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5 Tips when you start Microdosing Soul Present

November 17, 2021

5 Tips when you start Microdosing Soul Present

Microdosing Soul Present is something you do for a certain period of time. Usually a period of 1 to 3 months. It is something you do with a specific purpose of healing and or transformation.

Soul Present drops is a perfect medicine when you first start with Microdosing as you will not trip from it. It is a tincture. This means that the psychoactive substance has been removed.

If you are a little more experienced or if you want a stronger effect, we recommend the Soul Present capsules. The psychoactive substance is activated in the capsules. Below are 5 tips that can help you get the most out of your Microdosing process.

1.Dream Book

Keep a dream book next to your bedside table so that you can write down your dreams immediately when you wake up. Soul Present brings healing to your subconscious.

Therefore, you may have clearer dreams at night. These dreams may involve messages that can help you in your daily life. Sometimes you will receive a specific direction or it may be that it makes you think. Microdosing simply initiates a process of reflection.

We often forget our dreams quickly if we don’t write them down. Therefore, put a dream book next to your bedside table so that you can write down your dreams immediately when you wake up.

2.Learn about Dream symbols

I myself have learned a lot by looking up dream symbols. For me personally, this has been a path of self-study that has taken me through a major transformation.

You can look up dream symbols on Google to better understand your dreams and translate them into your life. The ‘Journey into dreams‘ website has been of great help to me.

Often you intuitively feel a lot about what dreams want to tell you. Microdosing is great for strengthening your intuition and getting closer to yourself.

3.Set Intention(s)

Everything is energy and everything consists of small particles that contain information. Since everything is consciousness, you are in continuous interaction with the field of consciousness in which we live.

For example, the Soul Present has a spirit with which you can communicate. Set an intention at the start of your Microdosing day or Microdosing period through telepathic communication.

The spirit of Soul Present will pick this up. In the process of your Microdosing you will see that your intention is heard.


Microdosing can bring you closer to yourself. It is nice that you invest work yourself to support your process. Microdosing often helps with more focus, inner peace and getting more in touch with your feelings. That is why journaling (writing a diary) is perfect to do during a period of Microdosing.

5.Work with Milestones

Put reminders in your agenda for moments of reflection. These are your Milestones. For example, you can set intentions weekly or monthly and reflect on whether these intentions are noticeable to you. Microdosing is something you do purely for yourself. See if this is something that suits you.

Want to know more about Microdosing Soul Present?

Microdosing Soul Present can help with a gradual healing for more inner peace, having peace with the past, healing of depression, getting closer to yourself and more. Visit the page about Soul Present to learn more about Soul Present & Microdosing.

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