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The 11 most common reasons Why people start Microdosing Truffles

January 20, 2021

The 11 most common reasons why people start microdosing truffles

Why should you start microdosing plant medication? Every time someone orders microdosing truffles from me, I ask about their motivation to start. This blog is based on 500 different answers. I have seen many different answers. In this blog you’ll see the most common motivation for starting microdosing.

1. Curiosity

Curiosity is a healthy human trait that can open up unfamiliar territory. From the 500 responses, this is the most common reason why people start with microdosing truffles with me.

2. Getting closer to myself

Almost as many people answered that they want to start with microdosing truffles because they want to get closer to themselves. Microdosing truffles is a very good tool for that.

3. Focus

One of the properties that microdosing truffles offers is to have more focus. It brings you closer to yourself, so you don’t get so easily carried away by distractions.

4. Out of your head, into your heart

Like other Plant Medicines, microdosing truffles helps you get out of your head and come home to your heart. Where your true potential lies hidden.

5. Inner peace

The head is what creates unrest. In your heart you will find qualities like peace, love, inner knowing and tranquility. Microdosing truffles is easier than meditating for most. That is why many use microdosing truffles to get more inner peace.

6. Healing depression

Fighting a depression is hard work. Therefore, do not expect depression to be healed in a few days by using microdosing truffles. However, I have received great feedback from people who have used microdosing truffles to heal their depression. Microdosing truffles can help to remove triggers, not grind so much, be less dejected, have more positive thoughts and get closer to yourself. If you want to cure depression with microdosing truffles, use the truffles over a longer period of time. Think about 3 to 6 months. You cannot combine the truffles with other medications such as anti-depressants. Always consult your doctor if you are going to reduce or stop your medication.

7. Spiritual growth

Microdosing truffles helps you get connected to your spirit. New neuropatterns are created which strengthen the portal with your spirit. Your frequency goes up, so you get more wisdom at your disposal from your own potential and from the truffle spirits.

8. Finding purpose

Everyone has a deeper purpose within them: Your soul mission. You don’t find it by thinking a lot or very hard. You find it by being in touch with your soul. This activates your inner knowing so you feel stronger and know what your soul mission is.

9. Feeling better

Most people have been taught to live from our heads, to make sensible and informed choices. Because of this, some people have lost contact with their feelings or it has become blurred. Microdosing truffles helps to get back in touch with your feelings. For some people it takes a while to recover this. That is why you use microdosing truffles for a longer period of 1, 2 or more months.

10. Healing

Some things you cannot heal by talking. Then you need something that puts you in touch with your essence. It’s not for everyone to go on a deep, inner journey with plant medicine. Then microdosing truffles is an ideal way to receive deep, gradual healing over a longer period of time. The plants work on a deep level that talking doesn’t always reach. In addition, during the period of microdosing truffles it creates new neuropatterns that bring about a transformation.

11. De-stressing & balance

Today’s world sometimes asks a lot of us. We take on different roles and there are all kinds of expectations. Because microdosing truffles brings you closer to yourself it helps to de-stress and come into balance. Some people (un)consciously carry fatigue around with them. The truffles sometimes let this come out and help you to take rest so you can get back into balance.

Other commonly cited reasons for starting microdosing include:

-Sleeping better


-Higher self

-Knowing who I am


-Increased productivity

-Feeling better in my own skin

-Increased awareness

-Becoming a better version of yourself

-Overcome complaints

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