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Podcast #8 WTF!? Having an undercover agent in my Ayahuasca Ceremony?

March 24, 2022

An ayahuasca ceremony is the most vulnerable place you could possibly be. It can be even more intimate than having sex with someone, because there you can still play a role and put on a “mask.” So you can imagine how shocked and upset I was when I discovered one of my ceremonies had an undercover agent in it!

The Agent’s Assignment

This undercover agent was sent from a TV show sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry, who saw ayahuasca like their own corporate witch hunt. They wanted to prove ayahuasca was a hoax (obviously, they couldn’t).

Scientific proof Ayahuasca

There are countless stories that show that ayahuasca can help people change their lives. There is also scientific evidence behind it. One research has been done in The Netherlands by ‘The University Maastricht’. I even joined this study myself. In this study they show that Ayahuasca helps to heal depression. It is not easy to do scientific research on the effect of Ayahuasca, as it is banned in many countries.

How does Ayahuasca work?

Ayahuasca, the way we know it, contains DMT and a MAO-inhibitor. Maybe you have heard about DMT: ‘The spirit Molecule’. Every ‘God-creation carries DMT and a self-healing power. So this molecule is already in your body. The DMT and a MAO-inhibitor work together. The MAO-inhibitor gives a break to the enzymes in your stomach that normally breaks off the DMT. Now your body is ready to let the DMT do it’s work to open up your consciousness and let you go on an inner journey. See it as if the gatekeeper steps aside and now the portal to The World of Ayahuasca is open.

We forgot our true power

We have so much more healing and creation power than we realize; this is old knowledge that we’ve largely forgotten. As the world is now, in general the system is teaching us to be dependent on others rather than trusting ourselves. Ayahuasca reminds you of the power you hold within you. All the answers are inside of you. But some people still think it’s a placebo effect.

Ayahuasca a Hoax?

This undercover agent, who was also the host of a TV show, showed up in one of my 2-day ayahuasca ceremonies. This new person signed up for an extra spot on the second day of this ceremony.

The first ceremony had been a huge success, as usual. People were connected, loving, respectful, grateful, and in their feelings. When the new person came in, everyone welcomed him warmly. He went around talking to everyone, recording undercover video with a camera hidden in his glasses (which I found out about later). He asked people to admit that ayahuasca was a hoax. Instead, everyone gushed about how great the experience had been! I think he started to realize “Shit, the TV program sent me here, but the people here are so kind that it’s hard to lie to them!”

Was he really too afraid?

When I started the ceremony and gave everyone their medicine, he kept stalling taking his portion (to make sure he could film everything). Everyone kept encouraging him, thinking he was afraid.

His doubt lasted so long and he was shaking on his legs. This took up a lot of time and attention. Too much. I wanted everyone to be able to focus on themselves and their own process. So eventually I went up to him and was very direct, ‘What are you doing? Are you in or are you going home?”

Okay, then leave!

He said he wouldn’t do it, so I asked him to leave. That’s when I noticed something strange under his shirt. He said it was for a heart condition, but we always do an intake and don’t let people with heart conditions take ayahuasca, so I asked more about it. That’s when he got nervous. I figured this was very private for him, so I invited him to leave without prying. I wanted to focus on the group and create a peaceful setting.

How I Found Him Out

A week later, he called me and came clean. He told me about filming undercover. Working with a lawyer, I told him the ceremony was too private to put on TV. His admission hit me so deeply and broke my trust.

It’s a pity the media is in the hands of certain groups of people, the way funding works. This program was funded by the pharmaceutical industry. At least, it opened my eyes. In the end, it was painful to feel like a safe space I’d worked so hard to create had been invaded. It impacted my team and me deeply. Some team members wanted to stop guiding ceremonies and I had to reassure them the breach wouldn’t happen again.

My Takeaways from This Difficult Experience

The experience taught me more about how the world works. I have a financial background and got more insight into the pharmaceutical industry, which isn’t always pleased with the amazing healing power of nature. In most countries, ayahuasca isn’t widely accepted, even though it’s very old knowledge.

Working with Ayahuasca is a calling

Working with ayahuasca is not just something. It’s an incredible responsibility and it’s something that really should feel like your mission. Not only that, it’s a very emotional path. You hear the deepest and most emotional life stories. Next to that you do this work from your heart (I would say).

Respect for everyone who works with Ayahuasca. There is so much more to it than you think. I think like, say, running a family. In my opinion, working with Ayahuasca can only come from a deep love for the plants, life and your fellow man. It asks so much of you, and you can only perform so many ceremonies. You can’t do it every day.

Is Ayahuasca a threat for the pharmaceutical world?

It seems like the pharmaceutical world sees ayahuasca as a threat. I’ve seen a lot of depressed people no longer need their medication after an Ayahuasca Ceremony (don’t do this without talking to your doctor, of course!). Ayahuasca let you heal from the essence and it helps you see truth. You’re more in your heart and your intuition strengthens.

This experience made it even clearer to me that ayahuasca and the power of plant medicine is too big for some people. It’s not a business model like the pharmaceutical industry. With ayahuasca, you feel the calling, you step into the ceremony. It’s not profit-driven; it’s life-changing. It’s driven by love. It can change you from your core.

Why Ayahuasca is Different from Other Healing Methods

One past participant put it perfectly: ayahuasca is different from pharmaceutical healing methods. Therapy and medications throw water to shrink the fire of your pain, but even when the fire is put out, there are still burning embers deep under the surface. You’re not completely healed.

With ayahuasca, plant medicines, and Choco Bliss (because Choco Bliss contains the spirit of mother ayahuasca), you go straight to the source and heal from your essence. It’s transforming. You remember the old patterns, but a new path has been set by the medicine. Psychedelic plant medicines create new connections in the brain. This means: new beliefs and new behavior or it removes triggers.

Walking the path of plant medicine will always have challenges. It’s hard to see these truths, to look down this rabbit hole. I know for me, it certainly hurt. But it ultimately made me wiser, stronger, and ready to face the future. This truth from within begets love and respect. The power of nature is huge. I am happy that this old knowledge is still here and I feel the calling to spread this.

I believe in that which is guided from your heart, that feels authentic, and that is truly effective. This is the path that will give you true fulfillment and satisfacytion. I dream of a world where everyone can find and live his or her soul purpose. Plant Medicines can be of great help in remembering who you are and what your soul purpose is.

That’s why I love plant medicine so much. The pharmaceutical industry may never understand that. But for those who are ready to embark on a journey of self-healing, plant medicine and the healing power it can provide are always here, calling those who are prepared to listen.



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