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What is Choco Bliss?

August 8, 2021

What is Choco Bliss?

Choco Bliss is made by a plant alchemist. This pretty much says it; multiple plants have been brought together to create this special medicine. It’s something else than Psilohuasca or other Chocolates. Choco Bliss is a medicine of the heart. In general, it’s softer and gentler than Ayahuasca with the DMT, but you are still connecting to Mother Ayahuasca. Listen to the video to learn more about this.

Do I have to throw up?

A big advantage of Choco Bliss that people experience compared to Ayahuasca is that you don’t have to throw up. I can’t say that it has never happened, but let’s say that the chance that you have to throw up is less than 5%. When you have to throw up, this could symbolise: cleansing, letting go, inner healing, or it could be a purely physical reaction. It’s not something negative.

The medicine of the heart

Choco Bliss opens up your heart and a lot could happen:

  • Healing
  • Finding yourself
  • Healing trauma
  • Processing heart break
  • Loneliness
  • Opening your heart
  • Having a more positive view on life
  • Getting more in touch with yourself
  • Having the feeling of getting home to yourself

And more like this. The experience itself isn’t always comfortable. It sometimes gets down to facing your fears with the goal of healing and transforming.

Choco Bliss experience Suroesh ~ ‘Out of your head and more into your Heart’

Below, you’ll find a video containing the Choco Bliss experience of Suroesh. It helped him to get out of his head and brought him back to his heart. The ceremonies helped him to get clarity in knowing where he wants to go. It helped him to love himself and trust his feelings.

Did you know that…

The medicine is sacred, so treat it that way. You’ll find a couple of facts about Choco Bliss below.

  • It takes 4 days to make Choco Bliss?
  • It takes 20 years before you’re able to use the Caapi plant?
  • Psylosibine take 4 months before it’s usable?
  • The Cocoa tree takes 5 years to produce?
  • All these trees and plants are sang to, to infuse our medicine with pure and healing intentions?
  • The Choco Bliss truly is a unique piece of plant alchemy?
  • We take our products from the Inca Tribe and they protect the trees and plants?
  • Choco Bliss is a sacred medicine that you have to treat respectfully and will give you what you need?

Order Choco Bliss?

If you’re curious and feel drawn towards doing a ceremony, this isn’t without a reason. The plant spirits will probably want to tell or show you something. Check out the page to read more about the Choco Bliss and order it.