Flower Bath of Shower Ritual

*For self-care and cleansing your energy

Doing a Flower Bath Ritual is part of many ancient cultures. You see this for example in Thailand, Bali and South-America. When you do an Ayahuasca Retreat or Dieta in Peru for example, a flower bath will be part of your Retreat.

We want to give your the opportunity to create your own Flower Bath at home in order to honer your body, spend time on self-care and to cleanse your energy.

You can do this as a separate Ritual or do this before or after your Ceremony with Choco Bliss or Ayahuasca. The herbs give their own unique benefits and work together with the salt in our Medicinal Flower Bath.

About Flower bath/shower ritual

This Flower Bath was composed by the wife of a Colombian shaman. The herbs have the energetic effect to attract positivity into your life.

Everything in the Universe consists of energy and is connected to the all. So are you. To attract positivity into your life you can tune in to positive thoughts to get into a good energy. You automatically attract things that match your energy. We call this: resonance. You may know the feeling “This resonates with me.”

Medicinal Herbal baths

Taking a medicinal bath is more than just cleaning yourself or soaking your body in water. In the 19th century and early 20th century, foot baths, infusions with water and the like were known for their medicinal properties.

A herbal bath is bathing in water that has been enriched with herbs. It is intended to add to both the outer beauty and the inner, the psyche, of man.

The use of bitter herbs and sweet herbs is known among the ancient healers. Practitioners of various esoteric schools (santeros, healers and magicians) use them for their effectiveness.

They are called “bitter herbs” after the set of plants, flowers, barks and roots whose power serves to cancel negative energies. They are the herbs that we use in purification and offal. Rather, they are known as “Herbs Duces”, which help improve our happiness, foster relationships, draw fortunes and gain prosperity.


How to do a Flower bath/shower Ritual?

*You don’t need to have a bath in order to do this Ritual.

#1 boil everything in a pan of water for 20 minutes and put your loving intentions in your own self-love bath
#2 let it cool down
#3 use Palo Santo to clean your bathroom and your aura field (smells nice)
#4 while showering/bathing you scrub your skin with the herbs
#5 withdraw this and Pay Attention! don’t dry yourself off
#6 let the herbs draw into your aura field

Benefits of the Flower Bath of Shower

Taking a Flower bath can create direct and indirect benefits. Here are some examples from with the Flower bath can bring:

-Taking Time for yourself

-Become conscious about your body, health and energy

-Improves Inner & Outer Beauty

-Cleanse out negative energy

-Brings more positive energy to attract more positive energy

-Great preparation to cleanse your energy before or after your Ceremony with Choco Bliss or Ayahuasca

Ingredients: Medicinal herbal bath

Once it’s clean, it’s time to invoke blessings and good luck. To do this, we need to know and use the 5 sweet spices that attract us to what we want.

Attracts Love and Clears the dark core of hatred and separation. It acts as an emotional healer on all levels.
Improves social life. It softens our character and makes our relationships fluid and active.
Attracts and facilitates attunements and agreements.
Calms stress, harmonizes the energy of the environment and imparts charisma.
– Chamomile
Inner peace, better sleep, calm the mind, relaxation.

-Himalaya salt
Next to these 5 herbs, it contains Himalayan salt to discharge and cleanse

Recharge yourself

This is also how it works with plant medicines. Maybe you didn’t resonate there when you first heard about plant medicines and now you’re suddenly very curious.

The flower bath is an ancient ritual to clean or recharge your own aura field. The Flower Bath Ritual is still popular in Bali and also in South America until Today.

By doing a flower bath/shower, you immediately charge your entire auric field. It helps you attract positivity into your life. You can use this ritual for 3 days. While you are cooking your own flower bath, you can put your own intentions into it. In this way you create your own medicine and you are your own medicine man of women (Shaman).

We suggest you to do the self-love flower bath/shower ritual in the evening. After that you drink a nice cup of warm tea and have a good night rest.


‘Treat yourself as your greatest love!’

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Self-Love Ebook

When you buy the Flower Bath or Shower herbs for your Ritual, you receive the Self Love Ebook. This is part of the Self-Love products from House of Oneness. On page number 7 we describe ‘How to do your own flower bath?’. 

‘Love yourself unconditionally just as you love those closest to you despite their faults.’

About Maria Johanna

My name is Maria Johanna and I am the founder of House of Oneness. It’s like I’ve always felt like something wasn’t right? Like something was missing and I didn’t know what?

It’s like I’ve always felt like something wasn’t right? I missed the connection with my soul and was unconsciously looking for my soul mission.

Various plant medicines have helped me to restore the connection with myself and to walk my soul path.

For me, healing from nature is something very logical. I don’t see it as an alternative, but as the original healing that is centuries old. It helps you to be who you are.

Microdosing personally helps me with more focus and I experience strong spiritual guidance. You get what you need every time.

Using the herbs for taking a Self Love Flower bath or shower are helping me to become aware of how I treat my body, it helps me to spend time on giving love to myself and my body. It helps also to reflect on how conscious I am with my energy and to recharge my energy with the help of the medicinal Self Love Flower bath or shower. I love it!

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