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Microdosing Soul present

Microdosing Soul Present helps with a gradual healing, more inner peace and better sleep. We recommend to take Soul Present Drops or capsules in the evening. You are doing your inner work, while you are asleep during your dreams at night. At Day time you enjoy other benefits such as being more present.

Soul Present Drops are great when you want to heal fear, heal childhood trauma and when you want to balance your masculine and feminine energy. The Soul Present Microdosing can be ordered in both drops and capsules. The drops are more subtle, while the capsules are stronger.


Using plant medicines to do Microdosing can offer many benefits. From stimulating creativity, sleeping better, helping with healing depression, producing endorphins (a happiness hormone) to having more focus and feeling better about yourself. By taking a small dose of the plant in a period of time, you will receive a gradual healing effect. (That’s why we recommend to do it at least for 1 month)

Soul Present helps to do astral work at night in your dreams and to experience more connection & inner peace during the day and to live more in the moment. Soul Present helps you to be ‘present’ and is a ‘present’ for your soul. That’s why we call it Soul Present.


In the video below I explain more about what Microdosing Soul Present means, what it can do for you and how it works.

What is microdosing?

The word ‘Microdosing’ says it all: taking a small dose of a medicine to get a little effect of the medicine every time. Not everyone dares to go on a deep inner journey right away.

Sometimes a gradual healing is more appropriate. Microdosing is also great to implement your plant medicine ceremonies and stay in heart connection.

Microdosing works well in stimulating creativity and joy for life. You can create purely from your heart, without distraction of your head/ego. This gets you into flow. Microdosing is perfect if you’re working on a creative product, making music, writing a book, or working on a business plan.

In the ancestral vision, a person who does not know joy in his daily life is ill because he has lost his memory, that is, the connection with his authentic being. And that does not allow him to recognize in the simplest way, how wonderful life is.

This usually brings blockages on invisible planes that manifest themselves in various ways on a day-to-day basis (physical conditions, financial difficulties, lack of motivation, isolation, insomnia, depression, phobias, stress, etc.).

Why microdosing?

Plant medicines can have major effects on the long term. You can use it to connect with your inner world and bring healing on the subconscious level. Soul Present is especially aimed at healing traumas and transform negative beliefs from your childhood.

Healing from your essence can offer lasting change. As I wrote: Not everyone is up for a deep, inner journey with plant medicines. That is why microdosing is a perfect solution.

‘Sometimes the little things in life turn out to be the big things’

Spirit Soul Present Drops or Capsules

Soul Present comes from the plant world in Peru. This medicine is centuries old and we have given it a modern twist for Microdosing Purpose.

Soul Present represents such qualities as: LOVE, RESPECT and TRUST. The spirit of this medicine represents both male and female energy. It gives you what you need: masculine or feminine qualities and create balance between your masculine and feminine energy.

Effect of the Soul Present Drops or Capsules

When you use Soul Present for a few days you will understand what we mean by doing inner work at night. There are multiple layers of reality and you are much more than your physical, human body.

Soul Presents let you do astral work on deep layers of your being. You will experience that you remember dreams and that there are profound messages hidden in them. You enter a learning traject in which reflection and healing of yourself are central.

Recommendation! Keep a dream book

Keep a dream book when you start microdosing Soul Present Drops or Capsules.

Benefits of Microdosing Soul Present

See Microdosing as ‘Your Daily Plant Support’ to (re)connect with your heart and soul.

  • Come closer to yourself
  • Inner peace
  • Heal physical & mental complaints
  • Balancing masculine & feminine energy
  • Better able to be present
  • More patience
  • Remove triggers
  • Healing of childhood traumas
  • Acceptance for what is
  • Less irritable
  • Less mood swings
  • More Creativity & Inspiration
  • Emotional stability
  • More focus
  • Let go of fears
  • Increase self-confidence
  • Healing from burnout
  • Reduce stress
  • Heal Depression
  • Fewer times in your head
  • You feel more cheerful
  • More zest for life
  • Being in your power
  • Changing mindset
  • Transforming Beliefs
  • Different/new prospective about your life
  • More in connection with your heart
  • Guidance of the plant spirits


The path to our self-realization, to fulfill the mission that each one has within the Universal Plan, is not easy, it requires effort, courage, honesty and integrity with oneself. The results may well be worth walking that path and more.

Soul Present by healing depression

These Soul Present help you to sleep better, which will benefit you during the day. Soul Present also helps to produce the happiness hormone (endorphins). Some people are deficient in the happiness hormone (endorphins). This medicine teaches your body to make endorphins again in a natural way over time.

So this is a very nice and healing effect. You can then slowly and gradually heal in a gentle, natural way. Soul Present can be used well when you want to heal depression, for example.

*Microdosing is not addictive or dangerous. The purpose of the Microdosing Soul presents is to restore the body and help it to independently produce the happiness hormone (endorphins).

Frequently asked questions about microdosing and soul present

This depends on what suits you. The drops are tincture which makes the strength softer. The drops may not seem to have much of an effect at first, but if you have a few on the go, you will definitely notice the effect. You can play with the amount of drops you take and you will not get a tripping effect from the drops.

The capsules are stronger. You can compare this with the Microdosing Truffles, only this has a different spirit. You could choose to experience the drops first and order the capsules later. Unless you prefer to experience a strong effect.

We recommend taking the Microdosing every other day:

  • Day 1: Yes
  • Day 2: No
  • Day 3: Yes
  • Day 4: No
  • And so forth

We recommend microdosing for at least 1 month to 3 months. It depends on how deep healing you need. If you are feeling bad or are depressed, it is advisable to opt for a 3-month program.

10ml = 170 drops = +/- 1 month

15ml = 255 drops = +/- 1.5 months

20 Capsules = +/- 15 days

40 Capsules = +/- 30 days – 1 month

60 Capsules = +/- 45 days – 1.5 months

Dosage options

Dosage Soul Present Drops

  • Start with 5 drops before going to sleep.
  • After a week you can increase this to 10 drops
  • Take maximum up to 20 drops
  • Connect with the spirit of the medicine before taking it through your awareness and concentration.
  • Feel free to take the drops in the morning.
  • Drip the medicine under your tongue.
  • The taste of the drops is not necessarily good. You can wash it down with water or take it with honey or a piece of fruit.

Dosage Soul Present Capsules

  • Start with 1 capsule before going to sleep or in the morning
  • After a week you can increase this to 2 capsules
  • After that you can gradually increase
  • Take a maximum of 4 capsules per day
  • Connect with the spirit of the medicine before taking it through your awareness and concentration.
  • Feel free to take the capsules in the morning
  • Take the capsules in with water

Price Soul Present Drops or Capsules

Below you can find the prices of the Soul Present Drops and Capsules.
We recommend microdosing for at least a period of 1 month to a period of 3 months.

About the delivery
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We can not guarantee the way the package will be delivered as we outsource this. The same applies to the delivery time, when the delivery takes place and whether you have to be present at home or have to sign for receipt. After your order you will receive a track & trace code. If you have not received this, please check your spam or junk email. We do not have a physical store where you can pick up our products.

Frequently asked Questions

10ml = 170 drops = +/- 1 month

15ml = 255 drops = +/- 1.5 months

20 Capsules = +/- 15 days

40 Capsules = +/- 30 days – 1 month

60 Capsules = +/- 45 days – 1.5 months

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