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15 reasons why you should book a guided Choco Bliss ceremony?

November 3, 2021

15 reasons why you should book a guided Choco Bliss ceremony?

You may have heard stories about Choco Bliss? This is a plant medicine that helps you to go on an inner journey. During this inner journey you will be guided by the spirit of the plants.

If you have no experience with plant medicine yet, this may seem strange. In reality we are so much more than a human being. We are a spirit having a human experience. During a Choco Bliss Ceremony you expand your consciousness. Here you connect with the plant spirits with infinite knowledge and wisdom that helps you to heal and come closer to yourself.

You can do a Choco Bliss ceremony yourself at home. That’s great, but we recommend booking a guided Choco Bliss. In this blog you can read 14 reasons to book a guided Choco Bliss Ceremony.

1.First experience with plant medicine

Especially if it is your first experience with plant medicines, we recommend that you do it under supervision for the first time. An experience with Choco Bliss goes beyond words and can sometimes be quite intense. Anything can come to the server in order to heal, reflect or to learn from. Choco Bliss is often a wonderful experience, but it can also be confronting and challenging at times.

2.The right setting

When you do Choco Bliss or any other plant medicine, the setting is extremely important. By booking a guided ceremony, you know you’re in the right setting.

3.All focus on you and your process

Sometimes when people do a ceremony at home, they are busy with each other and start talking. While the Choco Bliss is actually meant to go inside. It can be tedious and confusing to your process if you don’t focus on yourself.

4.Professional Guidance

Our team of supervisors is really there for you. You receive a lot of support and love from the during your Choco Bliss Experience. They all have a lot of experience with inner journeys themselves, so that they can give the right guidance. Presence of them makes a huge difference.

5. Feel safe

Because you are in the hands of a professional team, you feel safe. This is essential for your inner journey. When you feel safe, you can completely surrender to the medicine. This is where you want to be. A place where you feel safe and supported to start your process.


See the Choco Bliss ceremony as a mini-retreat to yourself. You will be fully taken care of during the ceremony. You only need to bring your lodging stuff.

7.If therapy does not help enough

Sometimes talking to a therapist is not enough to achieve healing. Plant medicines go a layer deeper. They help you to raise your consciousness and take you to a higher dimension. You enter a field of infinite wisdom and consciousness. This can create a completely different perspective on trauma, your past, loss, resentment and/or other emotions and events in your life.

8.Inner Healing

Plant medicines give healing from within, which changes your outer world. This can be very powerful. Something you understand after you experience it.

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

9.Looking for answers

All the answers are within you. It’s so cliche and so true. You can look for answers outside of yourself, but you are not going to find them. Plant medicines help you to be super intimate with yourself. You get an extra sense when you are in the medicine that allows you to know answers. That is a very nice feeling and has self-confidence.

All the answers your are searching for are within.

10.Healing insecurities & fears

Life can give you insecurities and fears. Especially in the times we live in now. And where do you find support? Plant Medicines help you remember that all power is within you. Also the insecurities and fears. By turning inwards with Choco Bliss, uncertainties & fears can be healed. It will maybe not be immediately after the ceremony. It takes time to integrate, but it can do a lot.

11.Working with intention

You can work with an intention during a ceremony. For example: “I want to let go of my fears.” or “I want to know why I am here? or “Who am I?”. The plant medicines have a consciousness and can pick up these intentions. You can communicate with the spirits. You do not always see immediately after the Choco Bliss ceremony whether your intention has been answered. It takes some time, but then you will often see that a Choco Bliss ceremony does indeed give you exactly what you need.

12.It gives you what you need

You could already read it in the previous paragraph, Choco Bliss will give you exactly what you need. The spirits have an incredible intelligence. Trust that you will get what you need. We will help you with this during the guided ceremony.

13. Get closer to yourself

The most common reason people book a Choco Bliss Ceremony is to get close to themselves. Choco Bliss can help you open up your heart, connect with your soul so that you can come very close to yourself.

14. Learn from each other

You might feel scared to join a group session. If you do, you can also book a private or a duo or friend Choco Bliss Ceremony. We love guided groups ceremonies, because you can learn so much from each other and experience support from each other. It is also possible to book a private Choco Bliss ceremony, so you can be in your own energy.

15. Takes away insecurities

Sometimes when people do a ceremony at home, uncertainties arise. For example: What is the correct dose? Should I open my eyes or close my eyes? (It is an inner journey, so we advise you to close your eyes) People sometimes start to analyze their journey or start a conversation with each other. This is a pitty, because you don’t want to have any destraction. You want to be undisturbed and have full focus on your inner journey. This is what we want to provide during our guided Choco Bliss ceremonies.

Guided Choco Bliss Ceremony

A Choco Bliss ceremony makes it possible to make a deep inner journey that can support you enormously in your life. It helps you with insights, awakening, healing of the past or pain in the present and brings you closer to yourself. Do you want to know more about guided Choco Bliss ceremonies? Read more on our page about Guided Choco Bliss Ceremonies.

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