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Difference between Marosa and Bobinsana

November 6, 2023

Difference between Marosa & Bobinsana

In short, the difference between Bobinsana and Marosa is that Marosa is specifically the Masterplant that focuses on healing love (love life), and Bobinsana is the Masterplant that focuses on healing your heart.

Differences and similarities between Marosa & Bobinsana

We offer Microdosing Bobinsana and Microdosing Marosa. Both are Master Plants, are not psychedelic (you will not be tripping), but both work like a Mao-inhibitor.

A Mao-inhibitor is a natural anti-depressant. The most well-known Mao-inhibitor is the Banisteriopsis Caapi. This is the vine that carries the spirit of Mother Ayahuasca and is used to create Ayahuasca Ceremonies. 

-Both Master Plants Bobinsana and Marosa are used for Dieta’s and we have them available for Microdosing. 

-Both great to heal the heart, heal childhood trauma and increase self love.

Yes, they have similarities, but they are different trees and do have a different spirit. 

-Bobinsana is the Master Plant of the heart 

-Marosa is the Master Plant of Love

You can compare it, for example, to 2 different mushrooms: Golden Teacher and McKennaii. Both contain Psilocybin, but they have a different spirit.

Bobinsana & Marosa are both 2 different Master plants, but they carry a different spirit. 

Benefits from Microdosing Bobinsana

Bobinsana is the Master Plant of the heart. Below some benefits that the spirit of The Master Plant Bobinsana can give; 

  • Opening the heart
  • Heal emotional wounds of the heart 
  • Forgive your past
  • Heal your past and have peace with it
  • Increase self worth
  • Can awaken lucid dreaming
  • Learn to set boundaries out of self love
  • Let your heart shine again after a healing process
  • Healing grief & loss
  • Healing childhood trauma 

Benefits from Microdosing Marosa

Marosa is the Master Plant of healing love life. Below some benefits that the Master plant Marosa can give:

  • Heal a broken heart
  • Rebuild self-esteem 
  • Heal childhood trauma 
  • Reflect & heal your Love life
  • Break through patterns that no longer serve you
  • Heal unhealthy patterns in adulthood around seeking love and a sense of belonging 
  • Giving to much of too little in relationships
  • Allowing disrespect 
  • Allowing Dishonorable treatment from others
  • Not feeling worthy of love 
  • Increase self love 

What to choose? Bobinsana or Marosa?

Microdosing Bobinsana and Microdosing Marosa work in a similar way, I recommend to chose based on what you feel. If you really want to focus on love life, choose Marosa. If you want to have a more wide focus; choose Bobinsana.

Both plants work like a MAO-inhibitor. So these plants for Microdosing are not psychedelic. This means that it’s a gentle but powerful Microdosing process. When you start, you would not feel very different. You will experience more of the effect among the process.

Master Plants Bobinsana and Marosa for a Dieta

These Master Plants are being used during dietas. A Dieta used to be only for Shamans, to become a better guide. 

Because when you diet the Master Plants, you go into isolation, you follow a strict diet and you do many ceremonies in a row where you use Ayahuasca to enter the realm of the Master Plant.

In the Plant Medicine World these Master Plants are above Mother Ayahuasca and during the Dieta they work together. Because in order to enter the World of the Master plants, you need to drink Ayahuasca.

When you diet a Master Plant, they stay with you as an ally while guiding ceremonies or dying daily life. 

Master Plants Bobinsana and Marosa for Microdosing

Microdosing Master Plants is very powerful! Only don’t expect to feel very different or that you will be tripping.

This is how you will get the best out of your Microdosing process 

We recommend to have moments where you check in with the plant spirit, with yourself and take moments to write things down about your feelings, insights, feelings and Microdosing process.

Want to start with Microdosing Bobinsana or Marosa?

Are you curious to know more about Microdosing Bobinsana? or Microdosing Marosa? The only way to know what it can do for you is to find our for yourself. We offer both Master Plants for Microdosing. Below you find the instructions on how to do Microdosing Bobinsana or Microdosing Marosa.

How to use Microdosing Bobinsana or Marosa?

-Shake the bottle well before use.

-Start with a low dose, such as 1 dropper (about 10-20 drops) per day.

-Half to 1 dropper per day could be sufficient for the entire Microdosing period.

-If you feel you want to increase the dosage, go up to 3-4 droppers per day.

-Drop the Microdosing Bobinsana/Masora under your tongue.

-The Microdosing feels burning under your tongue. If you find this too strong, you can dilute it with water.

-Take the Microdosing Bobinsana/Masora at the start of your day (morning). This can be before or after your breakfast.

-Microdosing Bobinsana and Masora are not psychedelic. It won’t make you trip.

-We recommend holding the Microdosing Bobinsana/Masora under your tongue for 30-60 seconds and then swallowing.

-You can take the Microdosing Bobinsana/Masora daily and therefore do not have to follow a Microdosing schedule.

-If necessary, increase the dosage gradually, up to a maximum of 3-4 droppers per day, depending on how you respond.

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