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January 11, 2021

1. You get what you need

The spirits of the plants give you what you need and not always (immediately) what you want. Many people start microdosing because they heard a great story from someone else. As with other plant medicines, you get a personal experience that fits you exactly. Sometimes it occurs that first all the conscious/unconscious fatigue comes out and the plant allows you to get balanced before you can experience the other benefits such as: inspiration, creativity, true inner peace, focus and productivity.

2. Commit for a period

It is best to give a commitment of at least 1 month. Why? It is a nice period because this is just over a 1-month cycle. In this period, you can exactly go through a transformation that suits you at that moment. You can also choose a longer period, for example 2 months. Often after a period of 2 months of microdosing you will have a stop period of 2 weeks. However, if you are curious and just want to see what microdosing does for you, you can also start with a period of 12 days.

*Action: Choose a commitment for the period you want to give a commitment to.

3. Day of Rest

The microdose continues to work. So, you take the microdose then it works in your system for 2 days. After that it is out of your system.

Below we have explained it in days:

#1 Monday: You take the microdosing and have a full effect of the microdosing.

#2 Tuesday: You experience the after effect of the microdosing.

#3 Wednesday: Back to normal.

You can choose how many rest days you want to take. Normally: you are not tripping. It’s mainly that you’re getting out of your head and into your heart. Many people take the micro-dosing every other day and therefore choose to take 1 rest day. Especially if you are not feeling well, it is advisable to take 1 rest day instead of 2 rest days.

*Action: Choose how many rest days you want to take.

4. Choosing a rhythm

In microdosing, you choose a rhythm in which to take the microdose. This means that you repeat a rhythm. You can choose rhythms of every other day, every 2 days.

Here you take the microdose one day and not the other. You can also take the microdose 2 days in a row and then 2 days of rest. Then on your 2nd day of rest, the microdose is out of your system.

You can also choose a rhythm of 1 week (7 days). Maybe you want to work on a project with full focus for 5 days and take a rest on the weekend. While working on your project you want to experience the effect of the microdose daily and on the weekend, you want the microdose out of your system. Then take the microdose for 5 days in a row on the weekdays and stop on the Saturday and Sunday. On Sunday, the microdose will be out of your system.

*Action: What rhythm do you choose?

5. Intention

The plant medicines have a spirit that represent one consciousness. You can think of it as your teacher and helper that you can connect with. Reality is made up of energy, tiny, microscopic particles and it is all consciousness. Just like yourself. Everything is connected in a field of consciousness. Your intention affects the field of consciousness. Thus, it is advisable to have an intention when micro-dosing. Here are a few examples of intentions that you might have when micro-dosing:

-Getting out of my head

-Live more from my heart

-Get closer to yourself



-Giving expression to my soul

-Feeling confident



-Healing depression

-Sleeping better

-Removing triggers


-Removing distractions

-Removing menopause symptoms

-Help in the transition

Action: What is your intent with microdosing?

6. Finding the right dose

Sometimes it takes some time to find the right dose. The right dose is one where you are not tripping, but where you still experience a warm feeling and the presence of the spirit of the plant. We recommend starting the first 2 days with a dose at which you may feel almost no effect. For example, half a dose of truffles. This is 0.5 grams. Then you can slowly get used to the truffles. The idea is that you can function normally during the microdosing. So just drive, be a father/mother or go to the office. It is just meant to function better and to experience a better version of yourself.

*Action: Find your right dose by experiencing.

7. Take the time to listen

Realize that your plant medicines are ancient and hold a great deal of wisdom. Connect with the spirits. You may also decide to take a moment each day that you micro-dose to connect with the spirits and listen. You can do this by isolating yourself and meditating. Most people experience the connection throughout the day. Focus and listen. The plant communicates in your feeling world. Be still, concentrate, listen, feel and follow the guidance you receive.

*Action: Take the time to listen.

Ordering Microdosing Truffles?

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