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January 20, 2021

How do I start my first day microdosing truffles?

You want to start with microdosing truffles. So how do you start? Starting with Microdosing brings up many questions. Starting can be exciting. After all, you want to be able to function as usual and not be tripping at the office, half asleep at your Zoom meeting, or in bed parched when you should be there for your children. This blog is aligned with the microdosing program from House of Oneness by Maria Johanna and will help you with the question, “How do I start my first day of microdosing truffles?”

The right dose

The microdosing truffles from House of Oneness by Maria Johanna are precisely matched to the right dose. You do not have to think or weigh them yourself. They are also vacuum packed so they can be kept for 2,5 months. If you find any mold on your truffles, please send a picture by email so we can solve this with you.

Start with half a dose

We recommend starting the first day with half a dose of the microdose truffles. It may happen that you feel nothing. Be patient and gentle. It is best to start on a day that you do not necessarily have to do anything. For most people this is the weekend.

Moment of intake

Take the microdose truffles at the beginning of the day. Do not take them on an empty stomach the first day. The truffles can be quite heavy on an empty stomach. Therefore, we recommend taking the microdose truffles after your breakfast. This way you can benefit from the effects of the truffles during the day. If your goal is to sleep better, we recommend taking the microdosing truffles one and a half hour before bedtime on the first day.

Chew well

The longer and better you chew, the more active substances are released. Chew your microdosing truffles well for the most effective result. Many people will be satisfied with half a dose. Keep in mind that the truffles will perish very quickly after opening the vacuum package.

Not very tasty

The microdosing truffles has a bit of a nutty flavor. It is not very bad, but it is not tasty either. Feel free to take the microdose truffles with dates, chocolate, or anything else you like. The active substances psilocin and psilocybin will do their work.

How long does it take before you feel the effect?

Not everyone feels the effects of the truffles on the first day. This may be because the dose is simply too low for you. It can also have other reasons: you are less able to feel, or your system needs time to notice the effect. Remember! Microdosing truffles is not meant for tripping. It is meant to allow a gradual healing and/or transformation to occur. Take time to find your ideal dose.

What do you feel when the microdose starts working?

This is different for everyone. Microdosing gives you what you need. It helps you get out of your head and into your heart. Usually, you start to feel a little lighter. It’s a slight effect, but palpable. It helps to take life more lightly, react differently to situations, be more patient, experience fewer triggers and have better access to inner wisdom. You also often notice that you have more focus and concentration. In some cases, you become very tired, and your system tells you that you need to rest. Again: you get what you need. So, listen to it and don’t resist. That’s what makes life hard. In your heart you will find your truth. Microdosing truffles can be of great help in living your truth and carrying out your soul mission.

My personal experience

I personally take the microdosing truffles after my breakfast on a full stomach. For me 3/4 is the ideal dose. I then feel a light tripping effect which I like. I also hear the inner voice of the truffles speaking to me. This I find superfine. It is enlightening for me to see what is good for me and what is not. It’s a huge help in having choices and not letting nonsense distract me. Focus, creative ideas, feeling and knowing clearly are for me personally the greatest benefits of microdosing truffles.

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