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Recommendation for microdosing

March 30, 2021

Recommendation for microdosing

I would like to give you a recommendation when you start microdosing:

Start writing. Of all the things I have done in my life, writing is what has made the difference for me.
I have done many plant medicine ceremonies, of course experience with microdosing, education, training, courses, cleansing and other health programs and in all this writing is what has helped me to really let insights in.

How to address this?

#1 Create a sacred writing moment

Each has his or her own approach but let me make it very simple. Make sure that in the morning when you wake up you have a moment for yourself and start writing. Even before the kids wake up, before you go check your cell phone, create your moment, and go write. In the morning when you wake up you are most open and connected to yourself. You have just emerged from dreamland and are starting fresh a new day whereas few stimuli as possible have come to you. A perfect moment to write.

#2 What do you write?

Write anything that comes to mind without judgment. Who knows, it may be a dream from the night before, it may be inspiration, it may be thoughts, or it may be things for your to-do list for the new day. Writing helps you discharge and thus you can reflect. By writing about microdosing truffles you will gain insights and actively engage with what is happening during this process.

#3 Get a coach

To get the most out of your microdosing truffles, I highly recommend that you get a coach while you engage in this process. Most people do microdosing for 1 or 2 months. Microdosing helps tremendously to get in touch with your feelings. This creates an opportunity to do deep, inner work and go through a beautiful transformation.

Microdosing coach

If you need help from a coach who specializes in microdosing truffles, please contact us at info@mariajohanna.com

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