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Self-Love Challenge: Day 4: Take Better Care of Yourself

July 30, 2020

Tips! to Eat more Healthy

Everything is energy and everything is nutrition. Be aware of how you handle food. It says something about yourself. Spend love and attention on food. Below I have written a tips / reminders to be aware of your diet.

  • Take the time to prepare your food
  • Be aware of what you eat
  • Limit the consumption of sugars, that pulls your energy down
  • Eat in a nice environment
  • Provide a pleasant atmosphere
  • Take small portions
  • Chew longer than normal on your food
  • Change your food step by step
  • Eat on a table
  • Use all your senses
  • Give your food a ‘blessing’
  • Go to healthy recipes
  • Look for inspiration
  • Have fun in the preparation
  • Go eat with others
  • Make food a special moment in your day
  • Eating healthy is giving love to yourself
  • Take conscious snacks
  • Food that ‘lives’ gives energy
  • Limit taking e-numbers
  • Provide enough vitamin
  • Take any nutritional supplements

Recommendation! Give yourself a nice treat

When was the last time you gave yourself a nice treat? Something that makes you relax. I will help you with some inspiration (some are more for women):

  • Taking a good massage
  • Going to the Spa
  • Take a facial
  • Visit a Hammam
  • Going to the Hairdresser
  • Going to the Beard Barber (for the man)
  • Let your nails be done well
  • Manicure or Pedicure
  • Do a colonic
  • Take a bath (if you have one at home)
  • Give yourself nice treatment at home by massaging your own feet, use nice oils, take a mask, etcetera.
  • Have you ever been floating? This gives do much inner peace? Do this at the end of the day and you will sleep amazing after it.

You are worth giving yourself the best. So invest in yourself, your health, your body. Your well-being is the most important of all.

Guided Visual Meditation: ‘Activate your Self Love’

Especially for this ‘Self Love Challenge’ I have created a guided meditation for you. This helps you to focus on your inner world. When you are at peace and in balance with yourself from within, you will also experience this in the World around you.

Make your inner world your first priority. You can do this meditation every day for the next 7 days to strengthen your self-love. Choose a nice, quiet place where you can sit or lie down. Both are allowed. As a starter maybe you prefer to just lie down, put on your headphone and be guided by my voice. All you have to do is just relax and listen to my words. Some people fall a sleep and that also just fine. The point is that you take time for yourself and you will go inside to activate your self-love.

Enjoy it! Love, Maria Johanna



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