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Why does microdosing help with healing depression?

October 26, 2022

Why does microdosing help with healing depression?

Scientific research shows that with depression a certain part of your brain is overactive. This part is called: ‘The Default Mode Network’ .

When you have a depression you are often too much in your head, you are overthink, over analysing and have too many negative thoughts and experience restlessness.

When you do Microdosing with psychedelics, it gives peace to this part of your brain ???? (‘The Default Mode Network’) Click here if you want to read the scientific research about the effect from Psychedelics on depression.

Because Microdosing gives rest to the Default Mode Network in your brain, you get out of your head and you come close to yourself.

Microdosing offers advantages such as:
-Have more inner peace
-You are more creative
-You come closer to yourself
-Get in touch with your feelings more
-Engage in a healing process
-Don’t overthink
-Less worry
-Problem-solving way of thinking
-You get more of a helicopter view

With this inner peace you enter into a process of healing. Healing your depression is not done in one day.

Microdosing is something you do for a period of 1 to 3 months. You don’t shy away from your emotions. You will deal with the emotions in a gentle way in order to get insight and heal yourself with the help of Microdosing.

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