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Podcast #11 – How to Implement Insights from Your Ayahuasca/Choco Bliss Ceremonies

May 4, 2022

Podcast #11 – How to Implement Insights from Your Ayahuasca/Choco Bliss Ceremonies

Plant medicine ceremonies with Ayahuasca or Choco Bliss can be very impactful, insightful, and healing, but even while you can receive answers, it can also bring up more questions. Not everything you see is something you have to take latterly, it can as well as symbolic.

In this post, I’ll help you learn more about how to interpret and take action on the messages you may glean from your ceremony. I’ll also show different examples of themes you may encounter during your ceremony, such as death, abortion, trauma, meeting the love of your life, becoming a parent, and more.

How to Implement Your Plant Medicine Journey into Your Life

Plant medicine ceremonies can give you plenty of insights. But they can also leave you with questions about what your journey is telling you about your daily life.

I’ve been both a guide and a participant in plant ceremonies, so I’ve been through them enough times to know that not everything you see in ceremony is meant to be taken literally. This can be very confusing. During a ceremony, you go on a deep inner journey. In the aftermath, you’re tasked with implementing these findings in your life.

My Very First Ayahuasca Experience

My first ayahuasca experience gave me clarity, but certainly confused me in addition to clarity. I was a total rookie in the spiritual world and was suddenly awakened by Mother Ayahuasca, not knowing there was such a thing as ‘Spiritual Awakening’.

In addition, I then saw past lives which is a common experience, but completely new to me. Just like time travel. Before my Ayahuasca experience I had no idea about this kind of phenomenon.

My First Ayahuasca Experience – Life Changing!!

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Past life Experience

Specifically, I saw that in a past life, I’d been my (now ex) boyfriend’s mother and lost him as a child. Seeing him here in this life, I was finding him once again. I saw that he would be the love of my life, but that didn’t mean I’d always be by his side. We’d stay in each other’s lives, but I wouldn’t share the bulk of my life with him. I also saw another man whom I knew at the time represented as the love of my life. In this vision, I saw myself having children with this man.

Love of my life

People often see the loves of their life, but not in the literal truth. That’s one reason why you don’t want to touch other participants too much during a plant ceremony; it can affect your journey and that person can play a dominant role in your ceremony. This can make you feel for this person while you’re both in this vulnerable state, which can be a misleading and confusing experience.

Seek Insight, Not Literal Truths

Sometimes, seeing the love of your life is meant to give you life insights. A friend of mine saw someone she knew as the love of her life during a ceremony. But after we processed her experience, she concluded that she was too closed off to love and needed that experience of opening herself up to the possibility of having a partner, but that that man wasn’t necessarily the one she was meant to be with.


I’ve seen myself as a mother many times, but this isn’t necessarily a sign that I’ll have a child. This experience can be a way to open your mind up to new possibilities, to let you feel how glad you are not to have children, or to let you experience other aspects of parenthood. When I am guiding ceremonies, I also feel like I am in a Motherrole.

I’ve also been in many ceremonies with people receiving a calling to have children, so sometimes it’s a literal call. This happened to my own sister and a good friend of mine. They both received the call on the same date and their children are 1 month apart in age. That was very special for me to see.

That’s your own question to seek an answer for and to determine the truth. But in general, I recommend not being too literal with how you interpret your experience.


In my second ceremony, I experienced my younger sister dying. This showed me that death is an illusion; we’re here in this physical body for a time, but death is losing the physical person, while the spirit lives on and can still interact with us. This also taught me that time itself is an illusion – we feel as though our lives are long, but it’s actually just a fraction of our real lived experience in the universe.

It’s common to see the death of a loved one or to see your own death (or your own funeral) during a plant ceremony. 99% of the time, it’s not a literal premonition. Sometimes, this experience is a chance for you to embrace life.

When this happens, look for the lesson you’re meant to learn. For my sister, who experienced her own death during a ceremony, she learned that death is letting her ego go and letting part of her suffering end.

Experiencing Your Own Death

Some people have thought they were dying in their ceremony. But remember, you’ll always come out of your journey eventually. Time will let you return to your normal self. The worst thing you can do is resist; the only thing you can truly do is surrender. That’s when you can receive the beauty of the experience and learn what you’re meant to learn.

Miscarriages and Abortions

Many participants who’ve experienced miscarriages or abortions may go into their plant ceremony thinking they’ve processed the experience, but discover a deeper layer of healing during their ceremonies. Other people can literally act as though they’re giving birth in ceremony. I’ve guided people through it! This can heal your grief on a deeper level.

Even if you’ve never experienced a miscarriage or abortion, sometimes you experience this as a way of giving birth to your own inner child or to a renewed sense of self.

Other Notes About Implementing Lessons from Your Journey
Remember, enacting lessons from your journey takes time. It’s not a one-day thing! Think of it as a process, not a checklist.

I recommend writing down your insights. This can help you process the experience in a new way and encourage yourself to look at any difficulties, guidance, or warnings with a new perspective.

Remember, never make life-changing decisions right away after your ceremony. Take at least a week (or, better, a month) to ponder. Then, take gradual, deliberate action.

If you’re still left with questions after your plant ceremony, we have a team of experienced experts to help you get clarity. Sometimes, all you need is a listening ear to help you understand what your plant medicine ceremony is calling you to do.

Need for guidance & Coaching?

A Choco Bliss, Ayahuasca or ceremony with another plant medicine can be exciting, intense and raise questions. 

A plant medicine ceremonies is intended to initiate a healing and transformation process. A ceremony can provide many answers, but also raise new questions at the same time. 

An Implementation Coach can help you before and after your journey  and while implementing your experience.

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