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Podcast #9 – Microdosing: How to Get Started

April 5, 2022

In my previous posts, I’ve been sharing stories about my history with plant medicine. Now, I figure it’s time to give more information about where I am now. In this post, I want to focus on microdosing – specifically, microdosing Choco Bliss and its possibilities.

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Interested in Microdosing Choco Bliss?

When I recorded this video we didn’t have the ready-to-use Microdosing Choco Bliss. We now have these. If you feel curious after seeing this Podcast about Microdisng Choco Bliss and you like to experience Microdosing Choco Bliss for yourself, I really recommend ordering it. These have been weighed in advance for the perfect Microdosing amount.

New in The World of Plant Medicine?

If you’re new to the world of plant medicine, microdosing can be a great introduction. Lots of people are afraid of losing control during a full plant medicine ceremony with a higher dosage.



Out of your head into your heart

Microdosing is a gentler way to benefit from plant medicine by reconnecting with your heart. It helps to come closer to yourself. It’s a way to get out of your head a little and more into your heart. Our nature is actually living from the heart. When you live your soul path, it’s about letting go, which can be hard for people. Microdosing can help with that.

What is Microdosing?

Microdosing is using a plant medicine – it can be Choco Bliss, San Pedro, ayahuasca, truffles, or other medicines – in tiny doses over a set period of time.

During this time, you build a rhythm on how you take the microdose. There isn’t a right or wrong way to do it. It’s about finding out what fits the best for you. It’s more about having a rhythm than about the actual rhythm you choose.

House of oneness

One practical way is to take the microdose every other day. Most people actually choose to take it for 2 days, then pause for 2 days. The Microdosing is out of your system on your second rest day. Some people like this. Others just want to experience the effect of the Microdosing a full month on a daily basis.

Microdosing for one year

You could practically go a whole year with that rhythm if you really wanted to. For example, people with depression who don’t want to use pharmaceutical medications may choose to microdose truffles for a longer period of time. In reality, I don’t think anyone does Microdosing for a whole year.

Not a Quick Fix

Keep in mind that it’s a process, not a one-time fix. When you go on a high dose of plant medicine during a full ceremony, it’s also not a quick fix. A high dose during a ceremony can work faster and help you gain a lot of understanding in one go, but it always takes time to implement the knowledge you’ve learned. Plant medicine, whether you’re microdosing or taking a high dose during a ceremony, is never a quick fix. Many experience that you speed up a process (myself included), but it always remains a healing and/or transformation process.

Is Microdosing Addictive?

Now you may be wondering, “Is Microdosing Addictive?” Microdosing is not addictive. The spirits of the plants have a consciousness and call you if you need their healing. In nature you take what you need and no more. The awareness of the plant will help you feel when you are done with Microdosing. Listen to this inner guidance.

What happens if I stop Microdosing after, for example, 3 months?

I have previously described that Microdosing does a kind of operation in your human operating system. It makes new connections in your brain. These new connections in your brain create new beliefs and therefore new behavior.

For example, less triggers, more relaxation and inner peace. This can be a lasting change. You do Microdosing for a longer period of time so that those new connections in your brain can strengthen and become permanent. Therefore, it can bring lasting change. Do not be afraid of strange symptoms if you stop. You will be just yourself and if you feel the calling, you can always start another month with Microdosing.

My History with Microdosing

For much of my life, I’d never heard of microdosing. But one day I found myself in a jungle in Brazil, where I learned that when people in the area had significant depression, they took 1 teaspoon of ayahuasca every day or every other day. That’s when I learned the practice of taking small doses of plant medicine over a long period of time for gradual healing.

This provided people with insights, opened their heart, and helped them get out of their head. And when you get out of your head, you become more of who you are. That’s what plant medicine is all about. You’re not becoming someone new; you’re becoming more of who you are and getting more in touch with your true nature.

Why Would You Microdose?

Most people first try microdosing because they’re curious. Which is a valid reason! You don’t need a deep, complicated reason to try microdosing.

Focus & Concentration

Other people try it because they want to have more focus, concentration, creativity, and inspiration. And microdosing can certainly help with all those things. It connects you with your spirit, which is where inspiration always comes from.

Out of your head, into your heart

A lot of people want to get out of their heads and be more in tune with their hearts, because that’s where the answers to life always lie. It gives more inner peace if you no longer live in your head and when you come home to your heart.

Microdosing and Menopause

It can also be for physical reasons. One of the main reasons people try microdosing – especially for women – is if they’re in menopause. A lot of women say it’s really helpful for menopause symptoms like mood swings and hot flashes. I can’t personally attest to this because I haven’t gone through menopause, but the things I hear back from the people I work with are really compelling and heartening.

My own experience with Microdosing

When I observe my own microdosing journey, at first it was more about my mindset. I started microdosing for my mind, then as my journey continued, I delved more into matters of the heart and into my feelings. And my heart ended up being a portal to my soul. The plant medicine helps with this, I’ve found.

How to Approach Microdosing

You can certainly microdose with a goal. A lot of entrepreneurs, high achievers, and creative people try plant medicine with a specific goal in mind.

But keep in mind that the medicine has its own spirit. And that spirit is very wise; it knows what you need. The plants carry their own wisdom and vision. Truffles and other mushrooms are so powerful because when there’s destruction of the earth, fungi are the first to start growing back everywhere. I highly recommend watching the documentary Fantastic Fungi if you’re interested in learning more about the family of the mushrooms and the truffles. It can be a great resource to help you learn more about them and what they can offer us.

Trailer Fantastic Fungi

How Fast Does Microdosing Work?

For all microdosing plants, it takes time. Don’t make a judgment in the first week. I recommend taking at least 1 month before you decide whether or not it’s for you.

You get what you need

Remember, the plant medicine gives you what you need, not always what you want or what you expect. Some people take it eager for renewed inspiration, sharper focus, and new ideas for their business or their creative projects. Instead, sometimes they get very tired and all they want to do is rest. This can stress them out because in their mind, they don’t have time to rest!

It brings balance

But a lot of microdosing is about balance. Maybe you think you’re in balance, but your body carries so much wisdom – and the plants do as well. Your body knows what you really need. So if you start microdosing and you feel tired, I recommend not fighting it and surrendering to the process. That’s why microdosing can be an excellent tool to prevent burnout. It reminds us that there are seasons to life – day and night, winter and summer, action and rest.

How to Choose Which Medicine to Microdose

I recommend making your decision based on what you feel, but here I explain something about the qualities and characteristics of the medicine.

Truffles vs. Choco Bliss

The truffles have a very masculine spirit. They’re practical and down to earth. I would say down to earth. After all, they grow underground.

You can also microdose Choco Bliss, which is more feminine in contrast. When I microdose, I choose the truffles because I enjoy the structure, concentration, focus, and the activation of the inner voice of the plant that provides guidance. The truffles are more about that. When you want to dance more, feel more in your feminine energy, be softer on yourself, and embrace the celebration side of life, I recommend Choco Bliss. But the Truffles are stronger, so if you feel like you want to have somethings stronger, choose Truffles.

Let your gut decide and otherwise you can always experience the other drug the next month. 😉

The Microdosing Challenge

We have developed a Microdosing Challenge to help people who are new to Microdosing provide guidance during their Microdosing process. This is an Online Training that you can follow independently or with group coaching or 1 on 1 guidance.

It’s a 31 Day online guidance with writing and meditation exercises to help you reflect deeper on your experience and get the most out of the medicine. It can be a great way to bridge the gap between microdosing on your own and taking on a full plant medicine ceremony. It’s especially focused on finding your Soul Purpose.

Can I Continue Microdosing While Planning a Choco Bliss Ceremony?

Yes, that’s certainly possible. Personally, I stop microdosing 2 or 3 days before my ceremony. After my ceremony, I wait 2 or 3 days before I start microdosing again.

But that’s a very personal decision that’s ultimately up to you. If microdosing makes it easier for you to step into your ceremony and to show up wholeheartedly and without fear, then go for it. It won’t harm you if you are Microdosing Truffles of Choco Bliss (don’t use LSD or other chemicals).

Things to Remember

  • The plant medicine will always give you what you need. However, it won’t always give you what you expect! Surrender yourself to the process.
  • It’s a process. It takes time! Don’t draw conclusions or give up too soon.
  • Remember why you’re doing it, whether you want a transformation, to go through a process of creation, to connect with nature, to connect with your personal nature, or if you want to heal.
  • Plan your first day of microdosing when you’ll have time to relax. Pick a day when you don’t have to work or be busy.
  • Start with half doses. At first, you may not even feel an effect. But if you experience a tripping feeling, don’t be afraid; it’s normally only there for an hour or so, then it fades away. During microdosing, you can generally function normally and go about your day. That’s the goal.
  • Journal, write things down, or take the microdosing challenge to help reflect on your experience as you go. It’ll help you learn and grow.
  • Let yourself enjoy it!
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