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Rapé (Officially written as Rapé and pronounced as “ha-peh”) is a plant medicine from the jungle made by the tribes from Brazil. Rapéh is a powder that looks like ash that is made from tobacco leaves and other trees from the jungle. This sacred tobacco is called Mapacho and carries the spirit of the Grandfather. This spirit brings protection, connection, removes blockages and healing.

Rapéh. What is it? Why use it?

What is the effect of Rapéh?

Rapéh is the perfect medicine to use to still your mind. In just one blow it helps you to go out of your head, into your heart and connects you with your soul.

Rapéh is very much about receiving and has always a positive effect. You can’t have a bad trip.

  • Heart opening
  • Brings you to there here & now
  • Peace to your mind
  • Relaxing
  • Detox for you mind
  • Remove blockages
  • Cleans your energy field
  • Protection
  • Helps to focus
  • Sharpens your mind
  • Very beneficial in an Ayahuasca Ceremony

Rapé from the Katukina Nokekoi tribe Brazil

Our Rapé comes from the Katukina Nokekoi tribe. They are less known that the Yawanawa Tribe and Huni Kuin as the Katukina Nokekoi tribe was the last to come into contact with ‘The Western World’.

Just like the Yawanawa Tribe and Huni Kuin, the Katukina Nokekoi tribe lives in Brazil. Sometimes you can find them under the name ‘Noke Koi’. This means ‘Queen of the forest’.

They are a traditional Tribe and claim to be the first to work with the Kambo. They received this through Mother Ayahuasca.

Their Rapé is strong and profound. The Rapé ensures that you immediately calm down in your head. In the beginning the Rapé may feel sharp for a while, but this will pass so that you enter a deep meditative state and can receive the spirit.

The Rapé helps you to relax, to become more relaxed and to get into a deeper connection with your heart, soul and wisdom.

Interview Pajé Sahí Noke Koi about Rapèh

Below you can see a video with Pajé Sahí Noke Koi about the medicines from the jungle: Kambo, Ayahuasca, Rapéh and their songs. This is where our Rapèh is from. Pajé says that by using Rapéh, you receive the strength of the forest.

In the interview they says that Rapéh brings joy, healing and wisdom. Humanity is lost without nature, without the forest. Rapéh gives you consciousness, awareness and awakening from who you are and what you are surrounded with.

How long does the effect last?

The effect last for about 5 – 10 minutes (Depending on the amount that you use). You can use it as a separate Ritual for yourself, together with a friend or you can use it before, during or after your Plant Medicine Ceremony. For example with Choco Bliss. It helps to relax the mind and to open up the portal to your heart. In this way the Rapéh brings protection in your energy field and it makes you more receptive to the plant medicine.

Rapéh for your prayer

As described earlier, Rapéh carries the spirit of the Grandfather Mapacho. The Grandfather Mapacho spirit is in connection with all plant spirits. This spirit has a memory in which everything is remembered and stored. Therefore, it is good to put in your prayers, wishes and intentions into the medicine when you use this medicine. For example, you can temporarily integrate the Rapéh ritual into your morning or evening ritual and make your prayers and intentions known to the Universe.

How to use it?

The Rapéh is a powder that is blown into your nose with an applicator. You do this yourself with the Kuripe (selfie) or together with someone. In that case you use a Tepi as the applicator. You don’t sniff the Rapéh. It has to be blown into your nose. Maybe this sounds unpleasant, but it’s worth it. The Rapéh ritual is a sacred moment with you and your spirit.

Before Ceremony

Many Shamans use Rapéh before you step into your plant medicine ceremony. It helps to give protection in your energy field and helpt to still your mind and open yourself for the plant medicine ceremony.

Champagne for your brain

Sometimes we call Rapeh: ‘Champaign for your brain’. The reason is that Rapeh can give a feeling as if bubbles in your brain. This can be a little painful in the first minute, because it is cleansing your pineal gland in order to open your third eye and to connect you with your soul. Just relax into it and it will disappear. After that, the medicine starts to work. Just relax and breath through your mouth. Later on this page, I’l explain how to the Rapeh.

When to use it?

You can use Rapéh at during Plant Medicine Ceremonies or as a separate ritual for every Day use.

During Ceremony

Since Rapéh opens up portals, it is a great tool to use during your plant medicine ceremony. Sometimes people come in a loop where they are stuck. Rapéh can help you to go out of a loop by opening a portal to go deeper inside yourself. It’s so heart opening and when you are in another plant medicine space, you will even feel the effect or receiving love more intensely. Those moments are my favourite.

Make your own Ritual or for Meditation Purpose

Rapéh is a great tool to use if you want to empty your mind, if you want to balance your energy, if you want to connect with your heart or if you want to ground yourself.

It’s great to do this with a friend or really as your own sacred Ritual before you meditate, when you want to empty your mind or before you go to sleep. It has a very loving, peaceful and relaxing effect.

Rapéh takes you immediately to a level of consciousness as if you have been meditating for hours. It’s great to use Rapéh as a meditation tool to still your mind and relax your body.

After Ceremony

Rapéh can also be used to ground yourself after your plant medicine ceremony and help you to come back on Earth. Use the Rapéh with grounding qualities.

How do you experience a dose of Rapéh?

You can use Rapéh in different ways:

  • Low dose
  • Medium dose
  • Very high dose

You can test yourself by starting with a low dose and raise the doses if you feel like it. Some Shamans use a big horn and blow a huge amount of Rapéh into your nose. It is possible that you receive such a tremendous amount of love from the medicine that your body can not contain it. This makes you vomit.

However this is not common. Most people use just a low dosis to empty their mind, connect with their spirit, receive love and relax their body. You can experiment with it yourself.


Names of our Rapéh

We have different kinds of Rapeh who are also especially made for House of Oneness. This makes them very unique. I asked the shaman to create Rapeh with different qualities and they made a selection of trees to create Rapeh with these qualities. The name will tell you what the quality of the medicine is.

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