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Benefits of Microdosing Choco Bliss

March 12, 2022

Benefits of Microdosing Choco Bliss

The experience of microdosing Choco Bliss has many benefits like: coming closer to yourself,  healing, concentration & focus, spiritual growth, inner peace, feeling more happy and so much more.

Keep in mind that it’s always a deeply personal journey. You’ll get out of it what is meant for you. That being said, here are some of the main benefits to your mental health you can expect.

It Tastes Better than Other Plant Medicines

Compared to other plant medicines, Choco Bliss is easy to take. Truffles, for example, can make your stomach upset and can even cause some people to throw up. Not so with Choco Bliss. They’re easy on the palate and the stomach.

It’s an Optimal Dosage

As you’d expect with microdosing, the effects with Chocol Bliss are subtle, but the dosage is high enough to have an impact long-term. Some days you might feel its effects, while others you might not. But you can trust that it’s benefiting you and that the medicine is working.

More about the Spirits of Choco Bliss

Choco Bliss has been carefully developed to be effective. It includes ceremonial cacao, which is known as the gift of the gods.

It also includes the Banisteriopsis Caapi plant, which is the spirit of mother ayahuasca. This is one of the dearest spirits for me personally. This ingredient allows you to be in the here and now. And when you’re in the here and now, everything is fine. It alleviates stressful, anxious thoughts and helps you get in touch with your true feelings.

Choco Bliss also includes herbs to help open your heart. I added citric fruits to help activate the spirits more. For example, citric fruits help activate the psilocybin in the medicine, making for a faster, smoother process.

Now, let’s dive a little deeper into what Choco Bliss does to your brain.

Microdosing Choco Bliss Creates New Brain Pathways

Your nervous system state, your beliefs, and your behaviors are all the results of connections in your brain.

To understand how this works, imagine a field in the wilderness. There are lots of pathways through this field. In some areas, there’s nothing but wild nature – it’s uncharted. Choco Bliss creates new pathways through this uncharted territory. The more times you tread that new pathway, the stronger it (the neural connection) becomes.

That’s why microdosing every day strengthens new beliefs and behaviors, as well as removing triggers. This applies not only while you’re microdosing, but when you stop – the benefits stick around. It’s similar to how meditation works, but microdosing is faster and easier.

Choco Bliss Gives Peace to Your Default Modes

Choco Bliss gives you more access to your creativity, problem-solving, thinking, and daydreaming modes. It helps you feel inspired, focused, and peaceful. And when you have more inner peace, your mental health improves.

It also releases endorphins, an important happiness hormone.

What to Know Before You Start

When you want to become a better version of yourself, it’s great to microdose for a while. Don’t think of it as a drug or something that will change who you are. The effect is subtle and will work on you over time.

This great medicine comes from nature and activates parts of you that are already present, but that might be dormant – parts like love, peace, and possibilities. It can tear down limitations in your thinking and give you the guts to take action on your dreams, express your soul’s purpose, and find your best life.

Want to know more about Microdosing Choco Bliss?

Are you curious to know more about Microdosing Choco Bliss? And do you want to learn more about Microdosing Choco Bliss? Visit the page about Microdosing Choco Bliss. You can learn more here and order the Microdosing Choco Bliss.

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