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7 ways to use Choco Bliss

January 20, 2021

7 ways how Choco Bliss can help you with this

* I have posted my personal dose for each way. I see my personal dose is lower than the average user.

# 1 Home Ceremony

You can use the Choco Bliss chocolates to create your own home ceremony. The Choco Bliss plant medicine open your consciousness and the plant spirits help you to receive the healing and insights you need at that moment.

(2 Chocolates or more. Most use 3 or 4 Chocolates)

# 2 Feel happier

Everyone has off-Days from time to time. By taking a small amount (micro dose) of the Choco Bliss, you will get a happier flow. The Choco Bliss chocolates help your system to produce endorphins (happiness hormone). The intention is that you feel a slight effect where you can normally function. So with micro dosing you are not tripping. ;-)

(take 1/4 Chocolate)

# 3 Creative Process

Micro dosing Choco Bliss is perfect to activate your creativity! It removes blockages or limiting beliefs (temporarily), so that you have a freer mind that can come up with unlimited creative ideas. You enter a free and creative flow. Really recommended :-)

(take 1/4 or 1/2 Chocolate)

# 4 Good conversation (resolving conflicts)

Choco Bliss helps to get in connection with your heart and in which there is no room for judgments and reproaches. This allows you to understand each other better and to have more respect for each other. Conflicts are easier resolved and the truth is more easily be told and received.

(take 1/2 to 1 Chocolate)

# 5 Inner peace

If you are like me… Ofter full of energy and fully alive… It can be wonderful to take a micro dose of Choco Bliss to experience more inner peace.

Allow yourself to enjoy doing “nothing” for a day, “reading a book” or “just being” instead of always being active. Peace in your mind, creates space for new ideas and other realisations. This can be healing for Everyone! Just enjoy.

(take 1/4 Chocolate)

# 6 Connection

Because Choco Bliss connects you to your heart, you feel more love and connection with yourself. You will also feel more connection with nature and the people around you.

Good to see are coming into your consciousness when you eat the Choco Bliss and realise who really matter to you. This is guided by the spirits of the plants and can provide insights into your heart’s desires.

(1 chocolate or more)

# 7 Greater potential

The Chocolates open you up to your greater potential. This can help you in several areas. Just the realisation that you are so much more than you think. Everything is possible. The Choco Bliss reminds you of this by increasing your potential. Very cool to step into your greater potential! Everyone should experience that at least once in their life (I think ;-)). It can open a new path for you.

(1 or 2 Chocolates)

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