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How to do a Rapéh Ritual or Ceremony?

November 17, 2021

How to do a Rapéh Ritual or Ceremony?

In this Blog I will share my personal way of using Rapéh. I have developed my own way of giving Rapé by learning from different Shamans, Urban Shamans, Ceremony facilitators, Tribe members and friends.

With great pleasure & love I share my own unique way of doing a Rapéh Ceremony. Before I dive deep into my Ritual, I like to share some general information about Rapéh.

What is Rapéh?

Rapéh (Officially written as Rapé and pronounced as “ha-peh”) is a plant medicine from the jungle made by the tribes from Brazil. Rapéh is a powder that looks like ash that is made from tobacco leaves and other herbs from the jungle. This sacred tobacco is called Mapacho and carries the spirit of the Grandfather. This spirit brings protection, connection, removes blockages and healing.

The Effect of Rapéh

Rapéh is the perfect medicine to use to still your mind. In just one blow it helps you to go out of your head, into your heart and connects you with your soul.

Rapéh is very much about receiving and has always a positive effect. You can’t have a bad trip.

  • Heart opening
  • Brings you to there here & now
  • Peace to your mind
  • Relaxing
  • Detox for you mind
  • Remove blockages
  • Cleans your energy field
  • Protection
  • Helps to focus
  • Sharpens your mind
  • Very beneficial in an Ayahuasca Ceremony

Elements that I work with

During my Rapé Ritual I focus on the following elements:

Setting intentions

Rapé is a great medicine to set intentions and let The Universe known about them. Rapé has a great quality to set your intentions into motion.

But the most intentions that are used are:
-Inner peace
-Opening the heart
-Connect with your soul

How to do a Rapéh Ritual?

Let’s get started with How to do a Rapé Ritual/Ceremony?
Below is the step-by-step plan. The steps that I use are:

Step #1 Prepare

Step #2 Intention

Step #3 Elements

Step #4 Breath

Step #5 Blow

Step #6 Receive

Step #1 Prepare: Prepare the Medicine

Preparation ceremony
Prepare your ceremony by using the following elements:
-Rapéh pipe (kuripe or tepi)
-Palo Santo (aura cleansing)
-Maria Johanna Aura Spray (protection before & after)
-Esoteric oil (nice to use)
-Music you like or choose silence

Preparation the Medicine
Choose the right amount of medicine you want to use.

Dose for 2 nostrils
I recommend you to start with a mild dose.
Who knows, you might think that a mild dose is already strong.

If you take a real high dose, there is a change that you might have to vomit.
This means that you remove blockages. This can be very powerful.

Below you find the dosis. This dose is for 2 nostrils
1/4 teaspoon = mild
1/2 teaspoon = medium
Whole teaspoon = strong

Put the chosen dose on your hand and flatten it with your Rapé pipe. Then there are no granules in it and the medicine works better/faster. Put the medicine in your Rapé pipe.

Step #2 Intention: Concentrate on the intention

Since the medicine has a consciousness, through intention and energy you can lay your intention in the medicine.

Make contact with the medicine by, for example, placing the pipe against your heart and close your eyes. Concentrate on the medicine and your intention. You are charging your intention into the medicine. The medicine will put the intention into your system.

Step #3 Elements: Focus on the 4 Elements

Focus with the pipe on the different places and elements. As you do this you are blowing power into the intention each time you focus on 1 element.

Here are the elements:
1.Love = heart
You put the pipe to the heart, you focus on Love and you blow the intention into the field.

2.Trust = right shoulder
You put the pipe against the right shoulder, you focus on Trust and you blow the intention into the field.

3.Support = left shoulder
You place the pipe against the left shoulder, you focus on Support and you blow the intention into the field.

4.Vision = third eye
You put the pipe on the third eye, you focus on vision and you blow the intention into the field.

Step #4 Breath: Inhale & Hold

Short stap, but very important! Take a deep breath and hold.
If you don’t hold your breath the medicine comes out of the pipe in the wrong direction ;-)

Step #5 Blow: Blow the Rapé

Blow the medicine into the nostril or nostrils. Depending on whether you have a double or single pipe.

Make sure the medicine gets into both nostrils. Only then will you have the full effect.

Step #6 Receive: Receive the Medicine

In the beginning, the medicine hurts briefly. It may take a while to find the right breath to relax and receive the medicine. Rapé is a medicine that is very much about receiving.

Relax and let the medicine take effect.

Lots of love,

Maria Johanna
Team House of Oneness

Want to know more about Rapéh?

Rapéh is a wonderful, holy medicine that carries the spirit of The Grandfather and has great benefits. Would you like to know more about Rapéh or do you like to order Rapéh so you van create your own Rapéh Ritual at home? Feel welcome to visit our page about Rapéh to learn more and order this beautiful medicine.

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