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What feeling does ceremonial cocoa give you?

March 28, 2024

What feeling does ceremonial cocoa give you?

What feeling ceremonial cocoa has can vary each time. There is no standard experience. I can share what ceremonial cocoa does for me and what it does for most people. My more personal experience is that ceremonial cocoa opens my heart. I feel a warmth inside, and am closer in touch with my heart and my truth. Cocoa makes my emotions stronger, allowing me to gain insights and also process emotions. I feel milder and have more compassion.

Ceremonial cocoa is known as the ultimate heart opener. Many people feel a sense of connection, openness and promote inner peace. It helps people de-stress. On the other hand, it helps to be alert and sharp. That’s why you can drink it in the morning before work so you are more awake and alert.

Many people describe a feeling of warmth and love that opens their hearts, bringing them closer to their emotions and inner truth. Ceremonial cocoa can also be associated with a sense of deep connection with yourself, others and the natural world. It is important to realize that experiences with ceremonial cocoa can vary greatly from person to person and ceremony to ceremony.

Sometimes people feel no effect at all from ceremonial cocoa; others find a cocoa ceremony life-changing. And then you can still drink the ceremonial cocoa as a coffee substitute and for health benefits. In that case, you drink the ceremonial cocoa less strongly.



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