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How to protect yourself during the Ceremony?

August 2, 2021

How to protect yourself during the Ceremony?

You’ll open yourself up during the ceremony, which makes you vulnerable. That’s why it’s important to protect yourself and your environment. You’re working with spirits and energy.

Ceremony kit by Maria Johanna

Important things to do in order to create a safe setting, are to cleanse your room, your aura, and protect your energy. That’s why we’ve put together a ceremony kit with the basic elements that you’ll need.

The Ceremonykit contains 3 elements. These are White Sage, Palo Santo, and the Maria Johanna Aura Spray. In the video, you’ll hear more about this.

1.White Sage (to cleanse your room)

You can use the White Sage to cleanse your ceremony room. Everything in our reality is energy. Everything consists of tiny particles containing information and energy. Even though we can’t see this. During the ceremony you’ll open yourself up, are more connected with the energy field and are vulnerable. That’s why it’s important to use White Sage to cleanse your ceremony room. You do this by lighting the white sage with a small flame. Make sure the flame allows the white sage to emit smoke. This will be a thick smoke that cleanses your room so you can enter the ceremony as safe as possible.

2.Palo Santo (to cleanse your aura)

You’ll use the Palo Santo to cleanse your own energy (or: aura field). If you were to translate Palo Santo to English, it’d mean: ‘holy wood’. In the same way that a room contains energy, so do you have an energy field surrounding you. We call this our aura. Throughout the day you could carry energy resulting from stress, other people or other energies you want to cleanse with you. Light the Palo Santo with a small flame. Let it burn until it starts giving off smoke. You could also blow on it. With this smoke, you’ll cleanse your aura, or someone else’s. When you do the ceremony together, this is a nice ritual to do together. You’ll then cleanse each other’s aura with the smoke of the Palo Santo.

3.Maria Johanna Aura Spray (for protection)

You can use the Maria Johanna Aura Spray before the ceremony to protect you energy field during the ceremony. It’s also very nice to use during the ceremony, and it certainly is afterwards. After the ceremony, you can use it to close yourself off again and to return to earth. The Maria Johanna Aura Spray consists of an centuries old recipe from the jungle with a modern twist. I can certainly recommend using it during the ceremony, but you could also use it on a normal week day when you want to protect your energy field or want to smell nice.

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