Do you want to know more about or your want to start with Microdosing? This could be because you have a challenge in your life, you want to heal, grow, expand your consciousness, solve something in your life or you are just curious what Microdosing can do for you.

Microdosing can help with: depression, fatigue, feeling better about yourself, focus & concentration, better sleep, healing, spiritual & personal growth, improve relationships and more.

Starting with Microdosing can also raise questions such as: What Microdosing product to use? How do you start with Microdosing and what can you expect? On this page we want to help you get started in the World of Microdosing.

#1 What is Microdosing?

Microdosing a plant medicine means taking a micro dose of a plant medicine over a period of time. It is important to give a commitment for a certain period. For example 1 to 3 months. During this period you will see that a gradual healing takes place and or a transformation.

#2 Why Microdosing?

There are many reasons why people start with Microdosing, such as: healing depression, becoming calmer inside (inner peace), more self-confidence, deeper connection with themselves, healing trauma, transition (removing meno-pause complaints), getting closer to yourself, experiencing less triggers, ADHD, PTSD, PTSS, to get inspiration, focus & concentration or to to work on a creative project.

The main reason why people start with Microdosing is to get closer to themselves.

#3 Microdosing effect

Microdosing mainly helps to get out of your head, to experience more peace in your head and to come more to your heart.

When you are more in your heart, you are a more authentic version of yourself. You dare to be more spontaneous, because you think less and feel more.

Your worries and problems mainly take place in your head. Microdosing can offer you more peace of mind.

The biggest benefit that Microdosing has brought me is to choose for myself despite the opinion of others.


Microdosing experience from Kimberley

Can you function normally when you do Microdosing?

Yes. This is probably the most frequently asked question. Can I work while Microdosing? Can I drive my car while Microdosing? Will I be tripping while Microdosing? Is it safe? Can I just be there for my kids?

Do not worry. The principle of Microdosing is that you find the right dose where you do not experience a tripping feeling, but still feel a positive effect of the Microdosing. You call this ‘finding your sweet spot‘.

It helps to be more in touch with your feelings, have more focus and concentration, be more creative, reflect on your life and get the answers out of yourself or other benefits while just functioning normally in your life during the different roles you play in life.

If you are afraid for a tripping effect from Microdosing, you can choose a Microdosing product without a psychoactive substance. We also provide them on our webshop.

Microdosing Benefits

Microdosing gives you what you need at that moment. You have your personal experience and it is up to you to follow the message your Microdosing brings to you. Below are possible benefits that Microdosing can bring you.

  1. Come closer to yourself
  2. Inner peace
  3. Healing depression
  4. Resolve fatigue
  5. Focus & productivity
  6. Balance
  7. Go out of your head, into your heart
  8. Reduse stress
  9. Feel better in your own skin
  10. Better night’s sleep
  11. And more (you get what you need)

Can you function normally while Microdosing?

Is Microdosing dangerous? (or scary?)

Microdosing Experiences

Everyone has a personal experience with Microdosing as it gives you what you need at that moment. Just like with other plant medicines. For one person this means processing emotions, coming out of fatigue, healing traumas, reducing triggers, healing depression, feeling better about yourself.

For other people it’s about concentration, focus and productivity or a combination of all. It is, after all, a process. In the videos below you can see how such a process Microdosing can work.

Experience Wietske: Being less in my head more into my heart

Wietske has noticed that fat Microdosing truffles helps to write even more from her heart and to be held back less by her head.

She can sometimes hear a perfectionist voice in her head. Microdosing has helped her see that good is good enough. It has helped to be less of a perfectionist and to get into flow.

Experience Sharona: Better sleep, Less Eczema, More Productive

Sharona first experienced Choco Bliss. This was a very positive experience which made her curious  about what Microdosing could mean for her.

She is 2 months Truffles are going to microdose. Her goal was to get out of her head more, to be more in the moment. This has been accomplished and more. Watch the video to hear her story.

Experience Yvonne: Easier to feel what is right for me

Yvon started out of curiosity with Microdosing Truffles. She wanted to see if this helped to experience more balance inside of her.

What it has brought her is in particular to be more in touch with her feelings. This makes it easier for her to make choices, to stay closer to herself and thus to have more balance in her life. Watch the video to hear her Microdosing Experience .

How can Microdosing help?

By now you have read about what microdosing is, why you should do it, what effects Microdosing has. Still, you may wonder if Microdosing is for you. Let me ask you the following questions. Then I’m curious if you recognize yourself in one of these questions.

Can you relate to this?

  • Do you often find yourself in your head and ignore the signals from your heart?
  • Could you use more focus?
  • Do you want to work on a creative project and/or business plan?
  • Are you distracted from your true soul path?
  • Are you not comfortable in your own skin because you worry too much? Or are you even struggling with depression?
  • Are you distracted by the outside world as a result of which you lose connection with your higher self?
  • Do you long to live more from your heart?
  • Is it difficult for you to find inner peace?
  • Are you having trouble concentrating? Or do you even suffer from ADD or ADHD?
  • Could you use help to get closer to yourself?

If you recognize yourself in 1 or more points, then Microdosing is probably something for you.


I discovered Microdosing in e Community in Brazil

When I was in the jungle of Brazil, I first heard about microdosing. There they gave a teaspoon of Ayahuasca to people who were in a deep depression. Here I learned how Microdosing can bring a gradual healing.

Microdosing brings more benefits such as: focus, concentration, being productive, creativity, inspiration, clarity in your head and feeling and so much more. In the Podcast below I share all about it. Learn more about Microdosing and see if it calls you to experience for yourself.

Negative effects Microdosing

I can imagine that you think ‘Wow, Microdosing sounds fantastic and only offers benefits. What are the disadvantages of Microdosing? Part of this is in your own hands. I would like to tell you more about the negative effects Microdosing may have.

1.Fatigue (feeling tired)

Sometimes we get the feedback that people feel fatigued. How is this possible? And what do you do if you have this too? The possible message: Unknowingly you can carry fatigue with you and not listen to it. The Microdosing can bring this to the surface. And giving in to fatigue doesn’t always work out well. If you listen to this, this is often over within 1 to 2 weeks.

2.Headache or nausea

Sometimes people experience headaches or nausea. This is especially true if the Microdosing product contains a psyche-active substance. This does an operation in your brain, as it were, which I will tell you more about later on this page. The possible message: This may cause a headache, or it may be that the message is that you are resisting too much with your mind against what your heart wants to tell you.

3. Emotions that come up

Microdosing starts up a proces of reflection. It helps to become more aware of your truth because it brings you closer to yourself. It helps to become more in touch with your feelings.

Microdosing releases emotions and this not always convenient in a society where you are generally asked to ‘always be on’. The possible message: The emotions that release can trigger a healing process and offer insights.

Microdosing products

You can divide this into 2 categories. The products with a psychoactive substance the products without a psychoactive substance. What does this mean?

Microdosing products with a psychoactive substance means that there is a chance that you will get a tripping feeling when you use this product in higher doses. You can experience these products as stronger. Here we have: Microdosing Choco Bliss and Microdosing Truffles. Unfortunately we can only ship Microdosing Truffles within Europe. So if you are based outside Europe, choose Microdosing Choco Bliss.

Microdosing products without a psychoactive substance. What does this mean? This is a tincture of the plant from which you cannot trip. For many people this feels safer as it is more subtle. We have Microdosing Mama Cacao (Aya & Cacao) and Microdosing Soul Present.

Microdosing Choco Bliss

Microdosing Choco Bliss is a beautiful plant medicine that we specially developed for Microdosing purpose. The base is (organic) ceremonial Cacao together with Caapi Banisteriopsis (Ayahuacsa-spirit), Psilocybin and citrus fruits.

Incl. Online Training & Ebook to give you online guidance to start your Microdosing Process.

Microdosing Truffles

Microdosing Truffels is our strongest plant medicine for Microdosing. You can choose to start 12 Days, 1 Month or 2 Months.

Incl. Online Training & Ebook to give you online guidance to start your Microdosing Proces

Microdosing Mama Cacao (Aya & Cacao)

Mama Cacao (Caapi Banisteriopsis & Ceremonial Cacao) is a wonderful product for Microdosing when you want to heal, strengthen feminine qualities, grow spiritually and open your heart.

Mama Cacao consists of two plant medicines, namely: Caapi Banisteriopsis and Ceremonial Cacao.

Microdosing Soul Present

Microdosing Soul Present is a tincture from a cactus from Peru that we specially developed for Microdosing purpose. Soul present works deep in your unconscious world to heal your childhood sounds at night, while you are sleeping. You take these drops before you get to sleep. 

This medicine is a tincture. This means that you will not be tripping from this beautiful Microdosing product. Many people use this also to sleep better.

Microdosing products

We offer various Microdosing products. These are: Microdosing Truffles, Microdosing Choco Bliss, Soul Present & Mama Cacao.

Packages & prices

Below you can see the Microdosing products from House of Oneness. When you click on the products, you can read more about the products in question. You can also use the filters in the webshop or read the pages via the menu.

  • House of Oneness

    Microdosing Choco Bliss + basic video’s with explanation


    Microdosing Mama Cacao *1 month

  • House of Oneness

    Microdosing Soul Present Drops 1 month


    Bobinsana Microdosing

  • House of Oneness

    MD Soul Present Drops – 2 months


    Marosa Microdosing

  • Reishi


  • Lion's Mane

    Lion’s Mane

  • blue-lotus-Vape-blauwe-lotus-maria-johanna-1

    Blue Lotus

  • House of Oneness

    Self-Love Card Deck + MD Choco Bliss

    Original price was: €109,95.Current price is: €99,95. Sale!

    Turkey Tail

  • Book Microdosing

  • House of Oneness

    Self-Love Card Deck + MD Truffles


    MD Choco Bliss + 31 Day Online Program






    Self-Love Card Deck + Microdosing Mama Cacao

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    MD Choco Bliss + 31 Day Online Program + 5 Live Sessions


    MD Choco Bliss + 31 Day Online Program + 1 on 1 coaching


Microdosing versus antidepressants

If you compare Microdosing and antidepressants you can see this as follows. Antidepressants put a blanket over the emotions, so to speak, which makes you calmer and helps you temporarily feel better or function normally. This can be very helpful for a few months.

We see that many people continue to use antidepressants for years and sometimes even feel dependent on the medication. Some people become convinced that they cannot do without this medication. It then becomes very difficult to stop. Antidepressants do not solve the problem from the essence. It shutters somewhere under the blanket.

Microdosing opens your emotions and takes you through a healing process. So it can happen that you are confronted with your pain and fears or that you have a crying day.

You don’t shy away from your emotions. It’s possible that you go through your pain and emotions in order to heal yourself. You don’t beat around the bush, but heal yourself from the essence of your pain in order to grow as a person.

Microdosing in combination with antidepressants

Are you currently taking antidepressants? Then it is not smart to start with Microdosing. Never just stop taking your medication. Always consult the advice of your treating physician.


Does Microdosing Help by Healing Depression?

How do you start with Microdosing?

It is fairly simple as we provide the manual and often videos with our Microdosing products to help you get started with Microdosing.

We recommend starting slowly and building up your Microdosing. Start with half a dose. This way you can get used to the plant medicine. You may not feel this at all, subconsciously it always does something. Everyone reacts differently.

The intention of Microdosing is that you feel a minimal effect and certainly do not have a tripping feeling because of the Microdosing so that you can function normally. Therefore, start slowly and build up the dose if this feels right.

What if you don’t feel well during Microdosing?

Not feeling well can be part of your microdosing process. When we’re not feeling well, we may have a tendency to want to run from it or think, “This is forever.”

What is so nice about Microdosing is that you connect with yourself on a deeper level and can feel the guidance of the spirit of the plant medicine. *I can imagine this can seem a bit woolly if you haven’t experienced this before. That’s why I’d like to explain it a little further.

You can think of it as your inner voice of your heart speaking more clearly than usual during Microdosing instead of that voice of your head. Take the time to also experience the negative feelings, accept them and be with them. Make room for this and you will see that it disappears on its own or that there is something to learn. Here too, Microdosing Coaching can be very enlightening, insightful and helpful.

How Can Microdosing Eliminate Triggers?

Past trauma can trigger triggers that make you react too emotionally to an event. So in the present something happens that makes you feel unsafe, for example, and pushes the button of the trauma you suffered in the past. Microdosing helps to ease the triggers by making you calmer and closer to yourself. This will not always be the case immediately after 1 day of Microdosing, but you can experience this during the period of Microdosing or afterwards.

Scientific Research Microdosing

Scientific research, in which Psilocybin has been used, shows that this gives rest to the Default Mode Network in your brain. The Default Mode Network is that part of your brain that works overtime when you’re in a depression (your head is working overtime). If you have more rest in your Default Mode Network, there is more creativity, problem-solving thinking, focus and concentration. 

What Happens in Your Brain When do Microdosing?

When you do Microdosing with Psychedelics, an operation takes place in your brain, as it were. Microdosing Psychedelics create new connections in your brain. With these new connections, new beliefs arise if you do Microdosing for at least 1 month or more. These new beliefs lead to new behaviors.

About Maria Johanna

My name is Maria Johanna and I am the founder of House of Oneness. It’s like I’ve always felt like something wasn’t right? Like something was missing and I didn’t know what?

It’s like I’ve always felt like something wasn’t right? I missed the connection with my soul and was unconsciously looking for my soul mission.

Various plant medicines have helped me to restore the connection with myself and to walk my soul path.

For me, healing from nature is something very logical. I don’t see it as an alternative, but as the original healing that is centuries old. It helps you to be who you are.

Microdosing personally helps me with more focus and I experience strong spiritual guidance. You get what you need every time.

Microdosing Truffles helps you to feel better. And sometimes you feel, for example, that it is time for a day of rest, a good walk in nature, a family visit or simply having fun. Microdosing truffles brings balance, acceptance and more inner peace to me.


I microdosed the truffles for a total of more than 24 days. In the beginning it took some getting used to. I noticed something about me, but I couldn’t quite place what it is. After about 8 days I started to get it, that’s how it felt. It felt very good, relaxed and focus is the best way to describe it. I recommend everyone to try it once. Be open to it and who knows, you may get a lot of new insights as a result.

The microdosing has given me a lot of inner peace and it also gave me a lot of insights because the busy voice in my head disappeared. This allowed me to make much better choices that really align with myself, because I saw it much more clearly. I also experienced a lot of creativity and was able to write / record a lot of videos with the microdose. In short: I recommend EVERYONE to give this a chance! So much inner peace!

In my personal development, microdosing is a wonderful stimulant to introduce into daily life. What I personally notice is that I am more connected with my heart and live less from my head. My mood can also benefit where I look at situations more lightly and approach them and let more difficult situations slide off me more easily. I also notice that I reach deeper layers of myself, which I then become more aware of and can work with. In this way it is a nice contribution to personal development and self-awareness. 1 portion every other day is ideal for me, chew well, let it absorb and start the day!

Hey Marie Johanna, I’m starting the 2nd strip today. I am currently in a very intense period where my mother has had multiple brain haemorrhages and there is a lot of uncertainty and I have to deal with new demons. I am also in a huge upward spiral on a personal level. So I can’t say with 100% certainty what it is, but the fact is that I have lived very close to my feelings in recent weeks. I am strong and standing firm and I am very grateful to you for micro dosing Truffles.

What Micro Dosing Truffles brought me so far is. The first few days I was kind of “forced” to take (even more) rest and after taking it I could only focus on 1 thing at a time (focus). What Micro Dosing Truffles brought me so far is. I notice that it now “stabilizes” more and that focus comes more throughout the day. In addition, there were also some emotional patterns that I can view much more from a kind of “helicopter view/zoomed out”. So I’m definitely curious what this will do in the even longer term and I’m happy to help you again. So come on. Love, Sylvia

Right from the first day I noticed that the truffles made me very productive, I was no longer talking in my head, I just did what was necessary. A huge focus! Very nice.

I also noticed that I made choices much more from my heart, I feel much faster whether something suits me or not.

This is definitely something I will be using a lot more often!

Frequently asked questions about Microdosing

Please note: House of Oneness does not hold itself responsible for the information in this Q&A, we only give advice from our own experience and that of experts. If you are on medication or suffering from serious mental health issues, we always recommend consulting a doctor first.

If you have any questions, feel welcome to ask your personal question through our contact form.

There is a large network of mycelium in the soil where mushrooms grow. Under the right conditions, this network will ensure the growth of mushrooms. Some types of mushrooms produce Magic Truffles in this mycelium network. These Magic Truffles are a compact mass of hardened mycelium in which the species stores food and water if the growing conditions are not optimal. Magic Truffles are therefore a ‘by-product’ of the well-known magic mushrooms and, just like magic mushrooms, contain the psychoactive substances psilocybin and psilocin. These substances can produce hallucinatory effects with a higher dose, but with a low dose this does not lead to a trip, but to other positive effects. The truffle stimulates brain activity, cell growth and increase of connections in the brain and therefore makes a favorable contribution to your daily well-being and functioning.

This is the Mexicana Magic Truffle. This one comes entirely from Dutch soil. It combines the best features in a tasty, but above all powerful product. Deze Truffels is het meest geschikt voor Microdoseren.

Fatigue, stress and burnout, gloomy thoughts and depression, concentration problems, feeling restless and a busy head.

Even without the above complaints, microdosing can help you live more to your full potential. Possible benefits are: experiencing more inner peace, more energy, being able to reduce and resolve tensions, clear thinking ability, better concentration, focus and productivity, more creativity, being more aware of the present moment, feeling closer to yourself and your intuition, less bothered by external stimuli, sleep better, relax more and enjoy. Periodic microdosing prevents stress and tension. Often microdosing gives you what you need in the first place. For example, if you are unconsciously very tired, you will be invited to take a step back first. More on that later.

The truffles can be kept for more than 2 months. ALWAYS keep them in the fridge!

It is best to consult our user manual for this. In short: you first choose the period and schedule on which you want to start microdosing. To experience the optimal benefits, we recommend microdosing for a longer period of time. Schematic examples can be found in our user manual. You take the dose of 1 gram according to your schedule. The better you chew, the better the truffle is absorbed and the better the truffle can do its job. You can wash it down with water or mix it with your food (for taste).

The truffles are definitely not as dirty as the stories lead you to believe. You can compare the taste with the taste of a nut.

The truffles are prepackaged in 6 x 1 gram portions. If you are sensitive, you could also start with half a gram and build up from there to 1 gram if that feels better. Also keep in mind that the truffle has a stronger effect if you chew it well and for a long time.

The intention is that you do not actually ‘feel’ the use, but that you experience the benefits of use during your daily work. However, it may be the case that you have to get used to the first times and feel the truffle more. That is why we recommend that you do not schedule any appointments for the first three times during the first 2 hours after taking the truffles. The best thing is of course if you can do it on a day or evening for the first time. If you feel a tripping effect, this will take about 2 hours. Furthermore, the truffle gives you what you need. It can happen that you feel that you need to rest and that that is where your healing process lies. Make sure you have space to get the process going. We recommend that you start with a half dose first. You should not trip from this, but you should experience the benefits of the truffles.

  • Those who take the drug lithium carbonate (Lithium). This combination is therefore not recommended until more is known. For other medicines, please refer to the next question.
  • Those who have ever had psychosis. Although there have been no reports of people experiencing psychosis from microdosing, it is well known that higher doses of psychedelics can trigger it. Therefore, this possibility cannot be ruled out for the time being.
  • Men with color blindness. They may begin to see tracers in their field of vision. This has been reported by a number of men to Dr. Fadiman. Sometimes those afterimages, lingering colors when they looked at something, lasted for days. Not all people with color blindness experience this, but there is a chance that it will occur.
  • People for whom an anxiety disorder is the biggest problem. The fear can be increased or they become more aware of their fear. For people who suffer from depression and also have anxieties, it can provide relief from their fears.
  • People who suffer from paranoia/suspicion. Microdosing can amplify paranoia.
  • Persons under the age of 18.
  • Persons under the age of 18.
  • During pregnancy or if you are breast-feeding. It has not been proven that this is harmful, but we do not recommend this as a precaution. Insufficient research has been done into the effects of this on pregnancy and the effect on breastfeeding.
  • General: the effects in combination with many psychological or physical disorders are not yet sufficiently known. Therefore, if in doubt, consult a doctor first.

We make no substantive statements or claims about microdosing in combination with medicines. If you are taking medication and want to microdose, consult a doctor first. There are also various forums on the internet where people share their experience and a list of which drugs and supplements have not yet caused negative interactions in combination with microdosing. However, this of course remains your own responsibility.

Take the Microdosing on a full stomach. You can also test first and feel what effect this has on you on a day off. The dose is composed in such a way that you are not supposed to trip. A dose to trip and hallucinate only starts from about 5 grams. If you experience a slight tripping effect the first few times, eat something and reduce the dose a little bit.

With Magic Truffles you build up a tolerance. That is why you need more in a short time for the same effect. In other words, they lose strength immediately after the first use. Partly for this reason, Magic Truffles and magic mushrooms are not addictive. The effect will return after a few days. If you stop after periodic microdosing, you will not experience any urge or dependence. So you don’t experience any withdrawal symptoms.

Microdosing is legal and is done by millions of people worldwide. On our website you can read the user experiences of people who came before you!

Yes, research has been going on for some time about the medical benefits and harms of microdosing. The medical applications of psilocybin are promising. PTSD, fear of death in terminally ill patients and depression are the fields of research where very good results are currently being obtained. Various scientific studies into the benefits of microdosing can be found on microdosing.nl.

Yes, it opens the portal to your heart & soul through which you can hear your inner voice better.

Yes. If you are just starting out, it is wise to wait until an hour after taking it and see how you feel.

That’s possible. The microdose is stronger on an empty stomach. You can take the truffles in a reduced dose.

Yes, we encourage you to find a rhythm that suits you best.

No. Most people take the Microdosing in the morning to get the most benefit during the day. However, this is not a must. Find your own rhythm.

If you want to use Microdosing to sleep better, it is best to take the microdosing one hour before bedtime. It takes a while to find out what works best for you.

You may be unconsciously fatigued. The truffles have a spirit and give reflection. Perhaps there is something behind this fatigue. For example, a desire that you have not had contact with for a long time. It is up to natural product that can help you to have a better connection with your nature and feeling. Give in to the fatigue. Apparently this can be done.

Yes. Keep in mind that the effect of the truffles may be more noticeable the first few times, so just to be on the safe side, do not plan appointments where you are obliged to drive for the first two hours of your microdose.

Yes. The intention is precisely that you benefit from your work of Microdosing. The first time we recommend doing it on a quiet or free day.

Microdosing truffles is legal in the Netherlands. In other countries, the laws and regulations differ and in many cases the rules are vague. So find this out in advance if you want to take your microdosing with you on a trip.

The dangers and risks of trip-dose psychedelics have been carefully mapped out by scientists. Psychedelics are among the least dangerous on the drug spectrum, even below weed, alcohol and MDMA.

The website Microdosing.nl states; James Fadiman and Sophia Korb received reports from 1800 people from 59 countries about their microdosing experiences. This enabled them to establish a provisional starting point, which is: safe. There was not a single case of psychosis among the 1800 reactions of microdosers. This does not exclude that there cannot be an exception. We therefore advise against microdosing for people who have previously had a psychosis. When in doubt, consult a doctor.

No, because then your body builds up tolerance. A microdose of psilocybin is completely broken down by the body after 2 days. That is why there are always rest days with periodic microdosing. You can choose, for example, to take the dose for 5 days and to rest for 2 days.

This is not the intention. If you are sensitive to this, start with half a dose and take it after your meal. Do not forget to store the truffles in the refrigerator (maximum shelf life of 2 months).

Pure cocoa can enhance the effect of a magic mushroom trip. Because the microdosing is of course a very low dose, this may have a mild strengthening effect in combination with pure cocoa. This also depends on the type of chocolate.

There are no proven studies showing that this would be harmful. However, we do not recommend microdosing when you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

This is a personal choice. Our advice is to order the micro dosing for 1 month. Firstly, this is cheaper than 12 days. This is also a great time to make a commitment to micro-dosing. This is also a great time to make a commitment to micro-dosing.. Volg hierin je eigen gevoel.

No, you don’t have to follow a special diet. We do, however, advise against taking alcohol and/or medication when taking the Truffles. None does not hurt, but it is our advice. Read our blog about ‘Can I do Microdosing Truffles if I’m taking medication?’.

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