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Implementation Coach

Preparation & aftercare

A Choco Bliss, Ayahuasca or ceremony with another plant medicine can be exciting, intense and raise questions. 

A plant medicine ceremonies is intended to initiate a healing and transformation process. A ceremony can provide many answers, but also raise new questions at the same time. 

An Implementation Coach can help you before and after your trip during your process.

About Implementation Coaching

Do you recognize this?

Do you find it exciting to start with Microdosing? Microdosing raises questions and at the same time you are super curious and you feel that you would prefer to start tomorrow.

  • You find it exciting to embark on your inner journey with Choco Bliss, Ayahuasca or with another plant medicine.
  • Your ceremony raises many questions.
  • Your ceremony has left a deep impression and you don’t know how to deal with it.
  • You don’t know how to interpret the insights of the ceremonies.
  • You have had a rough journey and you need aftercare.
  • You want a coach who understands your experience with plant medicines.
  • You need help implementing your inner journey.
  • You want to come to peace with your past.
  • You have had a disappointing experience and you need a coach who can help you clarify your (disappointing) journey.
  • You want to interpret and integrate the insights from your journey.
  • You are looking for a coach who is standing next to you to continue.
  • You are looking for an experienced expert in plant medicines.
  • You want to get the best out of your trip and yourself.

Before you enter the Choco Bliss ceremony

A ceremony with Choco Bliss, Ayahuasca another plant medicine can be completely new and make you afraid of the unknown.

How do you prepare? What is important before, during and after your ceremony? How can I connect with the spirit of Choco Bliss/Mother Ayahuasca?

What will the plant medicine do? Am I going to trip, am I losing control, can I just think and function or am I in a completely different world? And how do I surrender to the plant medicine?

You can have so many questions before you step into your inner journey and certainly after your journey. That’s where the real work begins.

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

After your Choco Bliss ceremony

Your inner journey can be mindblowing and you don’t always know how to implement the insights. What does everything I have seen and experienced during my journey mean and how do I translate this into my daily life.

You may be disappointed, it is not what you expected and without the coach you cannot manage to learn lessons from your experience. After all, the plant medicine always gives you what you need.

Floor stroke

Your Implementation Coach can help you through these uncertainties so that you feel comfortable stepping into your inner journey with Choco Bliss or another plant medicine. Your coach can guide you before and after your process and deepen your knowledge after your journey.

Microdosing Coach

This is how it works. With 1-on-1 coaching you have direct access to a Microdosing expert who will help you through the challenge. Plant Medicine is a great tool for connecting with yourself on a deeper level.

Microdosing can open your heart and activate processes. How wonderful is it to have a coach next to you who understands the way of Plant Medicine?

A coach can help you read the messages Plant Medicines are giving you and help you work through the healing and transformation process.

Let’s dig a little deeper into this…

Your inner journey with Choco Bliss, Ayahuasca or any other plant medicine is like having surgery on your system.

Think of it as having an operating system based on past experiences, trauma, family lines, karma, and past lives.

The plant medicine is like a virus scanner and throws out of your system what no longer serves you and what you are allowed to let go of at this time.

Seeds are then planted for the future and a new operating system is installed with plant medicine, as it were.

After your journey, it is up to you to implement the new operating system.

Practically speaking, for example, you may notice that your triggers are diminishing or even completely removed.

Before your ceremony you would react stressed to a situation and after your ceremony you can stay calm. This is due to the inner operation.

After your journey you are on a journey of discovery to the ‘new you’. If you know the story of me (Maria Johanna) you know that after her first Ayahuasca trip she changed everything in her life: work, living, relationships and even adopted her baptismal names.

A Choco Bliss or Ayahuasca trip is not so life-changing for everyone, but it does happen often.

Especially if you have had a unity experience. You can compare this to a near-death experience. During a oneness experience you have a total spiritual awakening and you experience who you really are. You are omniscient, connected to the all and remembering the secret of existence.

After such a spiritual awakening, everything in your life usually changes. This can really turn your life upside down. That is why it is nice to have a coach next to you who understands your process.

Death, miscarriage, abortion, rebirth

This is just an example. Other themes that often occur during a Choco Bliss or Ayahuasca trip are: Death, miscarriages, abortion, rebirth. This can come in so intense that you don’t know how to deal with it. For example, you see your own death or that of a family member. You can take this literally, but sometimes it is symbolic to give you the message to live life to the fullest.

Implementing inner work

The Choco Bliss or Ayahuasca ceremony can be seen as the training where you do inner work. By doing your inner work, you may notice afterwards that ‘the old’ no longer suits you. Letting go is often more difficult than starting something new.

Letting go is often more difficult than starting something new.

About our coach


My name is Judith and I have been working as a coach and guide for over 5 years. Plant medicines have brought me a lot. Both Choco Bliss ceremonies and Microdosing.

I can also say that they have helped me a lot on finding and living my soul purpose. That’s why I’m very passionate about it.

For me plant medicines are not the only tool. To implement your Choco Bliss ceremony I use many tools from NLP and breath work.

I definitely experience breath work as a very powerful tool to get out of your head and connect with your feelings. In addition, I have various NLP training courses that I apply. You can read some of the experiences of people who have worked with me on this page.

It is my goal and mission to bring people back to their core. By heart and in touch with the feeling and deeper knowing.

I guide you in letting go of programming and stories that are no longer yours.

I help you to restore the deep connection with yourself, so that you can (re)discover who you are from that connection with yourself.

And from there create and walk your own unique path. I help you to be yourself in confidence, with self-esteem to live with passion and pleasure.

Testimonials with Judith

My question to Judith was simple, but also not simple: ‘I want to get in touch with my feelings.’ It was a question that had for a long time and that Judith helped me.

Judith coached me to go to a deeper layer of myself together with her and we succeeded. The connection with myself, my feelings and my true self have been restored.

Judith has taken me more out of my head and brought me to my heart. I can’t put into words what it does for me, but it has set a lot in motion for me.

Judith is a very special person to work with; a mirror, someone who can take you to the next level and who has brought me something priceless: She brought me back to myself, back to my heart. And that answers exactly the question I had.

Judith is a great help by guiding you through your process. You need to be open and she knows how to guide you at the exact right time. Judith gives support and understands the process of letting go and how to help you go through it.

During this process Judith used breath work. I found the breath work session with Judith magical. From the first moment there was an oasis of peace around Judith. After we got acquainted and talked about my needs and desires, I was allowed to go on my journey. A journey of tears, sadness and at the same time filled with love and trust.

Judith, thank you for guiding me, for supporting me during my process and especially thank you for everything that is to come. Because of this guidance I came back to my core and reconnected with my feelings. This is the first step and the rest will follow automatically and this is already happening. For anyone who doubts to work with Judith, let yourself be amazed, surprised and taken along. Judith feels like no other, what you need in the moment.

Dear Judith,

I would like to thank you again for the incredibly beautiful and special session together. I still can’t get over how special it was to connect with myself and with the world around me.

In the final minutes I was filled with tears out of happiness. And after the session, I got the insight why I had to be with you. Thanks to your energy, I felt so safe from the moment I arrived that all this was allowed to happen. It felt like coming home.

I am very grateful for all this.

Already for some time I have been doing inner work and self-development. But working with Judith is truly unique. Is has brought me so much! From reducing and removing blockages, to insights, awareness and I notice and feel in everything that it has set things in motion.

If you notice that you want to continue in personal development and growth or have traumas and/or many unprocessed emotions/events, I definitely recommend working with Judith.

I have a lot of trouble with relaxation and in order to surrender, but the ease I had with her, the relaxation, the energy and simply the whole ambiance she brings. I can only say: ‘It was amazing!’

Also the care and follow-up afterwards, can only give my compliments. She helped me a lot. I will definitely come back! It was a unique experience and incredibly valuable!

Gentle and powerful, that’s how I experienced the breath work session with Judith. She makes it safe and carries you through the process. It is magical to be able to work with your own energy and to sink through different layers.

I am so thankful that Judith came on my path. I feel very safe and enjoy working with her. I can surrender very easily with Judith and be completely myself. I come back to myself and my own power. Never thought it would bring me so much.

Somehow I always had questions that were locked up deep inside me. Under the guidance of Judith I was able to let go and take in new things. Bye blind spot, bye blockages, stepping into the new me where I recognize myself and see that there is so much more in me.

Through the breath work session with Judith, things came to the light that have been in my blind spot. It has brought me so much clarity and insights.

In this session, the blind spot has manifested itself by simply breathing and reconnecting with all that is within me. Thank you Judith for your gentle guidance.

In the six-week coaching I learned to listen more to my body, discovered how breathing gives me peace and direction, in a calm and pleasant way.  Just go experience without judging what is right or wrong. Judith is guiding and coaching you in a loving and powerful way. With her knowledge, calmness and energy she brings you closer to yourself! Grateful for this.

You don’t have to do it alone

How nice is it to have a coach next to you during your healing and transformation process who can assist you so that you do not have the feeling that you have to do everything alone?

This is exactly what an implementation coach can do for you…

  • Implementing your ceremony
  • Remove fears and insecurities before embarking on your Choco Bliss or Ayahuasca journey.
  • Help translate messages from Choco Bliss / Ayahuasca to your earthly life
  • Support in processing your inner journey
  • Listening ear from someone who understands you and can see beyond your story.
  • Identifying your inner journey
  • Helps to stay connected with the drug
  • Supports you in discovering your Soul mission.
  • Helps you see and work on your blind spots
  • Helps to heal trauma and turn it into peace & harmony
  • Help with how you can continue to live in connection with your heart
  • Support on how to come to peace with your past
  • Helps you remove blocks that are holding you back from living fully
  • Helps you see and move through your patterns
  • Help discover a more fulfilling & meaningful life

Implementation Coach

An Implementation can be a great tool to get in touch with yourself on a deeper level. Herbal medicine, whether it’s microdosing or a deep inner journey, can open your heart and activate processes. How wonderful is it to have a coach next to you who understands the way of plant medicine? A Microdosing & Implementation can help you read the messages Herbal Medicine gives and help you work through the healing and transformation process.

Your Implementation Coach is by your side during your healing & transformation process with Microdosing.

How does it work?

This is what an Implementation Coach can bring

  1. Get out of your head, live from your heart
  2. Clarity
  3. Healing and Transformation
  4. Find your destiny and inner peace
  5. Acceptance and more self-esteem
  6. Balance & Balance

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