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Do you want to know more about Rituals and Plant Medicine?

August 4, 2021

Do you want to know more about Rituals and Plant Medicine?

Plant medicine is becoming increasingly popular. More and more people experience advantages such as: getting closer to yourself, healing trauma, feeling good or finding a life that is more satisfying. In terms of relationships as well as their career.

In the past, rituals were passed on from generation to generation. From great grandmother to grandmother, from grandmother to mother, mother to daughter, and so on.

This knowledge and wisdom has faded, or even disappeared, from natural medicine through the ages. We’ve lost our connection to nature and our own nature. We forgot who we are and lost the rituals from our ancestors.

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Old wisdom & the need for natural healing is returning

It is remarkable that we can see that the need for old knowledge, wisdom and original natural healing is returning in this time. The power of the plant medicine spreads like wild fire and the people it calls to, will do something with it.

It brought me and others so much

Plant Medicine has been my path since 2013. Plant Medicine has brought and given me so much personally. I can’t express this in words. This doesn’t only apply to me, it also does to the many participants in my Retreats. Thanks to the facilitation of ceremonies, I’ve been able to look at the results of Plant Medicine on others ever since 2014. To me, this is the best path I can imagine.

I’ve used, among others: Ayahuasca, Kambo, Truffles, Mushrooms, San Pedro, Mambe, Ambil, Rapé, and Micro Dosing. It brought me and the participants in my Retreats so much.

Plant Medicine made by an Alchemist

Ayahuasca has been my main focus during the past six years. It consist of an MAO inhibitor and DMT. I’ve gotten to know many plants with this. Nowadays, I have my own, unique Plant Medicine in which the Caapi (Ayahuasca spirit) is processed.

It’s called Choco Bliss and is made especially for me by a plant alchemist to work with after the rules (and laws) regarding Ayahuasca had changed in 2019. In the next video, I’ll explain more about Choco Bliss.

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