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Vlog #57 Bali 2021: Living on the edge and trust that everything will be fine.

November 12, 2021

Vlog #57 Bali 2021: Living on the edge and trust that everything will be fine.

Bali 2021 has been a huge blessing for me. When you follow your heart, the World will help you to make everything possible. Even when it seems it’s not.

One of my biggest love is Bali. Bali always brings me closer to myself, it gives me peace, creativity and it makes me a better version of myself. 

While enjoying Bali of course there is so much going on and being in another country brings a deeper realisation of gratitude. During the period that I recorded this vlog a dear friend of mine just passed away. This has made a huge impact on me. See more in this vlog:

Living on the Edge

This is my first experience with losing a good friend. Because he passed away so sudden (by a scooter accident) it made me realise even more how important it is to follow your heart.

My friend was just 36 years old and he did follow his heart. I am so proud of him and I often feel him with me. It’s beautiful to know that after leaving your body here, life is not over.

Busy arriving vs Being present

So many times we are busy with arriving.. But the moment you focus on arriving, you’re not present. Instead you are living in the future.

During this trip we went canoeing towards an island. It seems to be far away and we had to make it before the sunset..

Or else we would be paddling in the darkness on a leak we don’t know.

I was focusing on making it on time towards the Island.

Ourty (my friend) told me: Just be in the moment and enjoy the moment.

He repeated this to me… Until I realised: ‘When I am busy with arriving, I never arrive.’

Because when I do arrive on this Island, there is always a next destination.

This experience let me realise that you always arrive…

Just by realising that you are exactly where you have to be.

Be present and you have arrived.

From that moment I received this beautiful present of being present I received the most amazing sunset as a present. 

*And we arrived exactly on time: right before it got dark (see video). 

Thank you !

Thank you for watching my vlog. I really appreciate that you are taking time to check out my content that I love to create. Stay tuned for my next vlog. Thank you again! :-)

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