Self-love Chocolate Package

*Limited Edition 50 packages available

 Since the plants are teaching us that everything starts with you, we wanted to develop something that contributes to loving yourself more.

We have put together a super nice, loving package with Self-Love Chocolates, a Microdosing Self-Love card deck & Self Love flower bath/shower ritual to spoil yourself or someone else!

The Self-Love Chocolates consist of Marosa (The Master plant to heal your heart) Caapi Banisteriopsis (carries the spirit of Mother Ayahuasca), Ceremonial Cacao (ultimate heart opener) and pink roses.

We are thrilled to be able to offer you this wonderful Self-Love Package. This is a limited edition. We have only 50 packs available. *Delivery is from Februari 7th so it should arrive at Valentines Day. Are you the One?

About the Self-love package

We focused our self-love package to 3 elements: body, mind & soul. The chocolates (soul) contain spirits to heal and delight your heart and soul. The Microdosing card deck helps you with your mindset (mind). The flower bath/shower is a beautiful ritual for your body (body). For us, the package is to experience and enjoy self-love for 7 days (or longer).

What does the Self-Love package include?

We have put together a self-love package especially for you to give you a 7-day self-love week with your own ritual. This exists of:

#1. 8x Self Love Chocolates (for Microdosing or to drink it)

#2. 1x Self Love Card Deck

#3. 1x Self Self Love Flower bath/shower ritual

#4. 1x Palo Santo

#5. Self-Love Instruction Guideline Ebook

What is Microdosing?

Microdosing means taking a micro-dose of a plant medicine over a period of time. In this case it is snacking and enjoyment and at the same time it can bring you healing. When taking a microdosing, the point is that you don’t get a tripping effect, but that you receive gradual healing during the microdosing.

You take 1 Self-Love Chocolates daily. The Self-Love Chocolates do not give a tripping effect. However, you can benefit from the healing power and spirits that give you support to open your heart and love yourself more.

Drinken als Ceremonie van Zelfliefde

You can also choose to melt and drink the Self-Love Chocolates. 1 Self-Love Chocolate is 12.5 grams. For example, you can use 2 to 4 Self-Love Chocolates to drink as a Ritual for example to start or end your Day. The 1 Self-Love Chocolates consist of, among other things, Ceremonial Cacao with Marosa, Caapi (Ayahuasca spirit) and the power of pink roses.

#1.Self Love Microdosing Chocolates (soul)

Self Love Chocolates are delicious microdosing chocolates of a beautiful design that are made with a lot of love. Not only are they tasty, they are also your loving medicine for your body, mind & soul.

So you sweet & gently you can heal your heart at the same time. Take the Chocolates at the start of your day and use the Self Love card deck with it. We will share more about the Microdosing Self Love card in a bit

What’s in the Self Love Chocolates?

The Microdosing Self-Love Chocolates consists of: Marosa, Banisteriopsis caapi (Ayahuasca), Ceremonial Cacao and it contains real roses. The chocolates contain the spirits of these plants, but are not psychedelic. You’re not going to trip. You do, however, integrate the qualities of the plants and connect with the spirits. It is a form of Microdosing and at the same time a pleasure of taste.

Marosa (Masterplant)

Marosa is the plant of love. This plant helps to connect with your own feelings and emotions and to open your heart. Marosa is a master plant and has a higher spirit than mother Ayahuasca.

Marosa & Ayahuasca work together whereby Ayahuasca opens the portal to the world of Marosa. Marosa restores self-esteem and helps heal a broken heart.

More about the Marosa spirit (Master plant)

Shamans prescribe a Dieta with Marosa when you need love and self-confidence. Think, for example, of childhood trauma such as (sexual) abuse, abandonment and other trauma in your childhood that resulted in low self-esteem and unhealthy patterns.

As an adult, you want to heal these old wounds to be able to enter into love relationships and restore self-confidence.

Banisteriopsis Caapi (Ayahuasca)

Banisteriopsis Caapi carries the spirit of mother Ayahuasca. She is called The Mother for a reason. The spirit often appears as a representation of a mother figure. She stands for caring, wisdom & loving guidance. This spirit has the quality to bring you into the here & now and to purify your heart.

The Banisteriopsis caapi is often used in combination with Chacruna, Chaliponga, Mimosa and/or Jurema for ceremonial use. For the record. The Self-Love Chocolates do not contain DMT. They do carry the spirit of Mother Ayahuasca

Qualities of the Banisteriopsis Caapi spirit (Ayahuasca)

Live life with a pure and honest heart, take care of yourself and enjoy these chocolates for 7 days. They give a gentle healing to your heart.

Every Mother wants her child to be happy and so is the spirit of Mother Ayahuasca. Banisteriopsis caapi is a natural antidepressant on its own and is not associated with antidepressants or antipsychotics.

Ceremonial Cacao (Gift of God)

Ceremonial Cacao is also known as ‘The Gift of God’. This is not the cacao you find in the supermarket. Self Love Chocolates are made of sacred, ceremonial cacao.

Cacao in it’s pure and untempered stat contains a natural white marbling also know as the ‘bloom’. This is no cause for concern, the beautiful patterns are simply a sign that your cacao is whole and unprocessed.

Cacao is a fruit rich in antioxidants, an immune and booster. The holy Cacao has health benefits such as: lowering blood pressure and cholesterol. Cacao makes us happy, reduces stress, increases our focus and creative flow.

Cacao is a warm medicine that opens your heart. It takes you to the door of your heart and it is up to you to open it. Let this cacao fruit be the fruit for opening your heart.

Roses (Flower of Love)

The rose is the flower of love. You often see red roses around Valentine’s Day. This is the flower with the most powerful frequency.

There used to be a taboo on expressing love, so the secret love was expressed by giving roses.

Roses represent love, beauty, passion and romance. Originally the rose symbolized the Goddess of Love. Eating the roses in the self-love chocolates is an act of love to yourself and your body.

#2.Microdosing Self Love card deck (mind)

We have developed a self-love card deck especially for this special chocolate that is intended to increase your self-love.

This Microdosing Self Love Card Deck consists of 40 cards divided into 4 themes inspired by the word ‘L.O.V.E.’. The themes are: Letting Go, Open Your Heart, Vibration and Emotions.

You use the Microdosing Self Love card deck every time you take a chocolate. You can take the message of the card with you as an intention of taking my Microdosing Self-love Chocolate.

#3.Self Love Flower bath/shower ritual

This Flower Bath was composed by the wife of a Colombian shaman. The herbs have the energetic effect to attract positivity into your life.

Everything in the Universe consists of energy and is connected to the all. So are you. To attract positivity into your life you can tune in to positive thoughts to get into a good energy. You automatically attract things that match your energy. We call this: resonance. You may know the feeling “This resonates with me.”

Medicinal Herbal baths

Taking a medicinal bath is more than just cleaning yourself or soaking your body in water. In the 19th century and early 20th century, foot baths, infusions with water and the like were known for their medicinal properties.

A herbal bath is bathing in water that has been enriched with herbs. It is intended to add to both the outer beauty and the inner, the psyche, of man.

The use of bitter herbs and sweet herbs is known among the ancient healers. Practitioners of various esoteric schools (santeros, healers and magicians) use them for their effectiveness.

They are called “bitter herbs” after the set of plants, flowers, barks and roots whose power serves to cancel negative energies. They are the herbs that we use in purification and offal. Rather, they are known as “Herbs Duces”, which help improve our happiness, foster relationships, draw fortunes and gain prosperity.

‘Treat yourself as your greatest love!’

Ingredients: Medicinal herbal bath

This is also how it works with plant medicines. Maybe you didn’t resonate there when you first heard about plant medicines and now you’re suddenly very curious.

The flower bath is an ancient ritual to clean or recharge your own aura field. The Flower Bath Ritual is still popular in Bali and also in South America until Today.

By doing a flower bath/shower, you immediately charge your entire auric field. It helps you attract positivity into your life. You can use this ritual for 3 days. While you are cooking your own flower bath, you can put your own intentions into it. In this way you create your own medicine and you are your own medicine man of women (Shaman).

We suggest you to do the self-love flower bath/shower ritual in the evening. After that you drink a nice cup of warm tea and have a good night rest.

Recharge yourself

Once it’s clean, it’s time to invoke blessings and good luck. To do this, we need to know and use the 5 sweet spices that attract us to what we want.

Attracts Love and Clears the dark core of hatred and separation. It acts as an emotional healer on all levels.
Improves social life. It softens our character and makes our relationships fluid and active.
Attracts and facilitates attunements and agreements.
Calms stress, harmonizes the energy of the environment and imparts charisma.
– Chamomile
Inner peace, better sleep, calm the mind, relaxation.

-Himalaya salt
Next to these 5 herbs, it contains Himalayan salt to discharge and cleanse

#4 Palo Santo

Palo Santo is sacred wood from the jungle that you use to cleanse your aura field. You hold a flame under the sacred Palo Santo wood until it ignites. You will then see a smoke coming from the sacred wood. You use this smoke to energetically clean your aura or space. You can the Palo Santo for cleansing before you are taking you Flower Bath.

#5.Self-Love Instruction Guideline Ebook

You will receive a Self-Love Instruction Guideline Ebook with background information about the Self Love products and how to use them. You will get a step by step guideline on how to use/do the Self Love Chocolates, Card deck and Flower bath/shower Ritual.

What do you receive when you order the Self-Love package?

  • 8x Self Love Chocolates

    8x Self Love Chocolates. The Self Love Chocolates contain Marosa, Caapi Banisteriopsis, Ceremonial Cacao en roses.

  • 1x Self Love Card Deck

    The unique Self Love Card deck that you use when you take the Self-Love Chocolates. Consisting of 40 cards with only a beautiful message to grow your self-love.

  • 1x Self Love Flower Bath/Shower Ritual

    1x Self Love Flower bath/shower Ritual with which you can participate in a bath or shower ritual three times.

  • 1x E-book with manual Self-love package

    Explanation of how to use the Self-Love package. The Ebook consists of a manual for the chocolates, the card deck and bath/shower ritual.

  • 1x Palo Santo

    1x Palo Santo for purification and cleaning your aura field.

Packages and prices

When you order Self-love package for yourself or someone you love, you will receive a free ebook on how to use the Self-love package so that you can experience a week full of self-love. *Delivery is from Februari 7th so it should arrive at Valentines Day.

  • Self-Love Package; Self-Love Chocolates, Card Deck & Flower Bath


About the delivery
All our packages are packed by us with care, love and a lot of attention. Shipping is done with PostNL and DHL (express). All packages fit in the letterbox and yet it sometimes happens that PostNL and DHL (express) do not deliver the packages correctly. This depends on which country we deliver to. Each area may have different delivery terms. Sometimes extra costs are charged by the delivery person. 

We can not guarantee the way the package will be delivered as we outsource this. The same applies to the delivery time, when the delivery takes place and whether you have to be present at home or have to sign for receipt. After your order you will receive a track & trace code. If you have not received this, please check your spam or junk email. We do not have a physical store where you can pick up our products.

Self-Love Ebook

Would you like to learn how to practice the Self Love Ritual? Buy the Self Love product & you receive the Self Love Ebook. You will experience how you can apply Rituals for more self-love. After you have ordered one of the Self Love product you will receive the Self Love Ebook in your mailbox.

‘Love yourself unconditionally just as you love those closest to you despite their faults.’

Over maria johanna

Mijn naam is Maria Johanna en ik ben oprichtster van House of Oneness. Het is net alsof ik altijd een gevoel heb gehad alsof er iets niet klopte? Alsof er iets miste en ik wist niet wat?

Totdat plant medicijnen op mijn pad kwamen en ik spiritueel wakker werd. Ik miste de verbinding met mijn ziel en was onbewust op zoek naar mijn zielsmissie.

Verschillende plant medicijnen hebben mij geholpen de verbinding met jezelf te herstellen en mijn zielspad te bewandelen.

Voor mij is genezing vanuit de natuur iets heel logisch. Ik zie het niet als een alternatief, maar als de originele heling die eeuwenoud is. Het helpt je om te zijn wie je bent.

Microdosing helpt mij persoonlijk bij meer focus en ik ervaar sterke spirituele gidsing. Je krijgt iedere keer wat je nodig hebt.

Microdosing Truffels helpt je om beter te kunnen voelen. En soms voel je bijvoorbeeld dat het tijd is voor een dagje rust, een goeie wandeling in de natuur, een familiebezoek of simpelweg plezier maken. Microdosing truffels brengt voor mij balans, acceptatie en meer innerlijke rust.