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What is Choco Bliss?

August 8, 2021

What is Choco Bliss?

Choco Bliss is a powerful plant medicine that targets the heart. Its unique blend of 20 different herbs stimulates the opening of the heart, while the cacao itself also has a heart-warming effect. The result is a profound experience that allows you to fully connect with your heart and your deepest self.

In addition to opening the heart, Choco Bliss helps you to be present in the moment and do your inner work. The medicine has a calming effect that allows you to quiet your mind and focus on what matters most in the present. This makes Choco Bliss a powerful tool for meditation, introspection, and personal growth.

Whether you’re an experienced practitioner or new to the world of plant medicines, Choco Bliss offers a unique and transformative experience that will help you to open your heart and discover your true potential. If you feel curious of feel called, check our page about Choco Bliss.

Do I have to throw up?

A big advantage of Choco Bliss that people experience compared to Ayahuasca is that you don’t have to throw up. I can’t say that it has never happened, but let’s say that the chance that you have to throw up is less than 5%. When you have to throw up, this could symbolise: cleansing, letting go, inner healing, or it could be a purely physical reaction. It’s not something negative.

The medicine of the heart

Choco Bliss opens up your heart and a lot could happen:

  • Healing
  • Finding yourself
  • Healing trauma
  • Processing heart break
  • Loneliness
  • Opening your heart
  • Having a more positive view on life
  • Getting more in touch with yourself
  • Having the feeling of getting home to yourself

And more like this. The experience itself isn’t always comfortable. It sometimes gets down to facing your fears with the goal of healing and transforming.

Did you know that…

The medicine is sacred, so treat it that way. You’ll find a couple of facts about Choco Bliss below.

  • It takes 4 days to make Choco Bliss?
  • It takes 20 years before you’re able to use the Caapi plant?
  • Psylosibine take 4 months before it’s usable?
  • The Cocoa tree takes 5 years to produce?
  • All these trees and plants are sang to, to infuse our medicine with pure and healing intentions?
  • The Choco Bliss truly is a unique piece of plant alchemy?
  • We take our products from the Inca Tribe and they protect the trees and plants?
  • Choco Bliss is a sacred medicine that you have to treat respectfully and will give you what you need?

Order Choco Bliss?

If you’re curious and feel drawn towards doing a ceremony, this isn’t without a reason. The plant spirits will probably want to tell or show you something. Check out the page to read more about the Choco Bliss and order it.

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