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Blogs & Vlogs

There is so much to tell about Plant Medicines. That is why we write Blog Posts, we make YouTube video’s and Online Training Programs. Maria Johanna is daily active on Instagram and we have started a Podcast. On this page you can find all this information in Blog Posts and Videos. Take the time to educate yourself in The World of Plant Medicines. Enjoy!

* Do you have questions and / or suggestions for our Blog, Vlogs or Podcasts? Tell us via the form at the bottom of the page.

Check out our youtube playlists for more

Chocobliss playlist

Microdosing playlist

Podcast playlist

Questions and or suggestions

Do you want to learn more about Plant Medicines? What can this do? Which spirits do they have? How can you use this? What does it help with? I like to share my knowledge and experiences. Leave your name & e-mail address and I will take you on a journey into the world of Plant Medicines.

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