Microdosing Self Love card deck

The Microdosing Self Love card deck is a tool that helps you increase the love for yourself during Microdosing or on a daily use. The card deck helps you reflect, gain insights and make choices from your heart. It encourages you to get out of your head and put your heart at the center of your life.

The Microdosing Self-Love card deck is a wonderful tool for reflection and support during your healing and transformation process to increase your Self-Love.

What is the Microdosing Self-Love Card Deck?

The Microdosing Self-Love Card Deck has been specially developed to support your Microdosing process. It is based on the lessons I have learned from Microdosing with the plant medicines. You can learn more about how this works in the video below. Do you prefer to read? Then scroll down and read the blog post.

How does this work?

The Microdosing Self-Love Card Deck is a tool that helps you go in-depth during your Microdosing process.

It’s very simple. You shuffle the cards with a question in mind. Then you take 1 card from the Microdosing Self-Love Card Deck. The message on the card helps you to reflect, grow and set an intention for your Microdosing Day.

Why use the Self Love Card Deck?

The Microdosing Self Love Card Deck helps you to love yourself more. In the video below I share more about how to use the Self Love Card Deck.

Testimonials Card Deck

I am so happy with the card deck! Almost every morning I pick up a card and this is often exactly what I am allowed to hear or need. And sometimes it doesn’t arrive until a few hours or days later. I am really very happy with it! Thank you!

This deck of cards is magical. I met Maria and she offered me a card reading. I did not share my question with Maria, but the answer I received through the cards was so fitting that I was shocked! Mary, thank you! ~ Wayan

Guidance on the dat of your Microdosing to give yourself direction in the intention. Especially magical when you choose a card with an intention you receive the right answer.​

I am very thankful for Microdosing Self Love card deck. Nine times out of ten you get exactly the message that suits you. In fact, it always works for me. That’s why I really enjoy using the deck when I need strength or when I have questions. Definitely recommend using it!

How do the cards help?

The Microdosing Self Love Card Deck is the bridge between your Inner World and your Outer World during your Microdosing Process. Feel free to use the Microdosing Self Love Card Deck also outside of Microdosing process.

How do you use the Microdosing Self-Love Card Deck?

Ik begin even met een stukje theorie. Alles in deze realiteit is energie en heeft een bewustzijn. Dit energieveld waarin we leven noemt men in de wetenschap ‘Het Quantum veld’. Misschien ken je het? Als jij aan iemand denkt, denkt de ander ook aan jou. In de onderstaande video leg ik het verder uit. Of scrol verder en lees de blog.

How does the Challenge work?

You can charge consciousness with intentions and the Quantum Field will respond to your intentions. It is like an interaction.

When you are using the Microdosing Self-Love Card Deck, you are putting out a question with your intention. So you put your intention into the field of  consciousness.

You will see that the Quantum Field/Universe reflects which message fits the intent of your question through the cards. You can see this as if you have interaction with life.

Get answers

Do you have a question, dilemma or challenge in your life? The Microdosing Self-Love Card Deck can help you get a message or find answers to your questions.

Step by Step explanation

Below the step-by-step plan of how to use the Microdosing Self-Love Card Deck:

#1 Knocking on card deck (clearing energy)

#2 Have a question in mind

#3 Shuffle the cards

#4 Put your heart energy into the cards and your question

#5 Ground yourself (you can close your eyes for better concentration)

#6 Pick your card

#7 Read the card

Online Cards Reading for you

What is the message of your day? Take a question in mind and I will shuffle the cards for you to give a message through the cards. Now you can get an experience on how this works. Let me know in the comments if this message helps you!

’Your vision will become clear only when you can look into. … Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakens’
– Carl Jung

Take it with you

What’s great about the Microdosing Self Love Card Deck is that it’s easy, fast, and it instantly brings depth to your day or conversations with the people around you. It’s nice to always have it with you in your handbag and use it spontaneously with people around you ;-)

Nice as a present

The Self Love Card Deck is an ideal present if you want to help who is on a soul search, who is looking for answers or could use more self-love. The person you give this card deck will be grateful to you daily for this fine tool to grow personally.

Do you want to use the card deck yourself?

The Microdosing Self Love Card Deck is a super fun tool that is also helpful. Does this appeal to you and do you want to use the card deck yourself to love yourself more? Then order the Microdosing Self Love Card Deck on this page.

Order your Card Deck

The Microdosing Self Love Card Deck is a super fun tool and it is also helpful. Do you feel like you want to use the Microdosing Self Love Card Deck yourself in order to increase your Self-Love? Order your Microdosing Self-Love Card Deck here:

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