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I have a headache after the Choco Bliss. How come? What can I do?

July 27, 2021

I have a headache after the Choco Bliss. How come? What can I do?

It’s quite common for people to experience headaches after an Ayahuasca or Choco Bliss or other psychedelic ceremony. Very annoying! How come? What can you do about it? can you take a painkiller?

How comes that I have a headache after a plant medicine ceremony?

I can’t say for sure why you have a headache after your Choco Bliss Ceremony. There is a lot going on in your system when you do a plant medicine ceremony.

It is not only at Choco Bliss ceremonies that you have a headache. This can also happen after an Ayahuasca Ceremony or other plant medicines.

One of the hallmarks of psychedelics is that it creates new connections in your brain. An energetic deep operation takes place. This could be the reason for the headache.

How to prevent it?

One reason could be the food you took in preparing for your ceremony or that you didn’t drink enough during the ceremony.

What to do about it?

First, drink enough water during the ceremony. I wouldn’t drink any other drinks on your trip. Afterwards you can of course drink herbal tea, healthy juices or something else that is healthy.

You can also stop drinking coffee in your preparation and not take any food that contains tyramine.

What foods contains tyramine ?

  • Raw meat
  • Raw fish and undercooked chicken
  • Meat with cheese, for example cordon bleu and burgers with cheese
  • Smoked sausage that is not factory prepared
  • Smoked fish, such as smoked mackerel, smoked salmon and real smoked chicken (usually only available on holidays and is sold in brown packaging (read the label for this)
  • Cheese
  • Melted and spread cheese
  • smoked cheese
  • farmhouse cheese
  • Foreign cheese, such as brie, camembert, gruyere, feta, Emmenthaler, blue cheese and cheddar
  • Old perennial Dutch cheese
  • Goat cheese
  • Sheep cheese
  • Cheese products such as cheese chips, cheese burgers, cheese snacks, cheese soufflés and cheese biscuits
  • Fish sauce
  • Tamari Other
  • Fermented Oriental (fish) sauces (*in moderation)
  • Tempeh (*in moderation)
  • Soy sauce (*in moderation)

Can you take a painkiller?

Yes, but paracetamol

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