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What are the 3 phases of a Ceremony?

August 6, 2021

What are the 3 phases of a Ceremony?

A Choco Bliss ceremony has 3 phases that are important to realise. It’s not only the ceremony in itself. There’s a phase that precedes this. After the ceremony a new phase will occur that’s very important. Why? I’ll tell you more in the video:

Choco Bliss Experience: Larissa Berrenchina ~ Gaining Peace with your past & Purpose

Choco Bliss gave me confronting insights that I could tackle directly. So much has changed in 3 months’ time. While I was a control freak at first, I’m now able to live life with ease and full of confidence. I’ve done multiple ceremonies now, with each giving me exactly what I needed. Certainly in terms of my purpose’s life path. I’m very thankful.

Order Choco Bliss?

If you’re curious and feel drawn towards doing a ceremony, this isn’t without a reason. The plant spirits will probably want to tell or show you something. Check out the page to read more about the Choco Bliss and order it.