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Looking back on 2021 and looking ahead to 2022

January 2, 2022

Looking back on 2021 and looking ahead to 2022

Spiritual Awakening

Happy New Year and all the best for the New Year.

We live in a special time. In my eyes ‘The Spiritual Awakening’. To me, spiritual awakening means a path of remembering. The biggest question in life in my eyes is ‘Who am I?’

You are a soul having a human experience, but what does this mean? You will encounter many obstacles along the way. The pass of spiritual awakening is not just about remembering.

It is about finding the truth within and outside of yourself. It means: working on yourself, healing, transformation, letting go of old things, discovering new things and living authentically. It doesn’t go without a fight. In the video below I tell more about this and I look back on the past year (2021) and I look at the coming year (2022).

Contribution in the Spiritual Awakening 2022

I feel grateful that I can contribute to the spiritual awakening & healing of people through my plant medicines, videos and ceremonies. It makes me feel fulfilled and without doing this I feel incomplete.

Finishing my book

I’m in the process of writing my book. That’s why I expect to have it finished by the middle of this year. This is a spiritual novel based on my own life, a spiritual awakening. Naturally, plant medicines play an important part in this book. But also love, challenges with me to detach from the old, struggles with my father. You will probably recognize things about yourself.

Intention Card deck for ceremonies

A long time ago I wrote an Intention Card Deck for Ceremonies, but never published it. I think it’s time I got this illustrated and put it out there. This is a cars deck is based on everything I’ve learned from plant medicine ceremonies. You can use in ceremonies and of course also in your daily life. If you know an illustrator, this is welcome ;-)

Microdosing Choco Bliss + 31 Day Online Programm

Since the new year (1-1-2022) Microdosing Choco Bliss is available to order. Choco Bliss is popular to use for ceremonies to experience a deep inner journey, but not everyone is ready for this. Then Microdosing Choco Bliss is the perfect way to get to know Choco Bliss. Microdosing Choco Bliss is ideal to do after you have done a Choco Bliss Ceremony. It helps to stay connected and implement your journey.

Next to Microdosing Choco Bliss I have created a 31 Day Online Microdosing Challenge. This brand new program is focused on how to use Microdosing in order to open your heart and start living your soul purpose. The first challenge starts at Februari 5th. Soon you will hear more about this program. Stay tuned. Looking forward!

Microdosing Choco Bliss

Other new products 2022

In addition to Microdosing Choco Bliss, we have some other products that we will be launching next year. They are Microdosing Blue Lotus, Ayahuasca & Cacao and Self Love Chocolates with a Ritual. Stay tuned.

Enjoy Bali & Share more

Despite the many miseries going on, I am convinced to make the best of 2022 for myself. I understand that we need the darkness in order to see the light. It doesn’t mean that I am never effected by the darkess. This is also why I understand that I have to make the best of life myself.

We will probably see a lot of darkness this year. I expect that many lies  will come to light. It helps me to be at Bali. When I was gone, I missed it every single day. Bali kept calling me. I am happy that I am able to do beautiful things in my work and take a trip every now and then. I will share this at my Instagram.


Last, but not least: I want to thank everyone who supported me this year. These are people who work (or worked) in my team. Also I want to thank everyone who orders products, joined a ceremony or who followed my journey. Thank you so much! Wishing you the best in this New Year.

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