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House of oneness
Maria Johanna

House of Oneness is an initiative of Maria Johanna. The basic idea is ‘If we all remember what all is one and we all come from the same source, we would live in a different world.’

When we would remember that we are all one, we would live in a different World.

The beginning

In my own words

In 2013 I entered the path of Plant Medicine. This has turned my life upside down. In particular the unity experience and the spiritual awakening.

In my own words, “After such a oneness experience, you will never walk across the earth the same again.” At the time, I also often said, “I fell into my heart.”

Tijdens het opgroeien op deze aardbol vergeten we wie zijn en verliezen we de verbinding met onze ziel. One person more than another.

As humanity we have created a world in which we are often occupied with the outside world. A good job, relationship, children, hard work, nice house, nice car and things like that.

If you have come to this page, it means that you are looking for a deeper layer of life and yourself.

My way

A piece of the past

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