is why my drive to work with plant medicines is so strong. Now it is true that the regulations surrounding Ayahuasca have changed since October 2019. That’s why I started working with alternatives.

Plant Medicines have a spirit that carries an incredible wisdom. They can offer healing that goes beyond talking. Plant Medicines communicate with your spirit and can bring healing to the essence of your being.

With House of Oneness, the message of plant medicine is central. Our mission is to bring ancient healing methods from nature back to modern times and new world.

We provide plant medicines and also connection with each other. When you buy our products, we also offer some medication, support and connection with other users. This allows you to find yourself and other like-minded people who are on the same path of discovery.

What are you going to start with?

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