How do I prepare myself for a cacao ceremony?

Cacao ceremonies are becoming increasingly popular. More and more people recognize the power of nature to bring them closer to their own nature. It can be exciting to do your first cacao ceremony and it can raise questions, because: how do you best prepare for a cacao ceremony? Good preparation for your cacao ceremony helps. In this blog, I’m happy to help you prepare for your cacao ceremony.

Why a Cacao ceremony?

Cacao is mainly about connecting with yourself, with your feelings, your heart, your emotions, taking time for yourself. That’s why it helps to do things in your preparation that help you to be calmer.

Tips to prepare for your Cacao ceremony


Meditating helps to become an observer of your thoughts. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have thoughts. It’s more about realizing that you are not your thoughts, but you have thoughts. You can start meditating a week before your cacao ceremony. Meditating helps to become calmer inside, instead of getting lost in your thoughts and to-do lists in your head. Meditating trains you to become more of an observer of your thoughts. This helps to achieve more inner peace.

Hallo daar!

Music is essential during your cacao ceremony. That’s why we have created different music playlists on Spotify for preparation before your cacao ceremony or during your cacao ceremony. You can play these playlists during the 3 days leading up to your ceremony to start getting into a relaxed atmosphere.

Cacao Ceremony Playlists Spotify

We have created 3 different playlists for preparation for your cacao ceremony or during your cacao ceremony.

Ceremonial Cacao Relax Playlist for every day

Cacao Ceremony Playlist

Cacao Ceremony House of Oneness Playlist


It helps to start writing and putting your thoughts on paper. For example, begin your day with writing in the morning and let the words come to you naturally. This way, you can see on paper what is happening in your emotional world and become aware of it. By writing, you can discover what you want to work on. By clearing your mind, you will more easily connect with your feelings, which is what you want during your cacao ceremony.

Set an intention

It’s not necessary to have a clear intention, but if you are writing, your intention for your cacao ceremony will become clear as well. It can indeed be beautiful to consciously enter your ceremony with an intention. Don’t overthink it. The most important thing is to connect with your feelings during your ceremony and not to be stuck in your head.

Telephone Detox

It is good to experience more tranquility in preparation for your cacao ceremony. Nowadays, our phones are a major distraction that prevents us from connecting with ourselves, as we get caught up in all the stimuli they offer. It is advisable to keep your phone out of your bedroom and even block out times during the day when you are without your phone. For example, consider looking at your phone only after breakfast or put it away two hours before bedtime. Less screen time before sleeping helps improve sleep quality, and that is important.

Eat Healthy

A clean body leads to a clear mind. By consuming healthy food, you not only purify your body but also your thoughts become clearer. Additionally, cocoa works better when your body is clean.

Avoid heavy, greasy, or heavily spiced foods. Hydrate yourself well by drinking enough water and avoid excessive alcohol or caffeine consumption. Therefore, it’s also recommended to fast for at least 3 hours before starting a cacao ceremony.

Connect with nature

Spend time in nature and connect with the natural world around you. This can help balance your energy and connect you with the spiritual dimension of the ceremony. For example, take a walk in nature through the park, forest, dunes, or beach. But if you live in the city center or by the canals, that’s okay too. It’s good to spend time outdoors. Tip! Leave your phone at home and be present in the moment.

Openness and acceptance 

Maintain an open attitude before entering your cacao ceremony. Be open to the experience and be willing to accept whatever arises during the ceremony, both positive and challenging. Let go of all expectations and trust the process. For one person, a cacao ceremony may be a revelation. Others may feel very little. Good preparation helps to be more open to the effects of ceremonial Cacao.

Clothing and accessories

Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely during the ceremony. Some people also choose to wear special clothing or accessories that help them connect with the spiritual significance of the ceremony. For example, you can bring something precious to your cacao ceremony if you find it comforting. You can also bring gemstones or a photo of loved ones.

“Cacao opens the door to your heart. It’s up to you whether you step through the door.”

What can you expect from a Cacao Ceremony?

The best tip is to let go of your expectations about your cacao ceremony. I wrote it earlier in this blog, ‘For one person, a cacao ceremony is a revelation. Other people feel very little of it.’ It has been said ‘Cocoa opens the door to your heart. It is up to you whether you step through the door.’

So a Cacao ceremony is not a great success for everyone. It helps to prepare well and surrender to the experience for the rest. It’s not like you lose control during a Cocoa ceremony. So there is no need to be nervous. You are merely opening the door to your heart and connecting with yourself on a deeper level.

What is the purpose of a Cacao ceremony?

A Cacao ceremony is a beautiful way to reflect on ascetics in your life that you might otherwise pass by. It is therefore a beautiful tool to process emotions and reflect on your life and connect with your heart’s desire. Cacao can also help you heal your heart and engage your process. For some people, a cacao ceremony brings transformation to their lives. This is not true for everyone. So let go of your expectations and trust that you will get the experience that is needed for you at that moment.

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