Cacao VIP package

Cacao VIP Package

We have put together a beautiful Cacao VIP Package to give you a complete experience with the Mother spirits. With this you open your heart, you receive inner peace, you come closer to yourself, you experience balance and clarity to live your truth.

The Cacao VIP Package consists of 7 elements, namely: Ceremonial Cacao, Microdosing Mama Cacao, Panela, Natural scented candle, White sage a special cup for your Cacao.

With a lot of love, care and healing intentions we have put together this special Cacao VIP Package.

What is The Cacao VIP Package?

We have developed this special Cacao VIP Package around Cacao & Caapi Banisteriopsis for people who feel they want to grow their self-love and who want to work on self-worth.

The spirit of Caapi Banisteriopsis & Cacao helps you to open your heart, come closer to yourself and live your truth. Because you will feel more clearly, you will come to insight, reflection and you will take your actions and decisions accordingly.

The products are honest and of high quality that you deserve. The products help you to soften, slow down and get in touch with yourself more deeply. The Cacao VIP Package consists of 7 elements. Below you will find a short explanation. If you scroll further down, we’ll give you a detailed explanation.

Cacao VIP Package

What do you receive in the Cacao VIP Package?

  • 1.Microdosing Mama Cacao (Ayahuasca & Cacao) *2 months

    Mama Cacao is a wonderful product for Microdosing when you want to heal, strengthen feminine qualities, grow spiritually and open your heart more. Mama Cacao consists of two plant medicines, namely: Caapi Banisteriopsis (Ayahuasca spirit) and Ceremonial Cacao. Scroll further down for more information.

  • 2.Ceremonial Cocao

    Start your day with your own Ceremonial Cacao for a moment of indulgence to soothe (calming & relax) and be in touch with your heart. Cacao offers several benefits for your mental and physical health. Scroll further down for more information.

  • 3.Panela

    You can use Panela as a natural sweetener for your Cacao. Panela is an unrefined, nutritious raw cane juice product. A 100% natural and raw sweetener. Panela carries micronutrients that are essential to maintain vital. They are present in minerals and vitamins such as vitamin A, B, C, D and E. The first is necessary for good vision and to strengthen the immune system.

  • 4.Cup for your Cacao

    We have selected a beautiful earthenware cup to make your experience with the Ceremonial Cacao an extra loving, pure and complete experience.

  • 5.Small Spoon for your Cacao or Microdosing

    In the Cacao VIP Package you will find a small spoon. You can use this to stir the Panela through your Cacao.

  • 6.Natural scented candle

    The natural scented candle consists of Coconut butter & Soya. Bring a little light into your life with this coconut butter and soy wax scented candle. *The candle can burn for 20 hours. Life is about creating magical moments yourself.

  • 7.White Sage *Special edition

    White sage is a strong cleaner for your home and your own energy field. Although we have limited perception as human beings, there is so much more than we can perceive with the naked eye. Provide a pure energy in your house and mind, soul and energy field by using this special Sage.

1.Microdosing Mama Cacao *2 Months

Mama Cacao is a wonderful product for Microdosing if you want to get in touch with your heart more and increase then love for yourself. Mama Cacao consists of two plant medicines, namely: Caapi Banisteriopsis (contains the Ayahuasca spirits) and Ceremonial Cacao.

Microdosing means taking a small amount of a plant medicine for a period of time following a schedule. The intention of Microdosing is that you do not trip, but that you experience the benefits of the qualities of the plant in the gentle way. This is a delicate process that you engage in with yourself for healing, growth and transformation.

2.Ceremonial Cacao

Ceremonial Cacao is a medicine known for being soft, feminine and loving and stimulates the heart to open, strengthens the sense of connection with yourself and the people around you. Due to certain active ingredients that help to release “feel good emotions“, Cacao powder is seen as the ultimate heart opener.

Because it evokes feelings of emotional intimacy and pleasure, it has traditionally been considered a “luxury delicacy” and “aphrodisiac” (lust on weekends). Since Cacao has the ability to connect you with your heart chakra, it contributes to any transformation you set your intention on. For example, your intention could be:

  • Seeing through and letting go of old patterns and traumas
  • Coming to a deeper understanding of yourself and your life path
  • Make discoveries about your soul mission
  • Learn to love yourself more
  • Or other themes you want to work with

The tribes say that Cacao can lift the veil of the visible world, giving you access to the world of the unseen and subconscious to get started with.

Ceremonial Cacao Testimonials

The Ceremonial Cacao from House of Oneness is really a present! I am crazy about ceremonies and creating magic moments for myself. Ceremonial Cacao really has my interest. I’ve tried so many and each time, I wasn’t fully satisfied.

Than I got this Ceremonial Cacao for my Birthday (great present to give b.t.w.). I felt in love with this Ceremonial Cacao! I even asked ‘Is there no sugar added?’ because the taste is so good! The combination of the herbs and Cacao and this creamy form of Cacao is perfect for me! It works and it’s healthy. Highly recommend trying for yourself.

The Cacao from House of Oneness is by far my favourite. It is light, luxurious & lush and beams me instant to cloud9. Love, Judy Sky

3.Panela as a natural sweetener for your Cacao

You can use Panela to give your Cacao just a little bit of a sweet taste. Panela is an unrefined, nutritious raw cane juice product. A 100% natural and raw sweetener. The sugar cane juice (Saccharum officinarum L.) is boiled over low heat and dehydrated through an artisanal process while preserving the essential components of sugar cane, including trace elements, vitamins, amino acids, proteins and antioxidants.

Allowing Panela to retain all of the natural benefits of sugarcane such as calcium, chloride, potassium, phosphorus, sodium, magnesium, iron, manganese, copper, zinc, chromium, cobalt, Vitamins A, Beta Carotene, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, Pantothenic acid and Vitamin C.

Panela and Panela syrup are valued for both their nutritional and medicinal benefits and are considered by many to be a healthy alternative to refined sugar and artificial sweeteners. Due to the natural presence of the sweet molasses, panela has a warm and sweet caramel-like taste. It is a unique food product full of flavors and aromas.

4.Cup for your Cacao

Especially for this loving Cacao VIP Package we have selected a beautiful earthenware cup to make your experience with the Ceremonial Cacao an extra loving experience.

5.Small Spoon for your Cacao or Microdosing

In the Cacao VIP Package you will find a small spoon. You can use this to stir the Panela through your Cacao.

6.Natural scented candle Coconut butter & Soya for the atmosphere

Light up your path to inner harmony with this luxurious scented candle with coconut butter and soy wax. The unique hand-beaten copper-plated candle jars are crafted with care and perfection by a traditional metalsmith. The candle can burn for 20 hours.

7.White sage *Special edition

White Sage (Salvia Apiana) is native to California and has been used for centuries by Native Americans as an incense used in purification ceremonies and prayers. White Sage is therefore called Indian frankincense.

White sage is a strong cleanser. It opens the heart energy. Sage is used in Native American ceremonies because of its purifying power in cleansing the aura and environment. It removes heavy energies.

Burning sage are also provided, mind and soul clean. Open a window when staining indoors so that the energy can flow away. Sage stimulates visions and dreams. The leaves of the white sage are known for their unique fragrance. Some people love the smell, other don’t. Eighter way, Sage can bring great benefits.



    Microdosing Mama Cacao *1 month

  • Ceremonial Cacao NL 200 grams + Cup


Frequently asked Questions Cacao VIP Package

Below you will find the most frequently asked questions. In the first column you will mainly find questions & answers about Mama Cacao. In the second column you will mainly find questions & answers about Cacao.

Please note: House of Oneness does not hold itself responsible for the information in this Q&A, we only give advice from our own experience and that of experts. If you are on medication or suffering from serious mental health issues, we always recommend consulting a doctor first.

If you have any questions, feel welcome to ask your personal question through our contact form.

Mama Cacao

Until we sold all of our packages. We have 100 available in total.

No, not with all medications. Mama Cacao contains an MAO inhibitor. This is a natural antidepressant. Do not combine Mama Cacao with antidepressants, antipsychotics and not with sleeping medications.

Ask your doctor or pharmacist: Can I combine my medication with a natural MAO inhibitor?

One bottle Mama Cacao is enough for 1 month of Microdosing.

There is not necessarily a right or wrong. You can take it every other day or every 2 days. After you have placed your order, you will receive the instructions for ‘How to use Mama Cacao?’.

1 to 3 months. Take a break of 2 weeks and you can go  on again.

It does not spoil, but we recommend to use it within 1 year. Store in a dry place, sealed and at room temperature, unless otherwise advised on the label. *Consult an expert before using supplements in case of pregnancy, lactation, medication and illness.

You can keep Mama Cacao outside the refrigerator for 1 year. Store in a dry place, sealed and at room temperature, unless otherwise advised on the label. Consult an expert before using supplements in case of pregnancy, lactation, medication and illness.

Yes, you can take it before bed. Mama Cacao should give more rest to your Neuro-Mode system. Simply put: Microdosing Mama Cacao helpt your brain to get more rest. Advantages are: more inner peace, problem-solving thinking, less triggers, creativity, getting closer to yourself. These are gradual effects you experience. It is also possible that you will dream more at night by Microdosing Mama Cacao.

There is not always a best moment. It is nice for yourself to choose a fixed moment and rhythm. You can take it in the morning (before breakfast for example) or at night before going to sleep.

Mama Cacao does not contain any psyche-active substance. This means that you cannot trip from it. We recommend taking it before breakfast.

No. You’re not going to trip from Mama Cacao. Mama Cacao does not contain psychoactive substance.

No, it is intended for Microdosing.

Ingredients: Dried organic cacao, ethyl alcohol, distilled water, purified plant body. Packaged in a 50ml clear bottle with glass dropper. Alcohol content 30%. Alcohol is often used in a tincture as a conductor so that it is quickly absorbed by your body and can do its work.

5-10 drops under the tongue, or in any suitable liquid, twice daily, although this may vary according to the individual and his / her condition. A slight clouding / settling does not affect the quality. Shake before use.

This product is a nutritional supplement. Do not exceed recommended dosage.

A varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important. A nutritional supplement is no substitute for a varied diet.

Keep out of reach of young children. Store in a dry place, sealed and at room temperature, unless otherwise advised on the label. Consult an expert before using supplements in case of pregnancy, lactation, medication and illness.

Don’t combine Mama Cacao (with a high dose) of:

  • Sleeping pills
  • Anesthetics
  • Migraine medications
  • Allergy medications
  • Cold remedies
  • Cocaine
  • Amphetamine (speed)
  • MDMA (XTC)
  • Mescaline cacti (peyote and San Pedro)
  • Alcohol
  • Ephedra/ephedrine (e.g., products such as Ephedra Super caps, Super stacker, Ultra Boost)
  • Pseudoephedrine
  • Macromerine
  • Phentermine

The Microdosing is a small dose of the MAO-Inhibitor. It’s a small one, but you may experience feeling nauseous of getting a slight headache with the following substances:

  • Dairy products (milk, yogurt, (sour) cream)
  • All cheeses (with the exception of: cottage cheese, cream cheese)
  • Dry and fermented sausages (bologna, salami, pepperoni, corned beef, and liver)
  • Non-fresh meat, fish and eggs
  • Sour herring and dried salt fish
  • Meat extracts
  • Yeast extracts/brewed yeast (Marmite)
  • Sauerkraut
  • Fruits (bananas, avocados, figs, raisins, red plums, pineapple, raspberries)
  • Nuts (peanuts)
  • Fava beans and pods (lima, fava beans, lentils, snow peas, and soybeans)
  • Soy sauce
  • LSA (morning glory and baby hawaiian woodrose seeds)
  • MDA related herbs (nutmeg, calamus)
  • Caffeine (coffee, tea, cola, guarana, energy drinks) *1 p/day of choose decaf coffee
  • Ginseng
  • St John’s wort
  • Nasal sprays (Vicks Sinex, Prevalin, or Otrivin)
  • other MAO inhibitors

It is good to manage expectations before you start with Microdosing Mama Cacao. Microdosing is about experiencing a gradual healing over a certain period of time.

Mama Cacao does not contain an active psychoactive substance. So you will not trip and it has been specially developed for Microdosing purpose to achieve a gradual healing. Caapi Banisteriopsis is a natural MAO inhibitor. This is also seen as a natural antidepressant.

In the jungle of Brazil I learned that they give a teaspoon of Ayahuasca daily to people with (severe) depression. NB! You cannot combine Mama Cacao with medication such as antidepressants or antipsychotics. If you use medication, always ask your doctor for advice whether this is combined with a natural MAO inhibitor.

• It contributes to better sleep quality, being more aware of your dreams and waking up well-rested.
• It helps you stay connected with the ‘plant spirit of Mother Ayahuasca’ and the consciousness of the plant (for some in relation to an Ayahuasca journey or after your Choco Bliss journey).
• Supportive to implement your ceremony with Ayahuasca or Choco Bliss.
• It helps to strengthen your spiritual awareness.
• To balance or experience stronger emotions.
• For the energetic and physical cleansing effect, in combination with a purifying diet.
• A healing and awareness process starts in your daily consciousness and also during your sleep.
• Connecting more deeply with yourself.
• Get out of your head and into your heart.
• Feeling connected with nature and getting in touch with your true nature.

Ceremonial Cacao

That depends on how strong you drink the Cacao. In total you have 90 grams.

You can drink the Cacao in different strengths. You can read the method of preparation on the instruction card that you (physically) receive with your package. You can choose between 4 different strengths:

  1. Gentle 10-15 g
  2. Funky 15-25 g
  3. Seriously 25-35 g
  4. Ceremonial ‘All the way” 35-50 g

If you want to do a Ceremony, you can do it with 2 people or 2 ceremonies for yourself. What you can also do is: take gentle daily Ceremonial cacao and in the meantime you are Microdosing Mama Cacao. That’s the goal of our Mother’s Day package. Warm up your heart by drinking Cacao and amplify this with Microdosing Mama Cacao and the other elements out of this package

You can use Ceremonial Cacao as a super food for health benefits or for healing and spiritual benefits.

Health benefits are: Improves Cognitive Function, boosting your immune system, it supports the cardiovascular system (hart- en vaatziekten,  protection against chronic diseases, supporting the gut, it can boosts your mood, improves the quality of your sleep, enhances performance, protecting your skin and teeth, slows down aging 

Healing & Spiritual benefits are: Ceremonial Cacao helps to open your heart, connect with yourself and other on a deeper level. Ceremonial Cacao is good for meditation, opening up your emotions, doing inner work and healing. We recommend to set your intention while using the Ceremonial Cacao.

Our Ceremonial Cacao look beautiful (see pictures) and unique. Since Ceremonial Cacao is a medicine, the quality is important. Our Cacao is hand picked by a tribe in Colombia. We use the Criollo bean, which is the highest quality bean for Ceremonial Cacao. Below some point what makes our Ceremonial Cacao unique.

  • The delicious taste ????
  • Produced in collaboration with a Shaman from Colombia and his wive
  • Home made from bean to bar
  • The Cacao beans come from the Criollo bean from Colombia
  • Organic certified; Completely pure, no toxins.
  • Very few Cacao brands are organic. It is so unique since it’s a very intensive and challenging process.
  • We know the source of our Cacao, so it is not just picked together, but specially selected of the highest quality.
  • The quality control as described above
  • Single origin cocoa from Colombia (1 source, 1 region)
  • Made with heartwarming spices
  • Unique composition

Yes, that’s possible

Yes. You can take the Cacao at any time.

There isn’t necessarily a best time. Create your own beautiful Cacao moment.

You can keep our Cacao outside the refrigerator for 1 year.

We recommend to drink your Cacao warm.

You can drink the Cacao with milk or water. You will receive the instructions by email after your order.

You don’t have to, but it is nice to consciously consume the Cacao with an intention. For example to open your heart. Don’t make it complicated, make it a beautiful moment with yourself and the Cacao. Act from your heart and intuition.

No, but when you take a ceremonial dose (strong dose) it will certainly start a process.

Cacao contains a spirit that is particularly her about opening your heart. In addition, it has several health benefits. These are briefly described on the page.

1. Improves Cognitive Function 

2. Boosts the Immune System 

3. Supports the Cardiovascular System (hart- en vaatziekten) 

4. Protects Against Chronic Diseases and Maybe Even Cancer

5. Supports the Gut 

6. Boosts Mood 

7. Improves Sleep Quality 

8. Enhances Performance 

9. Protects Skin and Teeth 

10. Slows Down Aging 

Depending on the strength you choose. Cacao opens the door of your heart and you choose whether to open the door to you. Cacao is gentle and can certainly initiate a process when done ceremonially. It is not as strong an effect as, for example, Choco Bliss.

You can drink the Cacao at any time.

That’s up to you. You can drink the Cacao at any time.

You can certainly take it at night before going to sleep. Then do not take a ceremonial dose, but a lighter dose.

There is no need to make any other purchases. The Mother’s Day package is already complete as you order it.

If you like, you can look up our Choco Bliss playlists via Spotify or Soundcloud.

No, we want to offer a complete experience. That is why we occasionally offer limited edition packages. Last time it was a Self-Love package and now it’s this Mother’s Day package.

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