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Traveling to Turkey – Istanbul – Vlog #73

September 30, 2022

Traveling to Turkey – Istanbul – Vlog #73

“I would like to go to Cappadocia & Istanbul, but who would want that too?!” I said to a friend.

“I want that!” was her response.

Wow! I did not expect that! This is how our this trip to Turkey started.

If I’ve learned one thing over the years, it’s: Live Now!

Later, Ourty joined with whom I traveled a lot with in Bali. Since he is a videographer and photographer, this vlog was created during our adventure that started in Istanbul!

On my Instagram I already posted that this has not been a trip with only fun. Nevertheless, we made special memories and this beautiful vlog has arisen:

Thanks for watching

Thank you for watching. If you like, I have more vlogs at my YouTube channel. Here you will find a lot of travel vlogs from Bali, Ibiza, Brazil, Peru and more. I started vlogging in 2016. So you can pretty much find my whole life on YouTube. Below I have highlighted a number of Vlogs that I love to share. I hope you like it.

My very first vlog in 2016

I started vlogging in 2016. I didn’t dare to vlog in English. Yet I did it, because that’s how I felt!

This has given me so much! As a person and certainly for my company. My Ayahuasca retreats used to be full with people from all around the Globe. So special to experience and thanks to YouTube.

In this first vlog you can see how I organize Ayahuasca ceremonies in a villa in The Netherlands and at the same time I am looking for inner peace while living in Amsterdam.

Most watched vlog! Bali 2022 – Sumberkima Hill – West Bali – Vlog #70

Wow! This was so unique: Bali without tourists! We stayed at Sumberkima Hill Retreat and explored West Bali.

At one point we were in Bali West National Park and there was hardly anyone to be seen. We also went snorkelling, we visited an uninhabited island and it was my birthday too. Truly an unforgettable journey and also the most watched vlog!

My Favorite vlog Bali 2022 – Munduk Cabins – Vlog #71

This vlog is the first thing that comes to mind when you ask me what my most special Vlog is. It might be the emotion behind the vlog. We combined this trip in Munduk Cabins with Munduk Heaven. Both high in the mountains of Munduk, escape the busy, called Canggu and unwind in rainy and refreshing Munduk. It really is a different piece of Bali.

Recommend visiting: Munduk Heaven – Vlog #72

Below the other part of our journey in Munduk; Munduk Heaven. We booked this trip without realizing how special this place is. Very grateful for this trip! It has touched me deeply!

Thanks again for watching

Thanks again for watchting. Feel free to check out my YouTube Channel. Besides Vlogs, I also make Podcasts and informative videos about plant medicines which are my favorite topic to talk about on YouTube. Hope to you soon in another video 🙂

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