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Can I drive a car if I start with Microdosing Truffles?

January 20, 2021

Can I drive a car if I start with microdosing truffles?

A common question about microdosing truffles is “Can I still drive when I start microdosing truffles?”

The answer is “yes”. The idea of microdosing is that you are not tripping, but you are experiencing the benefits of the plant medicine. When microdosing truffles you find the dose that gives just a small effect that does not make you trippy, but makes you more connected to your heart and in touch with the spirit of the truffles.

So how do you know the right dose?

You must be wondering “So how do I know the right dose?”. The microdosing truffles are pre-packaged in a vacuum pack per 1 gram. On average this is the perfect dose. Yet we see that for many people this is just a bit too much. That is why we always recommend starting with half a dose. You may think you feel no effect at all but keep your long-term goal in mind. You want to experience a gradual healing. Give yourself time to find the right dosage.

When to take the microdose of truffles?

When to take the microdose depends on your goal. You can investigate for yourself what works best for you. Through experience you will learn what works best for you.

I want to sleep better

If you want to sleep better, we recommend taking the microdose 1.5 hours before sleeping. You often feel the effect half an hour after taking the microdose.

I want to feel the effect during the day

If you want to experience the effects and benefits of the microdose during the day, we recommend taking your microdose with your breakfast. If you are just starting out with microdosing it is recommended to take it after breakfast. It can be quite heavy on an empty stomach. Even then you will feel the effect about half an hour after taking it. Everyone reacts differently. So sometimes you feel no effect or only a slight effect. The most ideal is that you feel a slight effect. This means: You feel slightly high which makes you take life more lightly; you are in your heart and the creativity can flow.

Is it possible to still drive a car?

Returning to the question, you can drive a car while micro-dosing. The idea of micro-dosing is that you feel a light effect from the plant which makes you function better.

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