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The difference between Microdosing Psychedelics and Microdosing Master Plants

October 25, 2023

The difference between Microdosing Psychedelics and Microdosing Master Plants

Microdosing has gained popularity, but the question remains: What should you use for Microdosing and where can you buy Microdosing drugs? In this blog, I will compare the practice of Microdosing psychedelics with that of microdosing Master Plants.

Microdosing Psychedelics versus Microdosing Master Plants

Microdosing Psychedelics

Microdosing is usually associated with psychedelics, and as a webshop for Microdosing prodycts, we have found that many people are hesitant to embark on their Micrcodosing journey.

Where does the fear of psychedelics come from?
People often fear that they will experience a full trip and not be able to function normally, or not be able to safely drive a car.

Sweet Spot van Microdosing vinden

When microdosing psychedelics, it is possible to experience a slightly altered state, but the key is to find the ideal dose where you are not tripping, but are still experiencing the benefits of the plant medicine and the accompanying spirits that help you in your personal growth and healing process. This is called “Finding Your Sweet Spot.

No worries

To overcome this fear, we chose to offer unique plants for microdosing, where you don’t have to worry about experiencing a trippy sensation.

Meet Microdosing from Master Plants.

Microdosing Master Plants works differently than psychedelics. In the world of plant medicine, all plants are considered teachers because of the spiritual wisdom they embody.

There is a hierarchy in the jungle, with Ayahuasca being considered the Mother of all plants. She is one of the wisest trees. But above her are the Master Plants.

Most of these plants are trees, and you can access their realm through a regimen known as a Dieta, which is basically a strict retreat. During a Dieta, the spirit of the plant becomes your ally.

What is a Dieta?

A Dieta is when you go into the jungle to “diet” a plant. This is a very intense process. You go into isolation and remove all destinations from your life.

So; no phone, no reading, no news, no contact with the outside world, sometimes writing is allowed and sometimes not.

You also follow a strict diet consisting mainly of a few fruits, vegetables, potatoes, quinoa and rice. Nothing added; no sugar, no salt, no spices. You eat twice a day.

The preparation is also strict. You can’t even think about sex, for example. Dittas used to be only for shamans. Now it is available to anyone who feels called. Often it changes your life completely.

You can do several Master Plant diets. In the hierarchy of the World of Plant Medicine, they rank above Mother Ayahuasca.

Moeder Ayahuasca is de poort naar het rijk (dimensie) van de Master Plant.

Master Plants for Microdosing

Two of the Master Plants we offer for microdosing are Bobinsana and Marosa.

In simpler terms:

  • Bobinsana is the Master Plant of the Heart.
  • Marosa is the Master Plant the Love.

Bobinsana is de Master Plant van het hart

What can Microdosing with Bobinsana do for you?

Bobinsana is the Master Plant of “The Heart. This plant is used during Diets originally intended only for shamans.

While Ayahuasca is a psychedelic plant medicine, Bobinsana itself is not psychedelic. During your period of Microdosing with Bobinsana, you may experience many emotions and old memories may surface. All of this serves the purpose of healing and reflecting on your life.

Microdosing with Bobinsana is all about healing and opening your heart. There is often a certain structure to the healing process, so you gradually gain clarity about what your Microdosing journey is about.

Microdosing with Bobinsana can give properties such as: Love, Acceptance, Faith, Confidence, Self-esteem and Self-love.

It can also help heal the wounds you carry in your heart. It often involves healing trauma to come to terms with your past.

Benefits Microdosing Bobinsana

Microdosing with Bobinsana will provide you with what you need. Here is a list of how Microdosing with Bobinsana can help you:

  • Healing from trauma
  • Deep reflection on life
  • Healing from heartbreak
  • Retrieving buried memories for healing
  • Receiving wisdom from Bobinsana and your heart
  • Strengthening self-confidence
  • Opening your heart
  • Prioritizing self-love
  • Learning to forgive your past
  • Free yourself from grief
    Strengthen the immune system
  •  Offer anti-inflammatory properties
  • Provide other health benefits
Microdosing Bobinsana

Marosa for Microdosing

What can Microdosing Marosa do for you?

Marosa is the Master Plant associated with healing love life trauma.

Love is the area where we are most triggered. In love life, you share intimacy that you don’t share with friends or family.

It makes you vulnerable and therefore it is easy to get triggered.

Maybe you recognize that often when two people meet, one has an attachment strategy and the other is avoidant

Benefits Microdosing Marosa

Here are some examples of how Marosa can help:

  • Marosa is the Master Plant of love and helps to increase self-love.
  • Make more decisions from self-love.
  •  Work on a relationship crisis.
  • Work on anxiety in your love life.
  • Helps heal a broken heart.
  •  Marosa helps those seeking light and love.
  •  Marosa has a strong feminine energy.
  • Opens your heart.
  •  Helps heal childhood traumas related to abuse, abandonment and rejection.
  •  Marosa helps to recharge self-confidence.
  • Microdosing offers gentle healing.

Microdosing is a process

Microdosing is a path of patience, self-reflection, honesty with yourself, navigating through emotions, and with the power of the spirit of Marosa (the Master Plant of Love) you will go through a beautiful process of healing and growth.

How do the Master Plants for Microdosing work?

When you micro-dose with these Master Plants, you experience the guidance of the Master Plants, who possess a wealth of wisdom, and you will not feel drastically different.

Master Plants act as an MAO inhibitor, much like the Ayahuasca vine.

It is a gentle healing journey where we recommend taking time to write down your process to become aware and enhance the healing process by Microdosing with Bobinsana or Marosa.

My personal experience with Microdosing from Master Plants

Personally, I can confirm that the healing I have received is more profound than with psychedelics. Perhaps that is because these spirits are truly the Master Plants. If you are attracted to it, consider trying it yourself.

Would you like to order Microdosing with Master plants?

Two of the Master Plants we offer for Microdosing are Bobinsana and Marosa.

In simpler terms:

Bobinsana is the Master Plant of the hart.

•  Marosa is the Master Plant of love.

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