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Podcast 2 ‘From Banker to Author to an Urban Shaman’

May 2, 2021

Podcast 2 ‘From Banker to Author to an Urban Shaman’

In my previous Podcast, ‘The story behind my happy face’, I have been sharing my story on how I grew up, my challenges and my search. In this Podcast I share more about this search.

I wanted to make something great out of life, so I left my small village and moved to Amsterdam. Again life was very much about having fun, but on the other hand I was very serious about my career next to my study. I studies Marketing and started a career in the Financial World (stock market).

While making a career I started to notice a difference between my head and my heart. It seemed like all the opportunities are there, but I could not feel fulfilment. Why not?

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Next to my study I started to go into NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). Neuro-Linguistic Programming is all about personal development. It started with the question ‘Why is one person successful in life and the other not?’ It was Richard Bandler who started NLP. He studies the phycology behind human nature and success.

Become a better version of who you are

You can say that the goals behind NLP is to analyse how you become who you are and how to become a better version of yourself. This had my curiosity and personal development became my passion.

‘The most beautiful thing you can ever become is being yourself’

Not the average life

Here my passion for personal development was born. I felt I wanted to walk a mother path then the average and do something meaningful.

Publishing my book

This journey led to publishing my book ‘Quarterlife Challenge’. I started my Company ‘Quarterlife Expert’ and helped young professionals to find out their dreams and making them reality.

Something was missing

While I was living my dream I felt like something was missing and it was not something from outside.

‘Something was missing and it was not something from outside. I prayed to God’

I prayed to God

I felt lost. Now I was living my dreams where I helped people to find their way in life in their Quarterlife Crisis and I started to have my own Quarterlife Crisis. I prayed to God and asked him ‘Show me where my life is about?’

‘And there was Ayahuasca.’

Ayahuasca came on my path

That was where Ayahuasca came on my path. Listen to my next Podcast to hear more about this. How did I get into The World of Plant Medicine? How was my first experience? Did I have a good experience from the beginning? And Why did it change my life so much? Listen to my next episode: ‘How Ayahuasca and changing my name changed my life?‘ to learn more about me, about my journey and about plant medicine.

Plant Medicines

At the moment I am focussing on 2 plant medicines, but there is more to come. One is my own unique medicine called Choco Bliss to help you go on an inner journey to heal, transform and learn about yourself and life. My other focus is Microdosing.

Choco Bliss

This is my own unique plant medicine that you can use to set up your own home ceremony or book a guided ceremony. I love to share with you in order to heal, grow, expand, awake and become more af who you are. Would you like to know more about Choco Bliss? Visit our page about Choco Bliss and learn more about Choco Bliss.

Choco Bliss

Microdosing can give great support on a daily basis like; healing, concentration, focus, creativity and more. Would you like to know more about Microdosing Truffels? Visit our page about Microdosing Truffles and learn more about Microdosing Truffles.

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