Ceremonial Cacao

Ceremonial Cacao is seen as the ultimate heart opener. Ceremonial Cacao is a drink made from sacred Cacao beans that you drink for emotional, spiritual or health benefits.

It’s very easy to make your own Ceremonial Cacao with our instructions. You will see that you can easily make your own heart-opening Cacao at home that gives plenty health benefits.
*After you have placed your order you will receive instructions on how to prepare your own Ceremonial Cacao do by email.

‘’Cacao opens the door to your heart. It is up to you whether you go through this portal.’’

Why and for what purpose do you use Ceremonial Cacao?

Ceremonial Cacao is seen as the ultimate heart opener and also offers several health benefits that you can read more about later.

When you are new to the plant medicine path, Ceremonial Cocoa is a great first step as cocoa has a very friendly and warm spirit that makes you feel safe.

Choco Bliss and Microdosing Mama Cacao also contain the spirit of Ceremonial Cacao.

With Ceremonial Cacao you can create your own moment of enjoyment in which you come closer to yourself. Cocoa opens the door to your heart. It’s up to you to walk through this portal.

What do you receive when you order Ceremonial Cacao?

  • 1.Ceremonial Cacao

    Start your day with your own Ceremonial Cacao for a moment of joy, to slow down and get in touch with your heart. Cacao offers several benefits for your mental and physical health. Scroll further down for more information.

  • 2.Instructions Cacao

    After you have completed your order Ceremonial Cacao, you will receive a confirmation email. Then (5 minutes later) you will receive instructions on how to prepare your Ceremonial Cacao in a separate email.

What makes our Ceremonial Cacao unique is:

  • The delicious taste 🙂
  • Produced in collaboration with a Shaman from Colombia and his wive
  • Home made from bean to bar
  • The Cacao beans come from the Criollo bean from Colombia
  • Organic certified; Completely pure, no toxins.
  • Very few Cacao brands are organic. It is so unique since it’s a very intensive and challenging process.
  • We know the source of our Cacao, so it is not just picked together, but specially selected of the highest quality.
  • The quality control as described above
  • Single origin cocoa from Colombia (1 source, 1 region)
  • Made with heartwarming spices
  • Unique composition

What’s the effect of Ceremonial Cacao?

Ceremonial Cacao can be drunk in different strengths, with different motivations. Cocoa is also known as ‘The gift of God’. Cacao opens your heart, opens you and brings you more deeply in touch with yourself. Furthermore, it brings a lot of health benefits such as better circulation, better functioning of the brain, increased immune system and the other health benefits that Cacao offers.

Why Use Ceremonial Cacao?

You can have different goals to use Ceremonial Cacao. For example:

1.Open heart
2.Spiritual Goals
3. Processing emotions
4. Be happier
5.Health Benefits
6.Coffee Substitute
7.And more…

Ceremonial Cacao to use at home

Ceremonial Cacao to use at home. After you have placed your order you will receive instructions on how to do this. It may seem difficult, but with the instructions you will see that you can easily make your own heart-opening cocoa at home.

How strong do I make my Ceremonial Cacao?

You can choose between 4 different strengths:
1.Gentle(10-15 gr.)
2.Funky (15-25 gr.)
3.Seriously (25-35 gr)
4.Ceremonial dose ‘All the way’’ (35-50 gr)

Ceremonial Cacao has a great nutritional value, a lot of protein, that strengthens a person, and without sugar it is not fattening.

About Ceremonial Cacao

Ceremonial Cacao is a medicine known for being soft, feminine and loving and stimulates the heart to open, strengthens the sense of connection with yourself and the people around you. Due to certain active ingredients that help to release “feel good emotions“, Cacao powder is seen as the ultimate heart opener.

Because it evokes feelings of emotional intimacy and pleasure, it has traditionally been considered a “luxury delicacy” and “aphrodisiac” (lust on weekends). Since Cacao has the ability to connect you with your heart chakra, it contributes to any transformation you set your intention on. For example, your intention could be:

  • Seeing through and letting go of old patterns and traumas
  • Coming to a deeper understanding of yourself and your life path
  • Make discoveries about your soul mission
  • Learn to love yourself more
  • Or other themes you want to work with

The tribes say that Cacao can lift the veil of the visible world, giving you access to the world of the unseen and subconscious to get started with.

Order Ceremonial Cacao

  • House of Oneness

    Ceremonial Cacao 350 gram (without the cup)

  • House of Oneness

    Ceremonial Cacao 100 gram (without the cup)


Instructions Ceremonial Cacao

How fun is it to make your own Ceremonial Cacao? You can put your own intentions in it so that you make your own medicine and be your own shaman (healer). Below is a simple step-by-step plan on how to make your own Ceremonial Cocoa. It’s easier than you think!


Frequently asked Questions

Below you will find the most frequently asked questions. Below you will  find questions & answers about Cacao.

Please note: House of Oneness does not hold itself responsible for the information in this Q&A, we only give advice from our own experience and that of experts. If you are on medication or suffering from serious mental health issues, we always recommend consulting a doctor first.

If you have any questions, feel welcome to ask your personal question through our contact form.

That depends on how strong you drink the Cacao. In total you have 90 grams.

You can drink the Cacao in different strengths. You can read the method of preparation on the instruction card that you (physically) receive with your package. You can choose between 4 different strengths:

  1. Gentle 10-15 g
  2. Funky 15-25 g
  3. Seriously 25-35 g
  4. Ceremonial ‘All the way” 35-50 g

If you want to do a Ceremony, you can do it with 2 people or 2 ceremonies for yourself. What you can also do is: take gentle daily Ceremonial cacao and in the meantime you are Microdosing Mama Cacao. That’s the goal of our Mother’s Day package. Warm up your heart by drinking Cacao and amplify this with Microdosing Mama Cacao and the other elements out of this package

Yes, that’s possible

Yes. You can take the Cacao at any time.

There isn’t necessarily a best time. Create your own beautiful Cacao moment.

You can keep our Cacao outside the refrigerator for 1 year.

We recommend to drink your Cacao warm.

You can drink the Cacao with milk or water. You will receive the instructions by email after your order.

You don’t have to, but it is nice to consciously consume the Cacao with an intention. For example to open your heart. Don’t make it complicated, make it a beautiful moment with yourself and the Cacao. Act from your heart and intuition.

No, but when you take a ceremonial dose (strong dose) it will certainly start a process.

Cacao contains a spirit that is particularly her about opening your heart. In addition, it has several health benefits. These are briefly described on the page.

1. Improves Cognitive Function 

2. Boosts the Immune System 

3. Supports the Cardiovascular System (hart- en vaatziekten) 

4. Protects Against Chronic Diseases and Maybe Even Cancer

5. Supports the Gut 

6. Boosts Mood 

7. Improves Sleep Quality 

8. Enhances Performance 

9. Protects Skin and Teeth 

10. Slows Down Aging 

Depending on the strength you choose. Cacao opens the door of your heart and you choose whether to open the door to you. Cacao is gentle and can certainly initiate a process when done ceremonially. It is not as strong an effect as, for example, Choco Bliss.

You can drink the Cacao at any time.

That’s up to you. You can drink the Cacao at any time.

You can certainly take it at night before going to sleep. Then do not take a ceremonial dose, but a lighter dose.

There is no need to make any other purchases. The Mother’s Day package is already complete as you order it.

If you like, you can look up our Choco Bliss playlists via Spotify or Soundcloud.