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At the moment we no longer organise Ayahuasca Ceremonies in the Netherlands. Since October 2019, the regulations surrounding Ayahuasca have changed.

We do organise Choco Bliss Ceremonies and we focus on Microdosing. Maybe Choco Bliss is interesting for you?

Ayahuasca Chocolates

Choco Bliss carries the spirit of Mother Ayahuasca, but is more gentle. This is because Choco Bliss does not contain DMT. This is the substance that is not allowed by law at the moment.

Simply said, you could say that Choco Bliss are ‘Ayahuasca Chocolates’. It is a special alchemy of plants including Banisteriopsis Caapi (This plant contains the Ayahuasca spirit), Cacao and Psilocybin. These are made especially for us to share in a ceremonial way for the people who feel called.

We offer Choco Bliss in different forms.

1.Begeleide Choco Bliss Ceremonies

2.Choco Bliss Thuis Ceremonies

Vind je het nog spannend om een innerlijke reis met plant medicijnen aan te gaan en vind je het prettiger om te kiezen voor een mildere vorm van plant medicijnen? Dan is het wellicht interessant om meer te leren over Microdosing?

Read more about microdosing

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